Wale - Tired Of Dreaming Lyrics

(M-m-m-maybach Music)

[Chorus - Ne-Yo]
Get out of my head, get into my bed
Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming about you baby
Ooh, get out of my head, get into my bed
Come to me now, I'm tired of dreaming about you baby

Fame has made me more foolish, uh
What would you do with all these lusty groupies? Uh
And I know that God has made me only human, uh
But I'd like to take the time to describe to y'all my favorite woman
Look... teeth, white and bright and still talk to me like we back home
And the weed? That's optional 'cause my only concern's that her head's strong
And her feet? Let's see; course you know I like them clean
And I can understand a little bruise, you've been running through a nigga's mind all damn week
And no, I won't OD, you'll get D, young as 19
I believe age is for math, all I need is chemistry, yeah
The shawty be the glory until my dream real
And I like a good story, I bet she got a mean tail

[Interlude - Ne-Yo]
Your little attitude, and the way you make your moves (you've seen enough, ha, ha)
That shit is hella cute, baby...
Girl, I've been lookin' for you 'cause of the things we do
In my dreams, how I be makin' you scream; I wake up like...


[Rick Ross]
Huh! (Maybach Music)
When I look in your soul, all I see is the gold
Her beauty is blinding, she's in total control
Her emotions at peace, let's walk the shoreline
Statuesque as can be, we're spending more time
Sky-dweller moving counter-clockwise
A perfect 10, I'm watching you through God's eyes
Bonita Applebaum, my strawberry letter
Love Potion #9, this shit's a gifted era
If this is wrong, you my co-defendant
As we plead guilty to this life sentence
Choosy lovers, she my block goddess
I love the realist, rock solid



(M-m-m-maybach Music)

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Wale Tired Of Dreaming Comments
  1. Diana_lovesyou


  2. Amanda Marie Polo

    Still listening in 2019!!!!

  3. Terence Mubele

    fame has only made me foolish

  4. Mesha Mesh

    Ain't going there with this one ...shhhhh

  5. Kmax Bature

    This album still bangs.


    Those background vocals tho

  7. Felippe

    2019 anyone?


    Woke up thinking about you and had to hear this....

  9. Cealix

    Why do i feel like this track belonged in Avatar??

  10. G MEN Rud3 Boy

    Better get on it!!!

  11. Cali GirL Pretti

    This ma song

  12. Sophia Ferrer

    Get Outta My Head, Get Into My Bed Come To Me Now, I'm tired Of Dreaming About Ya Babyy

  13. Night King

    Replay Rape still 2018 🔥 Dope song

  14. Sade Tucker

    Wanna play this for someone one day......

  15. Michelle Tyler

    Awesome song ...lol

  16. Zay Mania

    2018 anyone?

    Night King

    XXX_ZAY_ GAMING Still playing that shit...Dope

  17. Trina Coffman

    You my co defendant
    As we plead guilty to this life sentence 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  18. Laura Poop

    unconditional love

  19. Laura Poop

    course I do hold u cuddle u snuggle u love u forever and ever never letugo

  20. Laura Poop

    fuck u Hella can't wait baby doll need to see u so bad omg I want u bad ....

  21. Laura Poop

    real love ♡

  22. Laura Poop

    I want u so bad

  23. Laura Poop

    really me to;)

  24. Laura Poop

    can't wait till I see u :)

  25. Laura Poop

    hug hold u so bad ;)

  26. Laura Poop

    I want u so bad fu***

  27. Laura Poop

    me to :) can't stop daily;) forever and ever never letugo

  28. Laura Poop

    r u masterbaiting

  29. Angelsgirl0916

    This song hits me right in my feelings holy fuckkkk.. That feeling y'all know what I'm talkin about?

  30. dream the fruity gal

    Favorite song on the album 💜

  31. King Andre ‘Fourty3Wins

    The most underrated Famous Rapper of all time

  32. quaboozy21

    This song does deserve a video. I love it! Perfect three for this 💜

  33. KiNG SaVaGe

    I used 2 dedicate this song to Logan Browning aka "Jelena" from TV series 'Hit the Floor' lol.. Devil girl had me crushin' hard.

  34. Orlando York

    I use to ride to this in my Infinity G35 back and forth to work in Columbia; #goodtimes

  35. Serve Official

    nothing but truth

  36. Letlhogonolo Letlhake

    S/O to wale to pulling out Ne-yo on this one,they both good writers 🔵🌙

  37. Villy Ron

    Get out of my head and jump into my bed and yh age is for math

  38. 조예리

    1:07 느금마라고 들리는건 나뿐임?

  39. Tiffany P.

    Musical genius!!! This song is one of the greats!

  40. Orlando York

    Why in the fuck doesn't this track have a video?! It is so very easy to visualize!

    King Sean

    This song is a hit and a lot of people dont know it. and He who listen to it will love it.


    Orlando York great question

    vanquella martin

    Orlando York Exactly

    Marc Regal

    Orlando York because labels are dumb

  41. Dreday Sanders

    love this song

  42. gta2076

    i dont hear about him any more. he might be still doing music, just not as relevant.

  43. iRuiz FiftyFive

    "Get out of my bed get into my head I'm tired of sleeping with you like a babyyyy"

    L imuyain

    iRuiz FiftyFive 😂


    iRuiz FiftyFive lmfaoooo wtf?

    Roddy Rod

    iRuiz FiftyFive 😂😂😂

  44. Question Asker

    What jodeci song is this sampled ?

  45. SeniorLeb

    Only 1 millions! t deserve 100 millions easily

    3rd channel lol

    A lot of the good songs don't get as popular as they should.

  46. Sidot Singletary

    wales hottest track ,in my book..."daikon"

  47. Tesla Galatz

    Anyone else hear the tune 'Kiss From A Rose' in there?

    Devon V

    Tesla Galatz yup!!!

    Maya Ash

    Tesla Galatz HOLY CRAP

    MDJ ThePoet

    I hear it

  48. Desha Sneeed

    Neo makes the best songs ever

  49. Desha Sneeed

    Neo makes the best songs ever

  50. Tye Lee Khuti

    my ish luv me sum wale

  51. Simren Lalli

    Finaly a million views dope track

  52. Nikita K

    l love love that song!

  53. ezequiel dos s santana


  54. Star Clarke

    Love the whole album

  55. T RAW

    Neyo bodied this hook.. shit, can't believe how underrated this track is :o

  56. NxSBob / NaturallySkilled

    Wtf not even a million views yet?


    One of the realist songs. And I like a good story bet she got ah mean tale.

  58. Thabiso Magagula

    Wale is a fucking genius, just listening to The Gifted and TAAN!!! #Salute

    Jarvase dundy

    One of his better albums

  59. Arpit Tripathi

    This song so deserved a music video! Sad

    Orlando York

    My thoughts exactly.

  60. Young Sinatra Tonez

    story of my life kinda haha😂😤😧

    Orlando York

    Only the real can relate.

  61. l Mora

    My top fav song

    Kalieee ‘

    its mine to fav for ever

  62. rayshon

    so wale's a pedo?

    Misss Cleo

    +rayshon how come ?

  63. Jeremiah Thompson

    That hook tho.....

  64. Martin Mikov

    This track is soooo under........ed!!!!!

  65. m k

    Silky smooth

  66. Jen W

    wale does not get the respect he deserves he is one of the hottest lyricist out right now!! but why would i think many would understand as o.t.genasis coco is climbing the chart.. smh..baking soda i got baking soda wtf!!!

    Aaron Teague

    @Jae W exactly smh the world is coming to an end lol...


    I feel the same way.

    Akillis Jones

    Jen W u fucking right

  67. 616 Death St

    only 5k likes??

  68. Lucas Szpak

    BRAZIL is enjoying this song!

  69. Cassandra Godoy

    Tight ass song wale & Rick ross did it.......$$$

  70. Sameer Mbega

    I wish it was ma goddamn song!!

  71. Daniel Macleod

    I love this song it's so cool

    Daniel Macleod

    So do i

    Stephanie Lopez

    I love this song more then u baby lol

    Stephanie Lopez

    I love this song more then you baby 


    Daniel Macleod ameri

  72. Huy Huynh

    Amazing song !!! I love this song so much !!!

  73. derrick jones

    I like a good story, i bet she got a mean tale" Wale smart as hell

  74. robert barrett

    to my shoulder holster frabricator...tiffany

  75. J Hall

    I like Ne-yo but only because he sounds EXACTLY like Usher. Can't he not rip off every little thing Usher does??

  76. afro symphony

    usher would be good for that ne-yo part

  77. gta2076

    like the song, but wale's rap career is done already.

  78. juanpamontoyav

    Is good Song.! :) 

  79. Ivy Robyn

    NE-YO's voice is heaven.

  80. Tete Gaskins

    Minus Rick Ross

  81. JUNGLE BOi!i MOWGLi!i

    im tired of dreaming about u cuz it make me goo crazy cuz half of the time i want u next to me cuz u hella sexy ur my one and only

  82. Ibrosnaps

    Official side nigga song.

  83. Talisha Rice

    "You can be young as 19. I believe age is for math. All I need is chemistry." 

    WayneOYB -

    oooohhhh bars lol


    Yo he's witty with the word play. I've had this album for years but never understood what he said until u spelled it out lol.


    I think he actually says ''you'll get D, as young as 19''  meaning you get the d*ck as young as 19... 

    Sade Tucker

    He said "No I won't O.D., or get deep, young is 19."

  84. Jerry Willis

    I'm tired of dreaming about what I can't have...

  85. Reggy Phatlane

    It's dope

  86. Reggy Phatlane

    It's dope

  87. lurenzo774

    Wale should have taken our Ricky verse and added another. I like how he started

  88. Liza Ramirez

    One my favorite artist

  89. Liza Ramirez

    One my favorite artist

  90. John Smith


  91. Anthony Leon815

    I dig it!!! ;)