Wale - Rhyme N Reason Lyrics

See it's sorta like the beat cryin'
Better it than me cryin', keep quiet
The red head step-son of the industry,
I'm in, rap fans meet Ron Howard
Far from an oppie
Mind like the sword of shinobi
But a 9th rappers can't clone me
A little more Talib less Jay-Z
A little less Nassir more AZ
A little more consequence than Kanye
The underdog from the underground, Wale
You don't know about the box that they put me in
Sank a pair of sins every time they say my name
You see I seen the lane, that I had to take
Underground nigga, pop fan base
Stop that saying, I ain't cop out man
I'm hip-hop still, I do pop champagne
Still holla at the broads who the fattest
Get over on the broads who in awe of my status
Force is a habit
Jaws to the floor when I'm rappin'
Now I got support from the masses
Of course when there's capital the haters come after
That's why the court's cryin' and I'm laughin'
They gonna keep blogin', I am and not chattin'
Think Barack got it bad, try bein' a rapper

[Chorus - Tre:]
If you know what was goin' through my mind
You would understand
Well maybe there's gruel to help you feel what I'm sayin'
Maybe you get the reason for my rhyme
And in love of my fans
And I do what I do, the rest is out of my hands
And I don't care what they say cause it's my time

So pressure busts pipes
In that regard this is Mario 5
The product from DC delivered to y'all
Difficult odds never seemed to hard
When in tune with my God I see no problem
Though I understand the views of a Solange
Shit, see this pressure I'm used to
Signed to a Grammy producer
When Rhyme Fast dropped and the magazines loved him
Hip-hop talk but the fans ain't budge
So I feel a little pressure, for me to do better
To be more pillar, spend a G on a sweater
Double my effort, that's why I go harder
Investin' my energy to be a bigger artist
It's hard to get shine when your city so dark
Not to mention got the same manager as Sean Carter
How the hell I'm gonna top that
Lookin' at this contract like aww shit
I sign ROC Nation anyways
And told Minili I foresee a lot of better days
And told Rich to believe in it everyday
As me and Dan try to keep the same energy
The price of fame no it isn't cheap
I swear the industry don't even know the industry


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