Wale - World Tour Lyrics

[Verse 1: Wale]
Momma ain't raise no fool, true
But me and my brother never made it out school She prayed on me passing that BAR
It's way different ma you see I'm' passing out Bars
The definition of a jetsetter
I'm hip hop still living like a good fella' Castle and crooks sweater
And the queen never trip, she travel way faster than you rook niggas.
Have you seen adiza with beaches that look like Eva with D cups?
With a beach like an HBO feature at night
A quarter-pound of sand in my un-released Nikes Bitch say I'm hot, smoking on by the night
Nigga you don't know about the life
When shit gets heavier than Norbert's wife
But still gotta spit some enormous rhymes
Niggas more than like
And more than likely When you return home
You ignored by the gorgeous wife
Cuz she feel slighted
And you don't want to fight with her cuz you tired
But now it's back to the lab
45 messages right after you land
Feet feel swollen, you gone from the Zanex
And this is the life with the mic in your hand

[Chorus Wale:]
We on a world tour Wale your man hustlin each and every gutta with the mic in my hand New York, VA, DC, get paid
We on a world tour Wale your man hustlin each and every gutta with the mic in my hand London, Tokyo, we gon' take you all around the globe, sing to em' shorty.

[Jazmine Sullivan vocals]

[Verse 2: Wale]
See Dre' did Scotland and everybody jocked him
I did Scotland and got no props for it
Naw I just fucked up my J's
Which fucked up my day rock Walley's on stage
Freezing my willy off, no hotel
I'm back on the plane while they was like go whale
I'm so well ahead of them I'm unpaved
I did justice to Justice one fre'
One thing that you niggas must acknowledge
I beat beats like pants on Scotish kilt
It's how it's dealt
I've been over more water than than Neo Phelps.
It's harder when you by yourself
My nigga Bun B. good health
My nigga Rhymefest never give about self
Cuz we think about wealth
Like French do milfs on American Pie
It's hard to have American pride
When most of your money's made out of them lies The other half is out of them lines
The ones that make a nigga like aw fuck
Relying so much that's it's on her
Relying so much that it's over
Paid em' and they hate em' but they wrong for it D.C. know who cuz I'm on first

[Chorus: Wale]

[Chorus: Jasmine Sullivan]

[Chorus: Wale]

[Chorus: Jazmine Sullivan]

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Wale World Tour Comments
  1. Cloutflu

    going back to nba live 10 ps3 who coming?

  2. Eric Street

    Hip hop done right is gold.

  3. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    Still 🔥

  4. Barb Manning

    😗💨💪💞🎻🎸🎸🎸🎸but I've heard this b4ore !!!!!!!😎

  5. Joshua Rodriguez

    Carrying this in 2018

  6. Maad Balance

    Err body here from nba live. I've been here since Nike boots fym

  7. Steven becker

    First comment in September, 2, 2017.

  8. Austin Davis

    memories man I was 10 man wow

  9. NBAtheGreat

    NBA live 10 man the good old days

  10. Ghost Koi

    For those who don't know, this is kind of a play on A Tribe Called Quest's song, World Tour from Midnight Marauders.

    Chris Nelson

    Ghost Koi the song from a tribe called quest is called award tour

  11. Will H

    I'm here for Jazmine Sullivan


    df gtfoh

  12. Noel Guillen

    this should be in 2k17


    Noel Guillen ea might have copyrighted it.

  13. Raphael Carmona

    Song came up recently on the shuffle. All I gotta say is... Pre-Mainstream Wale was the absolute shit, with Attention Deficit and the mix tapes he was putting out back in the day.

    Patrice-Morgan Ongoly

    yoo the seinfeld joints turn me into a real fan. i dont even watch seinfeld like that but the mixtapes about nothing 👌

  14. junyablacc247

    NBA LIVE 10'!!!!!dis wuz ma favorite jam on tha BOX!!!!!1 of tha best hoopin games eva!!!!!.....

    Joe Egland

    the best

  15. Noel Guillen

    nba live 10 brought me here lol wale is the man

  16. JaySignature

    NBA Live 10 Put me on 😩

  17. buter2toast99

    i wonder if tribe called quest gave him consent to use award tour

  18. joanvg18

    NBA Live 2010 memories

    Ryan Dupont

    @joanvg18 i miss prime nba live so much although i like that they're trying to come back

    Joe Egland

    +Ryan Dupont bruh best NBA game ever so much fun

    Joe Egland

    my best memories are from that game d Howard dominating in Orlando Lol and you could pick fantasy teams and play against your friends smh straight nostalgia I miss it smdh

    Ryan Dupont

    +Joe Egland nba live from 04-10 was so fun man


    yesss after 2010 shit happens bro

  19. kevin Everhart

    anyone know where to find the instrumental w/ hook ?????

  20. Brad Cortright

    This chorus basically is award tour.

  21. ENJ4321

    Not to mention, you said that 3 years ago...by now he had 3 dislikes a year.

  22. Vonpoot

    White Panda's Let's Go On A World Tour brought me here, I like that better than the orig

  23. BlackFancy

    I got here from Pandora. Like a new song to me, and I just think its great in all ways.

  24. Andrew Thomas

    Yeah same this is my favorite song on the whole playlist,

  25. JZ2001JC

    Jared Jeffries mix brought me here.

  26. GERALD

    And a lot of his other songs :l

  27. LVRN

    Got here from The white panda! :D

  28. D Rose


  29. The Implication

    This is the official airport lounge ipod song... especially when I'm gone on the Xanax!

  30. Q Manning

    The only time ill turn on NBA live 10 is to listen to this Song and All eyes on me. Love this Jam

  31. BigTrow1997

    NBA Live 10!!

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    nba live 10 brought me here and i still bump it on on nba live 10

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    Good song! i heard this song for the first time in the nba game nba 2010 live and i was looking for it on the internet and i finnaly found it! ;-)

  34. richard broadus

    this repersents me

  35. Elton Gordon Jr.

    Big ups to Wale and me Tone Dash Sckary Musick Productions/BMI.

  36. kdproballa

    nba live 10

  37. Swag Daddy

    i remember when this album came out out in 09 i loved this shit but no one else was really feelin it

  38. WizDum Brown

    what you smoking and shooting up... I believe it crack. Its not good to do drugs, because it wreck your brain. And your is wreck if you say Wale is a boring rapper. He the best that doing it, freaking awesome rapper/poet, he murder every song he get on.

  39. Train Wreck

    What the fuck

  40. Visionless

    TCGZapdos rapped to this! Love Pokemon and rap!


    Visionless .............................

  41. DreDaDon__

    this and Legendary are the only Wale songs i can fuck wit this dude is such a boring rapper on most of his songs but i like this one

  42. riseagainstFTW08

    pandora brought me here....

  43. Allen Atkins


  44. Christian Letellier

    nba LIVE 10 brought me here, not NBA 10....

  45. Laj426

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    this girls voice is amazing makes this collabo that much better

  47. khv.jhv

    You think? Seems like he would've stressed the word. Still I guess it'd be a pretty retarded mistake so I guess he'd be unlikely to fuck it up.

  48. Cole Brende

    He does it on purpose.

  49. khv.jhv

    Love Wale but it's hilarious when he bitches about people pronouncing his name wrong and pronounces Justice's name wrong in the next line.

  50. World's Worst Gaming

    they makin a new live this yr :)

  51. World's Worst Gaming

    ha nba live 10 brought meh here but i cant wait fo nba 13 :)

  52. zefighter

    I carve up 30 point lead when this song cranks. yu knowwit!

  53. alexis johnson

    thumbs up if u still listen to this song in 2012

  54. Catrina Hall

    nba 10 got me here lol

  55. Tekla John

    Great Tribute :D

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    nba live 10 man but still great song

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    Fuck, wale been classics before mmg.

  60. Phoenix_1

    Damn makes me want to travel

  61. Chris Riley

    wale is a straight thug

  62. Stack Cheese

    yo ive herd this song a billion times and just herd the norbits wife part

  63. melek

    whaaah i get crazy on this song haha love it

  64. JZ2001JC

    Thumbs up if the Jared Jeffries Houston Rockets mix brought you here. This makes me want to play basketball.

  65. NewEraKidd0323

    ...That just fucked up my J's
    Which fucked up my day
    Rocked Wellies on stage...


    Dat ATCQ sample

  67. dejiariyo

    "With a beach like an HBO feature at night/A quarter-pound of sand in my un-released Nikes, Bitch say I'm hot, smoking on by the night" DAMN

  68. FireWorks4421xx

    tha beats addictive....you know when you can' t stop listening =D

  69. jane cobain

    follow me on twitter @effmyusername .. this song the shit tho .

  70. Baechu

    @peecuzzi youtuberepeat. com done! or make a playlist

  71. peecuzzi


  72. Baechu

    wale and chiddy bang are most underrated artists out there.


    bobby g Wale is quite highly rated imo right now but Chiddy needs more respect.

  73. Nick Domenigoni

    Go check out this song remixed by Bourne Reddi from his mixtape On My Grind Vol. 1 on my youtube channel

  74. harry rogers

    3 dislikes in a year! shows how good wale really is

  75. Sunoco Smilez

    @WhatsHotUK naw he not underatted he is a decnt rapper and has a lil clever wordplay but he dont got no charisma or dont know how to make hit records

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    A Tribe Called Quest REPRESENT!

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  85. FashionRawkz

    This is one of those records that reflect one of those life changing moments of making one of the most toughest, and hardest decisions you've ever faced in your life, but knowing it was ALL worth it at the end.
    Aah, the feeling at the end.

  86. MrDavondrick

    Goin down in history this song is. Its the perfect miss of hip hop and pop ilove this type of music and the beat is sick i dont hear this anywhere else. Wale is mos Def underrated and a revolution all in one.

  87. Darius Bentley

    He got the thought of this song from award tour a tribe called quest.. and u cant get mad cuz he's extremely talented.. Man i love music.. intelligent music

  88. Erv Noel

    Wale gave props to my song titled Hot Ass Beat clap on Twitter ! Check it out on my channel, if he liked it, I GUARANTEE you will too !

  89. Tony C

    good song cuz imma wale fan, but he stole a chorus line from "Award Tour" by A Tribe Called Quest. i know the old raps that r good like award tour. but the lyrics and beat is different. still both songs r gr8

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