Walker Brothers, The - Living Above Your Head Lyrics

Seems so strange
You puttin' me through changes
I can't believe that you're the same sweet girl
That I once knew
And baby, the changes coming on don't look so good
Too good on you
It seems so strange
You puttin' me through changes
Baby, you started doing
Things you should not be doin'
Living above your head, girl
Coming on way too strong
Living above your head, girl
Something has got to go wrong
Baby, don't think that I don't know you goin' out
With other guys
And Baby, 'though it hurts me so, you know that I'm so
So hypnotised
So let's not fight
Kill all the love inside of me
Baby, you started doing
Things you should not be doin'
Living above your head, girl
Coming on way too strong
Living above yer head girl
Something has got to go wrong
...With our love, with our love
Living above your head...

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Walker Brothers, The Living Above Your Head Comments
  1. Doris May

    Love this song

  2. Robin Hill

    It was written and released first by Jay (Black) and the Americans. Jay said they didn't have the success with it here in the States that The Walker Brothers had with in the U.K.

  3. Lesley Bracey

    I may have been born 67 yrs ago but, when I hear this I’m only 14 yrs of age!

  4. theshameofthesun

    stunning such a beautiful sound,,,Stunning honoured privileged The Walker Brothers

  5. theshameofthesun

    this is fucking sound

  6. theshameofthesun

    To Close to call Jay And The Americans and The Walker Brothers, a bit like Billy Stewart or Georgie Fame Sitting In The Park, perhaps the original shades it, but all in all, all the versions Absolutely Ace Absolutely so Beautifully Sung And Performed...Privileged

  7. Tony Craddock

    R.I.P Scott Engel . Sad to lose this legend. Now in Rock and Roll Heaven with John Maus.

    Philip Mayer

    If there is a heaven, which Scott didn't believe in.

    Calista Peart

    woah woah woah, john maus died?!!!?!? whyyyyy and scot.. oh scott.... :(

  8. wannababrit

    Not a bad cover at all! Plus the guy looks like a combo of Justin Haywood and John Lodge. You can't lose.

  9. patrick ryan

    Not bad, but Jay and the Americans put the power to it that this song truly deserves. 12/2018

  10. treiterschijf

    Seems so strange - brilliant version of the classic song that curiously dropped the first word of the first line of the first verse "Baby." Yet the "Baby" was there at the start of the third line. Once familiar with the Jay vocal, it seems an omission here, John stated on Big L Radio that it didn't sing right so they consciously left it out. It is still brilliant, thanks for the upload Swallow290

  11. Doris May

    BBC’s. love love this song

  12. Andy Lockett

    love scott walker but i prefer the jay & the americans version


    I can't split them....but

    Robin Hill

    I love em' both. Jay's is snappier and Scott's is classier. Both wonderful but different.

  13. Dave Carter

    Not a bad version and Scott Walker does have a decent voice but it’s not a patch on the Jay and The Americans version

  14. Jon Francois

    Scott Walkers vocals blasts the Jay version out of the water

  15. Liz Price

    another for my ex ......the laugh is on you sweetie :-)

    Philip Mayer

    I agree.
    I saw Scott in 1974 in Liverpool on my own as my ex didn't see what I did in him.
    Probably the main reason we broke up.

  16. Robert Francis

    Scott Walker and Jay Black have the most beautiful voices ever recorded in popular music. You can almost feel Jay's voice in your own throat when he sings. Scott's deeper baritone fills your entire being. Two very different voices that nevertheless are equal in their quality.

  17. honest4sure

    Although Jay has the better overall repertoire, Scott's better on this one. Amazing each other covers some of the same songs; the reason is clear that Scott and Jay are two of the best and powerful vocalists of all time.

  18. Manca Ludi

    Pas d' accord, Scott version more classy

  19. Billy Knowles

    I never get sick of this tune

  20. Bob Resner

    This is good but Jay & the Americans blows this away.

  21. David Mulholland

    Jays is rubbish compared to this c;mon

    Robin Hill

    No way! Both are fantastic. Anyway Jay wrote this song

  22. Richie Betz

    Jay and the Americans had it the best.

  23. Billy Knowles

    Still the best!!!!

  24. Wally Toynbee

    This wonderful classy version is by far the best. The other one is too tinny and amateurish. No contest.

  25. Terry Allan

    They did this well,But Jay and the Americans version is More Powerful.

    Richie Betz

    Jay's version was much better than this.


    I agree

    Lesley Storey

    Terry Allan yea remember sitting on the back o the bus harmonising

    Lesley Storey

    Richie Betz thats not to put the walker bros down cause their sound echoed specialty when ONE has been confined

  26. Ronald Lancaster

    good but jay and the americans best

  27. paddy maxwell

    Scott's beautiful baritone shown to good effect on this Jay and The Americans classic

  28. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    How beautiful. Sweet and sparkling and sounds so good now so much better than what we've in my adolescent years which was 90s and that was horrible. I must admit that just now I'm getting huge into Scott and The Walker Brothers. This is the kind of positive music we need more of in the world. With all the war and pain and strife who needs vicious staticky angry shitty music like much of what's out there.

  29. theshameofthesun

    i think, jay and the americans, 

  30. Maureen Staniforth

    Fan dabby dozey brilliant

  31. Mattigrooves

    This is amazing. Production is incredible

    Fred C

    Many of the producers and engineers seemed to have a lot more talent than today. Now they rely, incorrectly, on a lot of unnatural electronics. I wish they would ditch that stuff most of the time. Oh shoot we would still have to get real singers and some writing to ever match what we had in the 60's and 70's. Sorry to say but most of what is popular today is garbage.

  32. Charlotte Hill

    thank you for this ..

  33. lappwing12

    I allways loved the Jay and the Americans version, must admit this is beter,

  34. swallow290

    I do not know well, Jay and Americans I think maybe the original

  35. builder si67

    was this not the original? was Jay and the Americans version the original? they were both done in 66 i wasnt sure which one came first in the year?

  36. theringvoice

    Don't know if its better than the original but its definitely great - have an interest in this group now

  37. swallow290


  38. swallow290


  39. Pipkin Hopkins

    Love this , its even better than the original. But Thats Scott for ya :D What a Voice !!!

  40. Yoshiko Cockerham

    Swallowさん、また腕を上げましたね。 transitionがすごい! まるでビデオをみてるみたいですよ。