Wale - Triumph Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Wale]
Ladies and gentlemen [echo]
I ain't tryin to be politically correct
But I won't rest 'til I'm givin my respect
And my vision isn't set on the money I get
But more less the vets, I'm comin for y'all neck
I ain't ?, just feelin how you felt when you came more or less
The change is imminent
I asked Mr. West for a little bit of help
Realized us new niggaz got to get it ourself
So I dreamed of presentin myself
And the only thing I fear is I being shelved
The cocky, lobbyist for nobody
Book so many bitches should of been a Cum Laude
Fuck the camaraderie with B rate artists
I'm ballin, you niggaz is Arliss, so watch this
Always knew where the pot was
With no receivers had the pickin of a option
Tommie Frazier on the motherfuckin one or two's
Or Michael Vick if y'all bark nigga, y'all through [echo]

[Verse 2 - Wale]
Yeah, 25, 25, 25, can I get 30?
My side Jones is fat and my freak Jones is purdy
Why? 'Cause I Mac like (Bernie)
And she swallow everything like (Kirby)
Not Puckett but I hit it then I duck a bitch
And older women put a nigga on their Bucket List
Me against you, the movie of the year
'Cause you (Slumdog) and I'm the (Millionaire)
Their buzz internet and mines internat-
ional, wearin that, Chanel fitted cap
I know they suck, I'm just showin you where my city at
Where fiends always on that water like a lily pad
But since Mark put a nigga on that Lily track
I had the British hoes talkin 'bout bring him back
But that's a shitty accent, you should've figured that
'Cause I've been drinkin to the point that I'm a Dizzie Ra-
scal, fix up, look sharp Joe
'Cause I'm a look that part until I'm all broke, yeah [echo]

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Wale Triumph Comments
  1. justin p

    She swollow everything like KIRBY lmao classic

  2. king koom

    lmao..i didnt pay attention to that part lol

  3. king koom

    it is...

  4. Jacob

    wade waters - dark water <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  5. Thul' Boy

    hell yea a british accent is "shitty" thats a no brainer lol

  6. Dylan Hudson

    Check out B this dude is amazing you can hear some of his music by searching doityourselfrecords in the youtube search bar

  7. Melvin Kasozi

    i know this album is hot top to bottom excluding about 2 songs

  8. amnm12

    Tommie Frazier. GO BIG RED!

  9. shawn901south

    hell yeah 901 fuk ya mean

  10. Frencel Mouassami

    Dcccccccccccccccccc all day baby!!!!!!!

  11. Dan Reyes

    Wale is killin the game! DC is finally here! DMV stand up! My side jonts is fat, my freak jonts is purty! HOT!!! BTW its jonts not jones, if you from dc area, you know this

  12. jovante15

    im micheal vick if yall bark nigga yall through

  13. R.O.G.M.

    a yo post all of his instrumentals off the new album

  14. gentlemane

    the beat was produced by dave sitek.

  15. iOsasu14

    wells wale is nigerian so maybe we was influenced by fela on this beat.

  16. Ade Bee

    The beat reminds me of a fela kuti/ afro-beat song...... nice

  17. FranchizeFX

    nice kirby reference, lol.

  18. KevinMills

    Naw kbballer, he aintt kalling him out, he jus realized that its not that easy komin up in the game, especially wen u new

  19. K Aim

    he kinda call kanye out a little bit there "i ask mr west for a little help but realize us new niggas gotta get it ourselves"

  20. ballalicious1

    ooo shyt ay good look man his shyt is aite


    Bst jizzle new dc artist check him out on youtube: type: TJ MEC

  22. Gabe Torres

    100% dead on. Hip-Hop is a culture that changes and evolves and part of that evolving creates artists like Akon and T-Pain. For the better or worse they are still apart of the culture. I'm guessing you live in L.A. if you know of power 106. All I can say is that many of originators of the game appreciate a whole different type of music than what is on the radio. Music where lyrical content is of the utmost importance. Thats why I rock with the underground.

  23. Lionel "PopPop" Stull

    If your looking to get some free stuff from Lockerz. Send me your email in a PM, hurry cuz i can only send 10 invites every 3 months.

  24. Stephen Webb

    @CousinRabbit You have apoint, I must say. They generalize the genre that way so that they can't differentiate and call rap music rap music. I see where you are coming from. My definition is just slightly different. I look at Akon and T-Pain for what they are, R&B, like you said and it makes me mad when they categorize and rap AND hip-hop with that bullshit. I think it shows lack of respect to not just rap music, but true R&B as well.

  25. CousinRabbit

    You have that backwards Sicckmaster. People and radio stations use the phrase Hip Hop so loosely that it allows anybody and everybody the right to call themselves and their music Hip Hop. Like I mentioned before, thats why the radio stations play R&B (Rap & bullshit). It allows them to fit more artist/genres in that particular category as Hip Hop. Like the T Pain's and the Akon's, they're not rap or Hip Hop but the stations refer to them as Hip Hop. That's why Rap needs to exist as its own genre

  26. CousinRabbit

    Im glad someone is present to the idiosyncrasies of Hip Hop. Basically Whale's Job tittle would be a Rapper not a Hip Hopper lol. A friend and I were talking the other day about how they use to refer to Rap music back in the days and why radio stations like power 106 decide to use the phrase Hip Hop music. They use phrase loosely because it allows them to play more of a variety, which they consider to be Hip Hop. Just imagine if they only played Rap music; 75% of what they played wouldn't exist

  27. CousinRabbit

    I care what people call it!!! How would you like it if people started calling you a different name and you lost your meaning as a person. Thats the problem with Hip Hop today, cats like you don't embody the true meaning of what something so authentic such as Hip Hop and what it use to mean. My point is, that if every new comer to the culture (Hip Hop) thinks they can consider themselves Hip Hop because they own a pair of Nike's, a white T and a Soulja Boy cd...Hip Hop is definitely in trouble

  28. Gabe Torres

    Youtube him he is on Rhymesayers, same record label that has Brother Ali and Atmosphere. Toki Wright is the shit, if you like Wale I guarantee you will appreciate Toki.

  29. ballalicious1


  30. Gabe Torres

    You are right and using your logic rap is faction of hip-hop. That means Wale is hip-hop. He embodies the values and philosophy that the culture possesses. Hopefully he doesn't pull a Kanye and turn into a trend. The future of rap is Toki Wright, rhymesayers is slowly but surely taking over.

  31. Ghettoize

    Call me Arlis

  32. Stephen Webb

    @CousinRabbit I agree with you, but to me, there are artist out there who represent the culture more than others. For them, it is safe to assume that there music is Hip-Hop, for others who don't represent the culture to the fullest, that is rap music. But that is just my opinion, who am I to dictate and categorize shit like that.

  33. CousinRabbit

    How can you people call this Hip Hop? This is Rap and thats all that it is. Hip Hop is a culture and rap is an element of Hip Hop. Its like calling Mexican people Spanish just because they speak the spanish language. Mexican is a culture and spanish is the language. KRS 1 said it best; Hip Hop is something you live and Rap is something you do. Hip Hop culture consist of Rapping, B Boying, DJing and Graffiti

  34. CYJ962003

    Showin luv on all tracks intro and all.....HIP HOP IS BACK!!!!!! Feel Me!!!

  35. SolixTanaka

    Why? Cuz I mac like Bernieee/
    And she swallow errything like Kirbyyy/
    Not Puckett, but I hit it then I duck'a bitch/
    And older women putta nigga on their bucket list

  36. T____z

    You can download the entire leaked Wale album now at entertainair*blogspot*com!

  37. T____z

    Why don't you just download it?

  38. Brandon Morris

    dude is tough....

  39. Sunoco Smilez

    this nigga really got skills 4real