Wale - Heaven's Afternoon Lyrics

In the grand scheme of things
We never were supposed to have shit
Born to lose, built to win
Let's get it in

We ain't supposed to never have nothing
We ain't supposed to never have shit
See the growth in my rhymes
See my focus ain't on them

[Verse 1:]
Nah, at the top is just us, right
Let's get it
PRPS, something nice you ain't know 'em
Givenchy, but no kilt, mi amor
We can't leave, but we love the allure
Hold mine down and stay above what you on
On, I'm appeased and obliged
Scorpio freaks quantity Gemini
I'm a need me a light
Ridin' through the cap, Cap STEEZ on the mind
I ain't know him but I wish I did
Each one, teach one, may the youth live
On that, Joey Bad please hold your head
Lost one last summer, livin' ain't fair
While them niggas scared, we forever in
Hates see you smile, money everywhere
Dream killers out, I see them in the rear
Before I put them in a song, put them in a prayer


[Verse 2:]
Yeah, I'm focused, it's Folarin here
I reckon your barbershop talk of this
Heavenly father, may the spirit of God
Help whoever at odds get your guidance quick
All we need Keisha, all we need Becky
All we need is God, and fed free fetti
My little buddy lives strong, young nigga peddle
He ain't make it in the leagues, so the streets wed him
Gettin' wet up on the corner in whatever weather
Boy see the jail again, he gonna see the devil
Been a week since he seen his mother
And 18 since he seen the other
I'm a pray for him
It's safe to say, he got some pain within
It ain't too much that I can say to him
Cause my bank statement don't relate to him


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
I was so fresh, so clean when I stepped on that scene
Pulled up Aston Martin, you could ask them ya'll seen
When I came through this bitch
Paper tagging on lean
Baddest bitch in the game
Nigga that was ya'll dream
Hold up, let me get a feel
Like Jack say hold up
I don't feel these niggas, nah
Hey Wallace

[Verse 4: Wale]
Yap, what's the problem? I'm focused
I'm Kobe, I kill these niggas
I ain't scared of these niggas
Getting higher than Shaquille O'Neal
Field Goal Percentage
Yeah me nigga
Till the brokest nigga with got a mill plus interest
Meek keep living
Get em

[Verse 5: Meek Mill]
When I was dead broke used to always tell myself I'mma still be the shit
'Til my P.O she locked me up
I'mma do the time come home and still be this rich
Still see the bricks, I'mma still be a Mitch
Got these RICO shit tryna kill me and shit
Hol' up, tryna kill me and shit
Let me get the flow back, I was killing this shit
We was killing them strips, drop heads - no ceiling shit
Ain't talking 'bout Wayne, bitch I'm talking them things
300 and change got a million in whips


Started from the bottom nigga
But now we grinding till the law come get us
For the money and them commas nigga
But can't forget about vagina nigga
Started from that bottom nigga
But now I got it it's a problem nigga
For that money and them dollars nigga
And I ain’t rich but I'm still shining nigga
I'm still shining nigga
I'm still shining nigga
Shining nigga
We still shining nigga
Shining nigga
We still shining nigga
Shining nigga
Let me shine my nigga

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Wale Heaven's Afternoon Comments
  1. Lavender Flowers


  2. TM JRe

    Still my motivation track til dis day 2k19. We post to never have nuffin !!!

  3. SeaTheGod Gold


  4. Trinityyy.Ashanti

    This shit go hard 😌💓

  5. Carolmel ATL Productions

    Authentic men are AMAZING😁

    Carolmel ATL Productions

    @Mpls 612 Thank you soooooo much for saying that🤗😊😁💯

  6. Woody Pierre

    I don't gonna see the rest of the comment 👃

  7. Capital E

    R.i.p king capital STEEZ 2019

  8. El masca Vidal

    Still listening in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  9. alil sarcasm

    2:46 well at least he kept the same energy

  10. ThaTruth223

    the original is soooooooo much better

  11. Lunga Nzama

    Meek still aint get the credit matching his talent

  12. Cameron Davis

    listening to in 2018

  13. John Moblack

    I stg that vocal exit was a fool

  14. Luretha Davidson

    "Each one teach one may the youth live"

  15. Diontaye English


  16. Elias Kenyatta

    This is a classic 🙌🙌
    Show some love if you still feel it.

  17. jmora44ify

    You see my focus ain’t on them!

  18. Josh Obrochta

    Y'all talkin bout meek but wale second verse nasty

  19. shuriken86

    when I was dead broke use to tell myself imma still be tha shit

  20. Nehemiah Burnett

    I'm still shining nigga

  21. christopher lopez

    2017 still bumpin'

  22. The Infamous

    How tf is this not at 24 mil

  23. NAWD100

    shit snapping ...timeless

  24. Ao Evans

    this my shit

  25. TheCatchphrase69

    This sounds like he sampled Hanyou from Inuyasha

  26. Sun Ce

    Wale killed it! 🔥🔥

  27. ALI DAL

    2017 and still 🔥🔥
    Both went in! 🔥🔥

  28. CJ Wells

    Wale still the hottest blazing artist in the game

  29. Grinch X

    1 but we will we have and continue to get everything jump on the slave ship it is what u made us we have never will and still will not change we all have great struggles and deeds to over come

  30. INFINITY1664

    "Born to lose, build the web" If only everyone understood this line🔊

    rodney holmes

    INFINITY1664 he said built to win

  31. Chitown Sha Sha

    *THIS IS MY SHIT!!!!*

  32. Young HOVrockLV


  33. Letlhogonolo Letlhake

    imma play this song at the end of the year,after having a successful hear🔵🌙

  34. Chris Riggs

    One of the dopest tracks of this decade!

    Marc Regal

    Chris Riggs you didnt lie though

    Josh Obrochta

    Still on repeat

  35. Jarvase dundy

    When people say Wale is only a poet. This dude Wordplay is crazy

    Jyrell Gaddies

    Jarvase dundy 🤧

  36. Michelle Odo

    Is Big Sean on this track too or am I hearing my own shit?

    Psy Gemini

    Michelle Odo you hearing your own shit😂.

    Marc Regal

    Michelle Odo I think that’s DJ Sam Sneak. At the end when they talking

  37. Tucci

    Hey wale I really like this song and I'm wondering if I can use this song in a video of my own I will give credit too

  38. Jesus Vazquez

    it aint to much that I could say to them cuz my bank stament don't relate to them 🔥🔥

  39. Sly Law

    this was so lit on KG (kickgenius)

  40. Dubai News

    wale made meek spit real on this

    The YMF Experience TV

    Dubai News Meek always spit real on his projects. people just focus on his trapbangers.


    Dubai News Thts wat I love abt good artists bring the best out each other.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏾


    WreckChasingStudios TV They really do only focus on the trap bangers 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  41. Lil Tune

    Best song from the Gifted

  42. Ney Rey

    I really had a weapon called becky faded I'm out

  43. Kellie Williams


  44. Kellie Williams


    Porscha P

    LOLA WHITE Love that!

    El masca Vidal


  45. Kellie Williams


  46. OnionRing

    that Capital steez s/o

  47. Antoine Barksdale

    Still bump in this in 2016Bucuz we ain't suppose never had nothing But this year I plan to be dude DAT get his family on point in kill this rap shit


    The truth is if you need a new year to motivate you to better your life you'll NEVER do shit because whether it's September or January 1st you'll ALWAYS be in the position to make a change right now.

  48. Paddy Byrne

    Best song ever made

    Sin Fourten

    reaching man lol, but this is his best album track

  49. Kira Howard

    Wait...... Meek Went In!


    +Kira Howard he had the worse part tho love lol

    derrick rose

    +banghardmediagroup hater

  50. Kira Howard

    As a "people" this represents the struggle in America

  51. melvinism

    Respect to Wale for mentioning Capital STEEZ! RIP KingSteelo


    he did? I didn't catch it

    Andre Souza

    Ridin trough the cap ,cap steez on the mind

    Evan Kaleb

    steez used to be the best freestyle rapper 100%

  52. AllPureSkill

    Such a slept on track

  53. Eric Patterson

    I'm mad nobody paid attention to meek verse on this jawn tho he ran this jawn lol

    Lil Tune

    Hell yea

    richard Hines

    +Greg A ctfu jawn a philly word bul

    ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    My favorite song

  54. Chantel Williamson Williamson


  55. Abornazine M

    Facts that was more in defense to Meek. Meek and Wale always had tension but Ross said he would never let it go too far" It's just a label rivalry they are both very competitive,lol An collab album together would have been.🔥

  56. DreamVille 812

    Back when meek was good

    Paddy Byrne

    @muten roshi L x one hunnid

    muten roshi

    +Paddy Byrne L

    Paddy Byrne

    @muten roshi L city bih

    Greezy Greezy

    hold this fat L boy

  57. Huh What

    rick ross is holding you back bro.. let them lables shit on sum trap rap niggas instead

  58. Huh What


  59. Njerisb09

    Wale is the bae!! :-)

  60. lifestraight

    Beat is vicious!!

  61. Caballo Negro

    Now Meek Mill wanna be mad and call him broke because Wale spoke facts. 😂

    Justin Estarita

    lmao and its funny wale's net worth is equal to or higher than meeks

    Caballo Negro

    @Justin Estarita Lol Meek Mill isn't fuckin with Wale lyrically.

    Eric Patterson

    +kyshaun carson you tripping dh Meek is way better than Wale

    Caballo Negro

    @Eric Patterson Lyrically he's not.

    Diallo tipac

    +Eric Patterson that's not true
    I'm t.i fan

  62. Wes Eye

    meek called wale a broke rapper and he said he out of MMG

  63. Fujiwara


  64. Dru Chatman

    To me Wale and J.Cole are the JayZ and Nas of this era , they are the two best of this time and they won't be fully appreciated until 10yrs from now , just like Jay and Nas

    Ty Robinson

    @Tam Ham Hes just the most popular. I dont even think Drake thinks hes the best

    Diego Lainez

    +Tam “Yo Sam” Ham I agree with you, but Drake writes plenty of his raps bruh

    Diego Lainez

    +Acid Jones I think he does lol

    Ryan McCarthy

    wale and Cole are on an other level then Jay. "if lyrics sold I be Talib kwali."- jay z

    Young HOVrockLV

    Ryan mccarthy and nas excluded foh! 😆

  65. Britteny Evans

    He has a dope flow

  66. Markus Holmes


  67. Kahrhiio Meunier

    Shoutout to wale and meek dope ass song, rip Steez #47

  68. Terrence Palmer

    Official that dude speaks real

  69. HaikesXO

    Rip STEEZ yo

    Alberto 47


  70. Pablofexcobarr

    Aye steez tribute

  71. Jp Covre

    *adds to workout playlist*

  72. Rese Young

    Damn meek mill verse tho...

    Ty Robinson

    Said noone ever

    Matthew Anderson

    @Acid Jones actually Meek Mills verse on Wale's song ambition is really good and tells the struggles of a hard upbringing in Philly , just cause you can't relate to hard times doesn't make him a bad rapper

    Ty Robinson

    @Matthew Anderson What are you talking about? You just put hella words in my mouth

    Matthew Anderson

    @Acid Jones "said noone ever" nahh people do like some of Meeks verses you trippin

    Ty Robinson

    @Matthew Anderson I was talking about this Meek verse compared to Wales not every Meek song

  73. Isaiah Simmons

    When I was dead broke I still told myself imma still be the SHIT!!!

  74. zander bandz

    Started from the bottom nigga

  75. Jordan Tagliarini

    Wale and Joey bada$$ are good at writing lyrics

  76. Chrisofresh

    Riding through the cap with Cap STEEZ on my mind. - Wale #RIPsteez #47

  77. SVNSET

    wale is dope. his mix of poetry and rap is rare. like kendrick lamar or 2pac. one of the best out right now

    Itchy bawsak

    Kendrick 😂😂😂


    @colin miller yeah Kendrick. wtf

    Young HOVrockLV

    Quinton Pegram Facts ! I be on that

  78. Gabby IZanerd

    What is that song called by wale.when he says: they ain't fly and they can't rap? Guys I am freaking.out.cause I REALLY want to hear that song

    B Rad

    Chun Li?


    Yeah it's Chun Li. You could have just looked it up.

  79. JUNGLE BOi!i MOWGLi!i

    a person like me should not  have nothen like sarah and any thing good cuz i did a lot of bad and all of that  bad mad me be in the place 

  80. Omar E

    I was so fresh, so clean when I stepped on that scene, pulled up Aston Martin... damn Meek good start lol.

  81. Terrell Williams

    We anit suppose to never had Shit

  82. JakeRoss22

    Dope song, lol Wale is always cracking me up. So lyrical, and flows on point. The only person i know that sounds close to Wale is this dude named True Bars. His new Backwards song is nice; gotta crazy weird video too. 

  83. Antoine Hoard

    Meek Mill went the fuck OFF!

  84. Lewi Newton

    Been a minute since I had to rewind a song like, "Did he just say..." 👍👍

  85. Frank Russell

    dammm this song is fire

  86. J'BeatzOfficial

    Only got one beat im starting check it out tho its awsome 👌

  87. LongLive Rai

    Lyricist shit

  88. Nykeva Patterson

    on fucking repeat they fuckin killed that shit thumbs up if you agree

    Jarvase dundy

    Yea they went in lol

  89. Bumripper

    gonna pop

  90. firstname lastname

    We ain't pose to never have nothing, so we out here working hard for it. We all deserve the best, but we can't get their by just wishing and bitching. And hopping that it all comes by, but what you're really doing is letting time pass by. R.I.P. to my old life, all on the line to find whats mine and if i die trying that's fine with me, because we were put on this earth to be all we can be.

    gmblood HELL5

    That shit for real

  91. Tarrum

    The best song on the album! 

  92. alphonso norman

    53 ninjas bought Chief Keef album.

    alphonso norman

    @Bold Debauchery Damn. Some of you folks are full of hatred and evil. May the Universe bless you and your children with happiness and a joyful heart.

  93. alphonso norman

    my favorite song off of a highly underrated album. #TheGifted  

  94. Kenworth Rollin


  95. Kei Low

    When i was dead broke used to always tell myself ima still b the shit Tell my p.o she lock me up ima come home an still b this rich..Meek Kiiln it

  96. capostatus937

    Beat is nice

  97. killah QB

    Meek rips it