Walker Brothers, The - I Can See It Now Lyrics

Another dawn
And still a tear hangs on
A sleepless night
Still didn't make things right
Maybe today a lonesome man
Is gonna find the dream again
He lost somehow
Oh, I can see it now
She couldn't stay
You threw her love away
The lark has flown
But you still hear her song
That worn-out wish is overdue
But how much time can you allow
To make it come true?
I can see it now
That worn-out wish is overdue
But how much time can you allow
To make it come true?
I can see it

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Walker Brothers, The I Can See It Now Comments
  1. John Anthony

    Scott does it again...captures that pain of our own making.....oh boy few songwriters get there...Scott did.

  2. Abraham Balaghi

    Uno de los más grandes de la música!!! Scott forever!!!

  3. wellandtruly joshed

    Beautiful man beautiful voice ❤️ RIP Scott💔 Still a tear hangs on 😢

  4. romeosyne

    Best song Scott and Franz wrote together, in my view. Later Scott would go his own way (understatement)...

  5. James Norwood

    I love the lark symbolism. A song to be understood and listened to thru time. Beautifully written and preformed. Paired well to his voice; this ,to me, was where Scott's talent really lay. I won't be tempted to criticize the rest.

  6. James Norwood

    A masterpiece. That intense brooding sadness that so often pervades young love and conveyed here with the perfect voice. It is too bad that he is and was known in his day primarily for two songs, when there was so very much more! I didn't really know till he passed away. Some wonderful discoveries here.

  7. Ellen VH

    Heard the sad news today of Scott's passing. The greatest voice I ever heard , have loved it since I first heard in 1965 . Condolences to his family xx

  8. David Lennard

    I would kill for a voice like that.truly amazing.

  9. Lynne brayne

    Perfection personified! Oh, those memories!!

    Eliane Pitta

    I totally agree, dear Lynne!

  10. Patrick Costine

    Beautiful melody, lyric, backing & of course VOICE!


    If you like this you might like "You're all around me" too. It's worth a look/listen anyway.


    Not ONE of the greatest voices ever - THE greatest voice ever. Wow! Why won't he make stuff like this any more?

    Anthony Mead

    Because he can't - it's gone. The voice that is.


    +Anthony Mead Sorry but that's not true. I don 't understand his new stuff but his voice is strong and he hasn't lost anything.

    Peter Hartley

    +Anthony Mead his new stuff is awesome! I find it really emotionally intense and enthralling, if a little unsettling/disturbing at times. His voice, however, has remained top of the mark. I suppose the dark elements were often there beneath the surface in the earlier days in some moments. So with the later stuff I guess it's him getting further in touch with that side of himself, the disillusionment and maturity that comes with growing up, and being able to unleash his full creativity without it being filtered through the means of a pop structure. That being said I do like me some Scott Walker in his 20s, even as a grand interpreter of easy listening pop tunes! His vocals are peerless.


    I agree. It's gone. "It" being that full bodied cool baritone. It's weird; on the 1967-73 stuff, it's my favourite voice of all time but on the 1995 to the present day stuff, it's my most hated. It's become all really high uber-vibrato'd tenor bellowing. He sounds like a man who's terrified that at any moment a crocodile is going to jump out of nowhere to bite his arse.

  13. Pauline Arrowsmith

    just love this man

  14. Charismaticart

    The Scott we love, the Scott we knew, The Scott we still want.

    Pauline Arrowsmith

    @Charismaticart amen

  15. Donald Robinson

    The best voice ever!!!!

  16. theshameofthesun

    just a beautiful song

  17. nitedreamer23

    Scott Walker: an American treasure us Americans, regrettably, have overlooked.

    Eliane Pitta

    bad luck of you, luck of the Brits and the rest of the world.

  18. David James

    produced by the great and underrated johnny franz!!!

  19. pat barbour

    Just listening to this now, still sounds as great as it did 48 years ago, still got the goosebumps

    Alan Ainsworth

    Just simply brill . Nothing can compare today what a voice Scott had

  20. Billy Boshdangler

    Fantastic The Walkers Made Sure The British Groups Didn't Have Things All Their Own Way.

    David James

    @SG Barnard you are right, nick venet  and jack nitzsche tried to produce a #1 hit for them with LOVE HER, but I just did not happen!!  

    SG Barnard

    Thanks for that David James ... oddly enough I didn't know much about them in the sixties, but "discovered" them a few years and after the death of the beautiful John Maus. Have been trying to locate Scott's friend John Stewart, with no success.

    David James

    you are welcome anytime!!

    SG Barnard

    Thank you ... still looking for John Stewart tho!!

    SG Barnard

    And today we have lost Lynsey de Paul not of the same era but it seems we keep losing people from our younger years

  21. charlotte hill

    loveeeeeeeeeeeee it that voice still gives me goose bumps no better voice going

  22. squirrel1612

    This is the song I was talking about Elaine from Canada !

  23. Peter Brett Scott

    This brings fragments of long forgotten moments flooding back. Yes and the voice... beyond description. Thanks for posting

  24. Peter Brett Scott

    This is one of the greatest voices ever.

  25. pat barbour

    Thank you for this it's made my day, bought the album 45 years ago

  26. madison p

    I don't understand why music today can't be as beautiful as this. This song just puts me in a better mood and I don't think many of the resent songs are this amazing.

  27. SUGAYARON111

    Young Scott wrote many beautiful songs like this. I love all of them.

  28. Ian Rawson

    A lovely song, remember this late 60s and my then wife Delma

  29. thefaceofthecentury

    goosebumps!!!!!!!!! thank you!

  30. squirrel1612

    One of my all time favourites. Takes me back to 20 something !

  31. NeMetov

    I don't actually remember how I found this song, but I can't stop listening to it!!!

  32. Lenah J

    Long lost memories...

  33. guidofski

    @keoni927 You're most welcome and I'm glad so many of you are enjoying this one. :)

  34. Dan Summer

    Such an incredibly beautiful voice. So beautiful.

  35. guidofski

    Thanks everyone. Love reading your comments. :)

  36. squirrel1612

    I used to sing this to a boyfriend about 40 years ago & I still know all the words !

  37. Pipkin Hopkins