Wale - Don't Hold Your Applause Lyrics

Don't hold your applause from me..

[Verse 1]
Inspired by women, niggas say that I treat em different
Niggas be bitches, hoes be bitches, I don't see no difference
Shawty my aim is different, DC my English iffy
Solo I be but I'm on my feet, I got these angels with me
Tired of making money, I'm on to making history
Fuck how they feel, I keeps it realer than a documentary
Shit I be feeling like real niggas don't make it to 50
And I be feeling Malcolm, Martin, and Pac would defend me
I focus on chicken, my Corazon frigid
Don't trust no cheap rubbers, don't trust no dirty bitches
Sippin moscato with models having exotic dishes
But it don't mean shit unless I know that my genre respected
I deserve praise, I deserve applause
Drawers by bad broads whenever the curtains call
It's all work, no days off
I'm on a great run, Wale Folarin

Make sure that they always talk of me
Make sure these bitches in awe for me
Make sure to give them my all
And now they know that we on
Don't ever hold your applause for me
Don't ever hold your applause for me
Don't ever hold your applause for me
Don't ever hold your applause for me
And ay ay ay...
Don't ever hold your applause for me

[Verse 2]
GQ man of the year, Cudi Drizzy and me
Went away for a little, let my wisdom increase
When you winning obese, all your haters fatigued
Got me counting my blessings, it took me Haiti to see
When you rapping how you rapping, bitches pack up and leave
When you rapping how I'm rapping, they fellatio free
I was pacing myself, hope you patient as me
Plus I got a lot, niggas ain't able to see it
We black niggas with ambition, they gon respect it
And I know I'm kinda vain, but what real nigga isn't
I'm tryna style on some bitches and keep it introspective
I'm tryna stun em like everybody was second guessed it


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