Wale - Mike Tomlin (Black & Yellow Freestyle) Lyrics

Black and Yellow bottles at my table, I'm ballin'
Black and yellow ladies at my section, I called 'em
Balck and yellow, balck and yellow SS
Black and yellow everything nigga, Mike Tomlin
Look at my carnage, bitches be astonished
Up at Wale college shows, edibles and bong hits
This just ain't no song shit, do this for my city Joe
Bout to get my city on, had to let me city go
Shout outs to my Philly hoes, told her drop that eagle o
Called that bitch my quaterback, wild cat all that
Give a city bra's and make em soar black and all that
You don't sleep on nothing but a [?] and skull cap
Me I never call em back, she said that y'all go together
She just let me beat in you, an acapello kind fella, black and yellow
Yeah ain't that what the song say
What you calla lifetime, I just call a long day

[Wiz Khalifa:]
Ah ha, you know what it is...

It's no days off, you ain't doing shit
Shout outs to them Taylors and them Jets fool
It feel like Woodstock in a nigga dressing room
Looking at my opposition like bust and move
From where they take them old beats and turn em into news
You can end this verse premature
But I got sceptics and some fans that just be needing more
Louie D don't see the score, going in and leave it gone
Flyer than a [?], I'm a [?] to reinforce
I don't be in wars, so I don't need a fort
I just be in the cut, my nigga Neil Spore
Some niggas slept on me but I don't see the snoring
Some niggas sayin' bullshit but they don't be important
They don't want, my attention, I'm cool cousin
A lil liquor a lil rose for my lil young'n
A nigga suffer, ain't eating nothing they still bluffin
While I go hard and spit retarded like them little busta's
I'm still buzzin', chick is something like nigga fuck it
Y'all little niggas like lil bustas with lil budgets
You lil niggas is silly you think my niggas budging
I think you niggas funny, I leave you niggas bludgeoned
Hold up... ok
Black and yellow j-force, always wear a rubber so they never ever late for it
Than we celebrate when they on it
She can nip it in the bud and leave that bitches face warm, yuughck!
In my best Pusha imitation
Bitch I be ballin' on the low like the chim is baking
And I'm a need some more Patron I don't want no chaser
I'm throwing hundreds at KOD, a little paper
And you're girl working out, I let my niggas train her
You Tim Tebow ass niggas probably still gater
I chump chump pussy if it smell good to me
And I don't do nothing to her but she do it to me
I'm trifling, damn right ignorant
Mic magnificant, you're all simpletons
It's a [?], bitches blind dating [?]
Baby I ain't liping, I just tend to keep my city there
On my back boy, holla back boy
Half a mill rap touring, Jerard Jack boy

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow


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Wale Mike Tomlin (Black & Yellow Freestyle) Comments
  1. TaylorDjetx

    "shout out to them taylors and them jet$ foo" yes! TGOD x JET$

  2. DaanielOwnage

    Novi Novak.. just sayin :D

  3. bradypatsomg12

    @xIAmNotAHumanBeingx i think so.y?

  4. clipsburg412

    @YaBudala Seriously.. fuck off!

  5. dejiariyo

    "Black and yellow J Fours always wear a rubber so they never ever late for it/Than we celebrate when they on it/She can nip it in the bud and leave that bitches face warm, eghck!!!/In my best Pusha imitation"

  6. bradypatsomg12

    @TaylorGangNas Crooked I had a good one too

  7. Bleu098

    It's funny because Wale and Mike Tomlin have a small resemblance.

  8. Sean Hamilton

    @Darius19902 Wayne's version was about the superbowl... can't really compare. But this definitely killed Wiz's version

  9. Khalil Brown

    @kennyt97 Yea Meek was the guy rappin in "Tupac Back"

  10. kennyt97

    @killamanification true i hear meek is nasty but i hate rick ross hahahah

  11. Khalil Brown

    @kennyt97 Wale is in it and Meek millz goes hard

  12. ninuun23

    @taijb11 fuck your thumbs up & fuck novi

  13. Jesse Thompson

    Taylor gang or pay rick ross's kfc bill

  14. Etta Kit

    Wale went in but this can't touch Novi Novak's Black and yellow remix and video! Thumbs up if you agree.

  15. kennyt97

    I <3 Wale But Fuck Rick Ross That Fat Fuck B.M.F And John Are His Only Good Songs Fuck Maybach Music

  16. Steven Robinson

    Wale got wayy better since joining MMG

  17. RiseagainstWINS


  18. tridenttortise

    @WheelyamEakaPEBBLES Wales>Novi Novacks>Everyone elses

  19. chris boykins

    @theultimatekoopa2 wants wrong with a 3some with dead people?

  20. William Eleazar

    Wale Version > tyga version > wiz version gtfo wiz dick riders

  21. Mac Millions

    @gvon1989 oh well now i get it since thy lost in the SB lol sorry

  22. Steve

    Wiz's version > Wale's version > Wayne's version

  23. gvon1989

    @flamez504 they beat the jets in the afc championship game. since the packers won it wouldnt make sense why the packer fans would dislike this lol.

  24. Mac Millions

    @gvon1989 They played the packers !

  25. gvon1989

    22 new york jet fans found this video.

  26. Nas Abdel

    Like if you think this is the best Black & Yellow freestyle, way better than Lil Wayne's

  27. tj backo

    Dont ever say "Novi Novak" on a wale video.... thats like saying Justin Beiber on a tupac video..........smh

  28. jimmyhendrixistoned

    y this kid killin wiz wale is thth guy wale put more thought in this song

  29. tridenttortise

    @FreeThePlant4201991 He said like one thing?

  30. Eros Blake

    Not bad!


    Wale black n yellow is better than Wayne Wiz and whoever tha fuck Novak is

  32. alexkamrock

    @mikegcs i respect you

  33. rufio muzik

    See me freestyle on Black and Yellow! Check my Page!

  34. roxy gano

    flow terrible

  35. mark castillo

    green n yellow

  36. John steven

    @danr562 True

  37. danr562

    @Jasminespark90 wtf!?! legendary?!?! haha novi novak get the fuck out of here.

  38. Jake McMahon

    ahaha that dude who said novi novaks was better is retarded...wales gotthe best flow and lines in the game


    Like if you think Wale shitted on Wiz and Wayne

  40. RiseagainstWINS

    @12Quast12 lol. wrote that before the game. i was expecting them to win

  41. RiseagainstWINS

    this is the reason the steelers won!

  42. Ricky E.

    damn this shit go hard

  43. 5nowdog5

    best freestyle to this song. blows wayne's shit outta the water

  44. Mike Boyko



    @eazybwc Amen


    Wale has the best black n yellow


    Wale should do this song this weekend not wiz lmao

  48. Ahpyis

    @mikegcs @Jasminespark90 listen to versetyle and jd era's versions of black & yellow, both go so hard

  49. MrDarius4133

    20 hater are gay

  50. Mark Hatfield

    20 people like red and blue

  51. dane gord

    haha gives a shout out to jarred jack?! come on man that guy is a waste man

  52. Walter Hunter

    he ate that better than wiz

  53. TheMikegsh

    this nigga is out here sounding like kevin gates

  54. Kyle K


  55. Savii Monroe

    Ayye Thats That DMV Flow Get Hip ! Lls

  56. Rich Nixxon

    check out rich nixxon's remix!

  57. shawty30294

    my boi wale da freestlye king killin em

  58. jfrazier590

    y is wale still underrated???????? nobody can touch him lyrically rite now!

  59. Kai V


  60. lilkato3

    The most under rated rapper out der. . . .

  61. MichaelBallack91

    Uhhh Steelers??
    yeeeh baby

  62. snoopfroggydogg

    @Jasminespark90 I respectfully disagree. If there was a contest for best artist freestyling on other people's beats, Crooked I wins. Listen to Hip-Hop Weekly 1-52 and Hip-Hop Weekly Reloaded 1-15.

  63. Juetard

    @TheNewProblem We all know your the only one pressing the like button bra...

  64. Juetard

    This goes so hard. Everyone should know his name, hes so underated.

  65. Ahpyis

    @Jasminespark90 jd era's version is way better and versestyle's is too

  66. shagreezz3

    I just realized he said "Flyer then the rest of em, I hold the beat to reinforce".....Real niggas understand this...

  67. SexWashington

    @Jasminespark90 nope, listen to crooked i first.

  68. G. Esquivias

    @Jasminespark90 stfu his was alright but D-Why won easily

  69. Courtney Lee

    goes unbelievably hard.....

  70. Darien Ngo

    @mc2esr no you can refresh the page

  71. MikeRello

    Its Sad When People Make 30 Accounts And Like their Own comments Just so People Listen to their music , We Still Dont Listen Anyway.

  72. TheCrazy33

    @misterspacely1092 you do know Wale and Wiz are homies, right? You're Taylor Gang leader wouldnt approve of this message.

  73. jspears19

    @nejihyuga3 How bout that Wale vs Currency. But Wiz dont keep it lyrical for a reason because that not how he does things but he still a good artists though.


    @jspears19 and i was talkin bout the Oyy part

  75. Daniel Sode

    @jspears19 He is what he means is that you gotta know Jarrett jack is from DC

  76. jspears19

    @Darius19902 i thought he was talking bout Jared Jack from the raptors Raptor-in/Raptourin


    on my back boy holla back boy half a mil rap tourin jared jack boy....OOOOOYYYYYY
    you gotta be from the city to know where dat at

  78. Cliquityklack

    I just be in the Cut - my nigga neosporin lol

  79. Joshua Valle



  80. Eireee17

    click here---)
    Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow/ Eiree E- Pink And Purple REMIX

    c mines

  81. ejs

    i love wale man. one of the most underrated.

    check my remix too though, lol i think it's dope

  82. Chris Chanel

    killed whiz on his own shit lol

  83. aleith

    @Moonfeather100 aka i like mainstream shit, dont really dig the actual good artists


    @iAmNotChico AYYYYY

  85. lamborghini purp

    @Cliquityklack cause my home boii tood me to check this out

  86. Ari Mahmoud

    fuck you

  87. Cliquityklack

    @purplehydro2 why the hell you wasted your time listening though...we don't want you here! fool Black and yellow lol

  88. lamborghini purp

    @Darius19902 man he trash


    @purplehydro2 You on your head

  90. lamborghini purp

    @Darius19902 wale trash

  91. lamborghini purp

    @uaskdej naw wiz made the song hot....seee ppl tryin to be like him

  92. jspears19

    @HEYFAGX4 I heard it he's nice he probably he going to get signed a year from now.

  93. Ahpyis

    so far all the remixs im liking, anyone checked out jd era? shud listen to his remix

  94. Brandon H

    **Voted top 10 most unique styles and artist to watch for on youtube**
    Also, I will freestyle to any beat you want. Hit me up!!!

  95. Omar Soliman

    @PSNcardsFree its "The Hundreds"

  96. lamborghini purp

    this boii trash

  97. Kakarot _3000

    @BiGjOhN010 Yeah I have that album, I always fucked with T.I. His shit stay on point

  98. Billy Bob

    Have yall listened to Versetyle's Freestyle over this? its rated better than wale's haha
    its the first video when you search "Black and Yellow Freestyle" shit is toooo fuckin raw, 18 year old got mad talent.

  99. MikeDeeJackson

    this is nice! have y'all heard the actual remix?
    there's a lot of them... here's one of the good remixes

  100. Kakarot _3000

    @BiGjOhN010 Yeah man these niggas a sleep on somebody right next to em'.. Wale definitely kill everything tho, I don't fuck with much of the south either, I like T.I. and 3000(Andre) out the south other then Wale I don't listen to nobdy from the DMV area, well Pusha T be on his shit tho, I hate NY but I fuck with a lot of they rappers