Wale - Pretty Girls Lyrics

Girls, I ask em do they smoke?
Ask em what do they know?
Ask em can we go? Pretty girls..
Sunshine in the air, perfume everywhere
Girls are everywhere

[Verse 1:]
Thanks to the flow right now what up
A lime to a lemon remind you of the sky when I'm fuckin and we on cloud nine for that minute
Admire your style and your physique
and I aint trying to critique but you deserve a good drink, so whats up?
What you sippin on? Its no problem
Black and gold models like I'm pro-New Orleans
but shawty I'm far from a saint but I got two A-mex's that look the same way
Wale, D.C. thats me huh, my Prada say Prada and they Prada say Fela
I aint gotta tell ya they know about me huh
Come to D.C. and I can make you a believer
See baby I'm a leader they always from a Libra
And I aint trying to lead you wrong sugar I need ya
So would you please listen to what Imma need from you
Not for tonight, but for tomorrow's amnesia

Girls, I ask em do they smoke?
Ask em what do they know?
Ask em can we go? Pretty girls..
Sunshine in the air (ey shawty you gotta take your purse off for this one baby) perfume everywhere
(No matter where you from we goin to D.C. right now)
Girls are everywhere (what up)
Pretty Girls

Ugly girls be quiet (quiet), pretty girls clap like this
Ugly girls be quiet (quiet), pretty girls clap (clap) like this

[Verse 2:]
Okay you have em in amazement switchin four lanes in that 09' range
while I'm singing oh trey shit
Its like this all day
Okay my names Wale they probably know me from the you know
Boss in my Hugo, Floss like my two fer
My flow is on Pluto, them rollins aint plutons
Ha, Ya shawty thats G-shit, tokyo spinners, ya shawty thats G-shit
Please give head to that new D.C. shit, I'm a PG shit, I aint finna keep it
And I be with so I got B.B.C. shit, even if I didnt I would ball like ,arenus, swish
Now shawty this is what Imma need from you
Not for tonight, but for tomorrow's amnesia

Girls, I ask em do they smoke?
Ask em what do they know?
Ask em can we go? Pretty girls..
Sunshine in the air, perfume everywhere
Girls are everywhere
Pretty Girls

Ugly girls be quiet (quiet), pretty girls clap like this
Ugly girls be quiet (quiet), pretty girls clap (clap) like this

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    Top of the decade and still jammin! Shoutout to the DMV and the pretty girls.

  10. THair

    Anybody else here in 2019?

  11. JustAGuy FromJersey

    I saw a pretty girl.. asked her if she smoked, asked her what she knows, asked her if I could go

    she called the cops👮‍♂️🚔

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    Ancient Khalid

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  15. Hey Serg

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    Diana Ross - Love Hangover 1976  SAMPLE , Moments and Whatnauts - Girls 1974 SAMPLE

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    Once ya rich u can afford modesty

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  34. Hoosier On The Run- Travel Vlog

    We've come a long way with colorism...there was like 1 dark brown girl in here lol you can tell this video is old lol

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    After reading Gucci's autobiography I had to rewatch this classic. (2019)

    Roberto Chavez

    What was his opinion on the song, or not being able to do the video?


    It single handedly helped Gucci stay afloat when he was incarcerated back in the early 2010's ...it was this song & "Freaky girl " at this point in time that helped Gucci sustain relevance in the music industry and it helped push the culture forward. WALE is terribly underrated and Gucci's hindsight is damn near genius level. (The book is a great read and it has its place in hip hop history)

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    And it DOES MATTER WHEN THE SONG IS CALLED PRETTY GIRLS yet the visual implies that only light skinned is pretty!? I may be late to this and this probably why. I love Wale but the video to the song is a COMPLETE joke and i would have more than likely gave up on him JUST for this soul sellin ass ignorance 🤷🏾🖕🏾

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    Xaviers Mom

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    Lashawn Johnson

    Yea who picked them no offense. Song D.C the girls tho😒


    Wale statement was he didn't pick the girls they were chosen by production n also from wat he was told dark skin women nor women from our area showed up for casting but my thing was where did he shoot the video in order for not one BYB or Go Go female to show up🤔🤔

    Lioness Of Judah


    I seen at least 4 DS women or dark brown


    @Lioness Of Judah I didn't argue that cuz I said the same thing but I'm only repeating wat his statement was to the women of darker skin complained about in the dmv area

  64. Gerard Stevenson

    This was one of my favorites when I was 24. Still go hard though.

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