Wale - Nike Boots Pt 3 Lyrics

Southside what up,
Uptown what up,
PG what up,
Moco what up!

The revolution of an era,
You think you're revolutionary 'cause you got a shirt with Che Guevera
Look in the mirror and tell me what you see
Decked out Commonwealth
Yeah I'm rockin' Stussy
Got my Nike Boots with the laces all crossed
Welcome to DC shout out Mambo Sauce
On Billboard for weeks and more weeks to come
DC's on the map so y'all better run
DC is my city and I'm pretty sure
That from Potomac to the Eastern Shore
Never ever have we ever done it ever before
And although we getting close the DMV's got more

Just check the Nike swoosh
Cause we will carry you
And DC Maryland Virginia, yeah we got a truce!
Flyer than the rest of 'em! [x4]
Southside what up,
Uptown what up,
PG what up,
Moco what up!

But they forget what to remember
Just know the DMV it's got a brand new music member forever
Don't waste your temper
Don't bother hating on me
Rock, hip hop, and r & b
Always be a part of me
95.5 and 93.9 been doing what they do like Amy Dub does lines
And I been a star but you ain't seen me shine
It goes through your ears and runs down your spine

Just check the Nike swoosh
Cause we will carry you
And DC Maryland Virginia, yeah we got a truce!
Flyer than the rest of 'em! [x4]
Southside what up,
Uptown what up,
PG what up,
Moco what up!

If it's bullshit they want, bullshit I shall
Yeah I'm a break 'em off, nig go head and tell
Red lobster every day, shrimp heads and tails
And bad bitches give me head and tell
And bad bitches give me head and tell
See I'm ahead but you stay the snail
I move, they see the back of my Nikes
Got to the end of the tunnel and I was the light
Always strapped so I was alright
Naked women rub my back and ask me how was my night
I say bitch stay out my business
When we fuck, she say just stay out my kidneys
And don't say it if Simon didn't
America idolize a nigga
But they better come bitch out me
And you are you too but bitch I'm three!

Flyer than the rest of 'em! [x4]
Southside what up,
Uptown what up,
PG what up,
Moco what up!

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Wale Nike Boots Pt 3 Comments
  1. Prince Nabi

    Still hot Africa bwoy

  2. Jay Elahn

    The mixtape about nothing brought me here...nostalgia of course 🔥

  3. Jody Myers

    Sr. Yr 2009 😩

  4. Eddie Miles

    STILL my shit!!!

  5. Mack Major


  6. INFINITY1664

    When you ask by wearing no color can’t nobody say nothing 👀👀 🔥🔥some metaphor line

  7. Jon Carrillo

    Who’s bringing Nike boots back 2019 . They were rare then, rare now!!!! Mf’s. “Flyer than the rest of them, Still got my Nike boots” !!

    Tre Harris

    I got mine

  8. Silver Man

    10 years, still bangs!

  9. Rahja prince

    P.G Stand Up! Langley Park

  10. Nenneh Enugu

    Shout out 2 Cheverly!!!!

  11. Nenneh Enugu


  12. T. Smith

    Took 1 minute to relate and appreciate this track...💯

    🤫 Took 2 weeks to finally realize what the fuck DMV stood for..🤦🏽‍♂️

    I blame it on the contact sports🤷🏽‍♂️

  13. Nesha Britwood

    I remember seeing this song when I was a kid. Still love it.

  14. Jordan Lindsay

    almost 10 years boys

  15. ray hanes

    I was really feeling the DC style back around this time.

  16. ray hanes

    This back before Wale was picked up by MMG and he was spitting woke shit like The Roots. I prefer him back then. These days not so much.

  17. Shanikka Wright

    One of the hardest song's to ever drop💯💯💯

  18. Joey P

    Wow I never knew wale liked the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) that much.

    Ps this is a joke

  19. Jose Luis Varon

    Does it work with adidas? :U

  20. Marty Andres

    2019 i still feel this shit

  21. golden1ne

    2019 Wale flourished IM still playing this

  22. Renata Gilliam

    Guess waldorf to far wale but I still love you.

    eric archer

    Renata Gilliam Isn't that charles county?

    Renata Gilliam

    Yes it is

  23. J.marq703

    Ahhh the DMV the area wear nobody likes each other DC thinks their better than Maryland and Virginia , Maryland people don’t fuck with Virginia people and Virginia people don’t fuck with Maryland people. Nobody likes each other but we still stick together

  24. Trey Trey

    Do people still rock Nike Boots in DC?

  25. Larrence Fishburn

    2019- 💯💯 #SOUTHSIDE

  26. ThatsjustUnk

    Classic. Wale never goes out of style, he never gets the credit heavy MC

  27. Marley G

    Classic 💪🏾

  28. 굳티비

    니후님영상보고왔어요 !

  29. D RevLee

    Was waiting for the "if it's bullshit u want, bullshit I shall" 😂

  30. LiveJ5

    Wale was the last hope for hiphop.

  31. Dustin Goode

    Just puting this here 2 know this shit still bangs over time

  32. Head-Masta Qete

    When i bought my first J's this was my backround track.

  33. Juan Boss


  34. Malik 303

    Jim Jones talking wreckless brought me here

  35. Zach Ward

    I'm just doin' what I gotta' do flyin' with the rest of em' still got my Nike Boots
    Flyin' with the rest of em X5
    Still got my nike Boots
    South side what up
    Uptown What up
    B&g what up
    The revolution will proceed
    Unification of the dmv I will achieve indeed
    I decree I'm forming a new alliance
    Oppose the one poisoning the minds
    They lying
    I am only a fighter
    In the form of a writer
    In the form of a poet
    Potency in the mic
    I blank out then I approach it
    Turn me up and I go in
    Haters learn to Bear
    I'm Lovie Smith with the vocals
    Lord I'm so focused more focused than I ever been
    So slightly passed em, like the letter "n"
    It's DC, black jeans, black tee
    This that North Face rap, WALE, you better get me
    PG, Riverdale, Largo, Temple Hills, Cap Heights, 124, Landover, Everywhere
    Saratoga, 640, Berry Farms, 1-4, KDY, every corner, everybody got em on
    Flyer than the rest of em

    no congressional reppers, no respectable rappers
    It's the way we've adapted, don't forget I made it happen
    The most opinionated city you can make it in
    And still a nigga made it here
    I'm Neo in the matrix
    Knees dug deep into the pavement
    DMV so we used to the waiting
    Nobody seems to care we so complacent with the vacancy
    See, the love is gone with one another, it's hard
    Nobody rep for the skins, they busy cheering them stars
    It's ironic, it's the same for the artists
    Rather than buy our songs, they busy cheering the stars
    A lot of drama
    A lot of beef
    We have so much in common, starting at the feet
    Goadome Nikes, the cortazone of the poem writer
    None like us
    So none like us
    Flyer than the rest of em

    this where the haters is
    This why they hate us here
    This why I hate it here
    Though love it, I made it here
    We all here, from the dealers to the kids
    To the squares to the fly
    One thing we are aligned with
    Black on black Nikes
    That represent the lifeless lives
    And it reflects the plight of those fighting so
    If we ain't right and always at the throats
    Of one another at least we got our Goadome Nikes a
    Metaphor, for the insecure
    If you ain't wearing no color, can't nobody say nothing
    One can never be judged when he dress like his brothers
    Melancholy we are though we all learn to love it
    Pessimistic we are
    Carry odds like luggage
    And through all our troubles
    We still walk around walk around
    (flyer than the rest of em)
    Flyer than the rest of em
    Flyer than the rest of em
    And still got my Nike Boots

  36. Lng Records

    2019 and I’m still fuckin wit ya dawg #Baltimore

  37. sights1018

    #DMV forever

  38. Martin Xayachack

    Wale right about one thing. POET writers will forever STANDOUT from others👍

  39. PoopiePants Mcgee

    I never even wear Nikes. Fact. But this was played heavy with attention deficit

  40. PoopiePants Mcgee

    This brings me back

  41. Iam TheLight

    STILL slaps in 2019

  42. Oliver Landjergue

    Bruh this only got 2.3 views?

  43. Sam Sliver

    Great work boot

  44. babushka boi

    One best rap songs of all time


  45. abraao091 -

    2019? 😎😎


    Been had a pair of Nike boots since 2009 CRAZY

  47. Lashawn Favors

    Flyer than the rest of them i keep my nike boots

  48. catriona

    2019 b*tch

  49. Michael Wilson

    Northwest "Uptown"

  50. Adrian Haney

    This shit a classic In east Tennessee. 2019 we in chea

  51. FTG 3G

    Still my favorite 🔥

  52. Seth Leisenring

    Here in 2019

  53. Michael Cobbs

    Classic. #WALE

  54. Rusty Shackleford

    2018, goodbye!

  55. sights1018

    DMV til we die, especially PG County! #Bowie #Lanham #NewCarollton #Landover #DistrictHeights #Riverdaleandshit

  56. Tyler Jones

    This is Wale best song

  57. Melly Rockz

    Listening to this in 2018/11

  58. Head on a Crab

    Back when rappers actually cared and tried

  59. David Olmos

    Undress trimmed the ISO faith n Diego kg RSS rein do UK jobs6runs dsr discipline Russian indigo0

  60. Liquid


  61. Michael L.A

    Aye this shit old. 😂😂 I remember this. 2018-19 🙏

  62. Kush kingOnyx

    Back in high school this was my shit....

  63. Mary Dahlsten

    what happened to this Wale-miss it

  64. Cora Lewis

    Nike Boots

  65. Chadd Smith


  66. CrazyChris Lee

    Fashion is everything here and them boots just ji like go with everything and we soldiers....like we cuff our pants... it's just a DC PG. Culture

  67. latingoone214

    Flyer den the rest of em !!

  68. JayCali

    I'm from bmore and this bangs! I fucked with wale since back den.

  69. Darius Rdot

    what happened to rap

  70. soulsearch1234

    Remember liking this song on souncloud, long before he was famous

  71. Nicholas Wellons

    Song brings back memories. 2018 and still bumpin🔥🔥🔥

  72. TheRealWeATeam


  73. BC STAR

    Me when i see nike protester

  74. travelingjohn69

    This song is for Colin Kaepernick. 2018

  75. Christopher Morris

    bumping this to make people mad

  76. Ambrosha V

    Still blastin this in 2018

  77. lattè _SplAsh

    "I'm slightly pass theM like the letter N" still bumping in 2018

  78. Black Ronin

    Trash trash trash trash

  79. DCDirtBag

    Max B. caught a body on the remix, FREE THE WAVE..........

  80. DCDirtBag

    Love or Hate Wale, you can never fake on this video. Repped the town lovely......

  81. Arthur Williams

    HOT Throwback 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  82. Its Your Boy 21 Savege

    ya this music is super dope send to nike for the 2018 boots

  83. justin walder

    DMV STAND UP!! Real hip hop 💯💯💯

  84. Ian Wagner

    2018 and still bumpin this shit. Days of highschool. Good memories

  85. Zein Gonzalez

    Ahhhh it's been 8 years!!! I was in hs when this dropped

  86. Michael Compton

    Do wale really now the name of the town in PG

  87. Johnny Cage

    everything about this songs video/the actual chorus...contradicts his black consciousness hes rapping about lol wow go figure

  88. Eric Westbrook

    Here in 2018

  89. Marquisab007

    Its crazy i play basketball at those ardmore courts every summer

  90. Jalik Wilder

    Throwback to NBA LIVE 08

  91. R. Reeves.

    2018 And Still got my Nike boots! !