Wale - Mama Told Me Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Mama told me there'd be days like this
But I ain't never ever think there'd be a day like this (Naw!)
Not now not ever, and now until forever you will never need another (Nigga!)

Sorry hiphop, it took me so long to get on but so long that I'm on it, it's on!
I'm rappin' for the scholars and the hustla's, meanwhile
Showin' mama I ain't dropped out for nothin'!
I swear these dolla's gon' add up
And I ain't shallow, material things suppress bad luck
That's why I shine like I does, it's pain in my eyes but these east saints blind you to look
Binded between, carryin' the flag for an area that drag, whoever tried to gravitate
G told me it's a city full of crimes, I'm feelin' like a platter at Philip's when I rap
As much as I wanted to be minisculed the fact is, they'd only be happy with a minstrel actor
Sorry Mr. Charlie won't chap dance, and fuck the radio for tellin' me to snap jam
I'm just expectin' the spectator's respect here
My net is from jet setters to cab fares
Hip-hop's unbalances got out of hand
Ain't have to see-saw, I'm already scared
I been called the ??
And I DC'd this whole fuckin' genre
And I ain't in it for them O's or them comma's
But more or less the hope for dope niggas to prosper


The future is now, I lead on record's dedicaton for makin' better music is now
Dope niggas locked out 4 year rap drought
It's rainin' now somehow the fugitive's out
I would invest in a poncho, 'cause I ain't finna punch out like Glass Joe (Naw!)
Ima go until my arm's sore, fuck it! I go until my 40 millionth encore
Hip-hop's dead yeah that's what Nas said to me
I guess that's hip-hop heads on salary
We've had the tables, on them record labels
Who's next to release? We guillotine them
Niggas braggin' but everybody stagnant everybody broke except the nigga on the track (Shit!)
And mama why you throw away my drums?
A hundred for a deal they made a hundred on the song
Nigga I'm a hundred miles far, I'm feelin' Chris Childs
You lookin' like Kobe Bryant ya'll
It's lonely at the top so I waited, but ain't nobody take it
Now I'm playin' solitaire patient
Crucifix pieces, necklace with Jesus
See me as blasphemous for I don't need them
God give me strength, Allah give me patience
I am only a man and I don't know what to think


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Wale Mama Told Me Comments
  1. Lari McCormick

    19yrs ago today the Kobe referred line happened lol

  2. R C

    2018 listeners ?

    Dylan Bonder

    R C what's up bro

  3. Daii Dreamiin

    2018 💯💪💙

    Dylan Bonder

    Daii Dreamiin for sure what's up dropped by to say Wale is underrated

  4. Toni Whitney


  5. Rodtinae Jones

    "Can't fuck with my dawg Wale"-Me!!!👦

  6. dkingj89

    I love this song

  7. Jaron Parillon

    09 was a golden year!

  8. Speedyy

    those vocals in the beginning tho

  9. Mike

    I forgot about this song that I used to listen to every single day daaaamn!

  10. Eloquent Monk

    It's crazy how you can come back to a song years later and realize most of lyrics flew over your head cuz you were still a lil baby

  11. Samuel Hardy

    i still think it is funny that Wale rapped on two tracks with the same sample

  12. George A

    DC Stand up. Maryland Stand up.

    Joe Die

    Aye don’t forget about Virginia mo!

  13. Rich O Flare

    this song just make me think of HOME

    Shawn C Gomez

    hopefully youve made it home by now brotha

  14. Sonyoshid64

    man wale went beast mode on this track

  15. Quincy Smith

    I agree..

  16. rich burke

    @SW4TR3PP1N true

  17. GoldenSoul1

    @jesusrocks06 but i honestly dont like the collabs with Lady whack & Gucci mane, they are sell outs!

  18. anthony blue

    "i feel im a platter a phillips when i rapped" hahaha wale is so cleaver

  19. Alex Hill

    where did wiz khalifa mix in on this track, completely irrelevant, very at tht, big infliction btwn intellect and paraphanelia haha

  20. Robert Agyeman Botchway

    @bryze54 it is a simple play on words about new york and new jersey...the new jersey nets to the new york jets to cabfares like cabs and he is talking about his far reach in the game

  21. Adrian

    Yup, birdmans been getting better lately. Listen to shittin on em' and veterens day

  22. Adrian

    rick ross & birdman sounded better on this beat. true story

  23. Dylan Hudson

    Check out B this dude is amazing you can hear some of his music by searching doityourselfrecords in the youtube search bar

  24. Stephen Webb

    That line is the complete and absolute truth. Wale is the truth.

  25. run4ymfl

    "hip hops unbalance is outta hand aint
    have to see Saw im already scared." this dude is a problem.

  26. BlakKat206 Beats

    best kept secret

    Dylan Bonder

    BlakKat Melrose exactly bro this song shall stay a secret between us

  27. TTG203

    his net worth is high.. thats what he's trying to say

  28. Alex Hill

    can someone fill me in on the line "my net is from jet setter to cabfares"?

  29. Alex Hill

    THE best song on the Album, I dnt care wat nobody says, " God giv me strength , Allah give me patience, I am only a man I dont know what to think

  30. dayday1080

    wale's album was the most over-looked album dat came out so far...it didnt get the proper promotion...and dats sad cause attention deficit is a very great album

  31. Gus May

    I'm feeling chris childs, you looking like kobe bryants JAW...for those of you that don't know back when kobe was young chris childs of the knicks snuffed the shit out of him..just clarifying

  32. michael grullon

    this version sounds like the rick ross and busta rhyme shit

  33. TTG203

    @TeflonInfamous20 wale made it sound alot better

  34. bpatient843

    Go WALE Go don't stop it's some ole heads in the industry who could learn a thing or to from the youngin'
    I ain' naming names but they know who they are!

  35. spursfan1080

    next 10:

    11. shades
    12. hacksaw jim duggan
    13. tv in the radio
    14. life's a bitch
    15. dc gorillaz
    16. the star
    17. waledance
    18. family affair
    19. payback
    20. the grown up

  36. maja

    "Sorry hiphop that it took me so long to get on/ But so long that i'm on it, it's on" grand opening.

  37. Emmanuel Rich

    young man listen ''as ma point of view u the best alrigh'' okay i'm done fuck it. lol

  38. TTG203

    nike boots is what put him on

  39. spursfan1080

    wouldnt even give nike boots a top 20 crack...10 best wale songs(not in order):

    1. work
    2. daytona squared
    3. 90210
    4. diary
    5. dreaming
    6. chicago falcon remix
    7. beautiful bliss
    8. artistic integrity
    9. kramer
    10. add

    Brian Robinson

    Have you heard a song called ice and rain

  40. Nadetastic Kiuna

    and Center of Attention

  41. jesse monor

    im ghanian but shout 2 nigeria, u created a beast 4reel wale is 1 of da bes rappers around easily

  42. TTG203

    maybe but his flow in this was priceless and the verse towards the end was his best.

  43. CHISA123454321

    i think it could replace mama told me actually...

  44. TTG203

    I didn't forget anything shades is nice but its not top 5 name a song on that list that shades can replace.

  45. victor wilson

    @DatBoySmitty its Kool and the Gang live sample

  46. CHISA123454321

    u forgot shades

  47. TTG203

    wale top 5 tracks so far
    no order

    1.nike boots
    2.daytona squared
    3.pretty girls
    5.mama told me

  48. Jerry Jones

    @alc490 good hip hop doesn't sell anymore he got into the top 25 i think so thats good for his debut album

  49. Garvey Toure

    somebody needs to mix this with Amerie and T.I.'s version

  50. Garvey Toure

    yeah... more hip hop... more head knockin

  51. Nicole Boyd

    wow i luv it! i'm on him. if anyone know who it is i wouldn't mind a briefing.

  52. Micki Ronnae

    He sound like whiz khalifa checkout my page i got some dope vids

  53. laSHYNA

    i likee this ! :D

  54. KING2672

    double entendre

  55. rofj09

    yeah this Album was tight az hell. From start to finish

    Kudos to WALE!

  56. Billburt Smoker

    Wale is a beast.

  57. dayday1080

    thank you...someone had to say dat...dis album is great...shoulda got more shine

  58. rayraycano

    yea, but it's dre's beat, he also had it in his dr. pepper commercial

  59. Mackenzie Rivers

    wow, dude goes hard

  60. marcellvt

    The Begginings the same as Amerie's "More Than Love" song with Fabolous.
    Wale's gettin recognition.

  61. SirBishop

    nigga im a 100 miles far im feelin chris childs u lukin like kobe bryants jaw

  62. Joe Golden

    wale is a beast but the beat sounds like dr. dre's shit popped off wit t.i.

  63. Ryan M

    yes his first album....true but now how much do you hear of lupe unless its a mixtape. some people give him the credibility that he deserves but most people these days sorry they can't accept good music so it seems. point is yes they get recognition, but not as much as they should in my opinion mainly because like what Lupe said they won't dumb it down. people will always be simple minded. Yes i understand it has to sound good but sometimes you have to look past the beat and listen to the lyrics

  64. comptonny718

    real good album man, i was scared that it wud b jus another mixtape. believe it or not there is a difference, but wale did good kudos to that man

  65. mrharmon100

    sorry people these days do recongnize real music lupe fiasco sold 81,000 copies his first week on his first album so he definitlely was'nt underrated don't get me wrong wale makes real music but it still has to sound good

  66. Chad Battles

    since when did we base a artists pure skill from sales? if thats the case, u r callin artists talib kweli, pharoahe monch, and mos def mediocre

  67. Scuba Steve

    "hip hops unbalance has got out of hand/ aint have to seesaw i'm already scared" sick metaphor!

  68. Scuba Steve

    give the young boy time! DMV all day!

  69. Ryan M

    regardless if he didnt sell many records his first record people these days don't recognize music unless its a club hit or they talk bout drugs, sex, money, guns, and hoes. wale actually raps about real shit and relevant shit...... sucks he didn't sell more. however when people don't get what your saying because they are to simple minded to understand real hip hop and metaphors and lyrics thats what happens. Wale and Lupe 2 of the best underrated rappers in the game.

  70. mrharmon100

    he only sold 28,000 his first week not to be mean but he's not dat good he alright doe

  71. Kenn Kashes

    Diggy(rev Runs Son) remixed his track.
    He went off on it too.

  72. jazzmo3

    "they say that im that heir apparent to guide us, not DC this whole f**king genre"

    Wale's dope. Im really happy that this album debuted at number 21 on the billboard charts. That's pretty good.

  73. dopeGyal

    Lol i aint acting like nun.... ITS DA TRUTH :P .. but i'm sorry if u got offended lmaooo

  74. Laura Lau

    shit . song is hottttttttttt !

  75. SlimBoi2013

    shittin on em with busta rhymes and birdman

  76. M BIZZLE

    i meant to say rick ross freestyling on this wale beat whats it called

  77. M BIZZLE

    anybody kno whats this sample of jay z song wale used...this shit go hard though

  78. 1999yanks

    shut up dont act like you know

  79. dopeGyal

    I dont think you can really say he jackin beats becuase everyone uses the same producers ... and it dont really matter cuz every rapper use another person beat or makes it similar its nothing new

  80. comptonny718

    FUCKKKKKK i got a similar Chris Childs v. Kobe line in one of my raps. niggaz r gunna think i jocked it now lol

  81. Jrealflava07

    This one is better than Dr Dre's it seems like more though was put into it lyrically and production wise

  82. K Aim

    the album just gets better ertime.

  83. ridz how

    this is dope !!!

  84. heymaria123

    u can...more than love by amerie if u havent been told that yet.

  85. Troy McAvoy

    u right. gud catch

  86. Sunoco Smilez

    tupac'ssong i dont give a fuck wasnt on stricly 4 my niggaz it was on his first album 2pacalypsenow


    Bst jizzle new dc artist check him out on youtube: type: TJ MEC

  88. V-Way

    How did Wale steal someone's beat?? Mannn this is straight DMV shit lls Idk what yall be talkn bout yo

  89. KING2672

    What about prescription? smh

  90. Troy McAvoy

    Tupac "I don't give a fuck." Stictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.

    "Mamma told me there'd be days like this, but I'm pissed cuz it stays like this."

  91. Joshua Thiel

    damn, theyre even advertising those headphones on album covers now. music videos were enough. Anyway, wales one of the only guys in the game worth listening to now.

  92. Stanley Spottswood

    joint cranx

  93. justinviggz

    its not "stealing" :P more of sampling
    everyone does it.

  94. Tohn Smith

    oh wow him and amerie def have the same begining but it sounds better in amerie song

  95. MdotEB2dailly

    He put that gogo sound on this jont, DMV stand up

  96. MdotEB2dailly

    @qdfresh99 nah cuz, he jus sounded high, but he was on point wit the lyrics, listen wat he says, "y'all need to hail mary, y'all can't prevent", even KRS-One was lookin like damn on dat one

  97. ritz

    amerie ft. fabolous hahah it is a song


    I like Dre's production better but this ain't bad. Still fiyah!

    Brian Robinson

    SLAMMINnJAMMIN shit popped off was dope