Wale - Chain Music Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
DMV up, roll up and kick my feet up
This shit was for a ticket Man I call that shit that free lunch
I tell a ho to speed up
She slow and she can keep up
We know we always out
But somehow they would never see us
Peep her gold chain, hoes changed, I didn't
They say that karats help your vision
But somehow it made them listen
No this ain't silver, this is my dilemma
Arrogant when I finish
I came from humble beginnings
So it's nothing to finish
I put my hundred percent in
I put my pot in the paper
And modify your opinion
Trying to give them light and a message
But you rather have some fucking V.V.S's
She said I'm charming and I meant it
But she was talking about my pendant
I got geechi on her, came back with thirty chains
Now she attentive, I bet she listen to everything
Straight geechi on her, came back with eighty chains
Now them silly bitches calling me like everyday

[Hook: X2]
Now them broads gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
Silly bitches gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)

Geechi on em
Straight geechi on 'em
You talking greasy
Best believe they gon' see it, darling
Geechi on 'em
Straight geechi on 'em
Let's keep it G, nobody, see you when you being humble

[Verse 2:]
Look, she so stingy with vagina
But why it open when them niggas get to shining?
I was hoping you would notice where my mind at
Put money in the book, I bet these bitches wouldn't find it
Look, okay this chain music, fuck how them lame's do it
You chained to it, your brain's been (your brain has been way too influenced)
I been dope, cold nigga for sure nigga
But where I'm from there ain't no love for no broke nigga
She seen that geechi shit, ain't been to church since
Pray to whoever got on the biggest of crucifix
Lord Lord forgive us, personality flash
And my license is suspended, so I hide it
I don't spend it, did I get y'all attention?
She can't escape the chain, shoutout to Mrs. Tubman
Shoutout to Maybach Music, my logic is getting money
Spitting something real, let the people know, and still love it
Shady flow: Johnny Cage, chain flow: Johnny Dang
Been balling, six bottles, talk with such expensive slang
I got geechi on 'em, now they notice a nigga
So who that chain change? It ain't both of us nigga
I got geechi on her, came back: a hundred chains
And now these geechi mother fuckers all know my name
Geechi on her, came back: a million chains
I said geechi mother fuckers all know my name

Broads gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
Niggas gon' follow
(Chain so big, can't pop my collar)
Geechi on em
Straight geechi on 'em
You talking greasy
Best believe they gon' see it, darling
Geechi on 'em
Straight geechi on 'em
Let's keep it G, nobody, see you when you being humble

Broads gon follow
Silly niggas gon follow
Broads gon follow, follow, follow

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Wale Chain Music Comments
  1. Moses Lupai

    Imma make a freestyle off this beat. He snapped on this!

  2. Jesse Joseph

    This was hard

  3. Thando Marowa

    2019 who is here


    2019 anyone?

  5. Edson Gonzalez

    I miss 2011 for real

  6. Yeeda MF

    2018 almost New year's 2019 this still my shit word for word

  7. Cleon

    I swear Kendrick was inspired to make Swimming pools from this song

  8. Dan

    obligatory listening to this in 2018 comment

  9. Autumn Prosperity

    Dudes be gold diggers too

  10. Sajjad Ansari

    Super nice

  11. Anirudh Bharadwaj

    Red Pill philosophy and MGTOW all into one music video.

  12. Stephen Curry

    Stomach so big can't get in my shirt so I ripped my collar

  13. UptSrvr1

    My life story/theme song

  14. Jerome Cook

    Let's keep it G nobody see you when you being humble...

  15. the best ever don't sleep

    Geechi is from the gullah wars

  16. BeastMode FIAZCO

    Ben here since wale-chillin

  17. кσσкίє

    rap monster and wale change ARMY where u at

  18. John Hurd

    basically.... basic lead....

  19. roger

    this shit so true

  20. Dre'Sean Hearndon

    Wale doesn't get enough credit as a Emcee smmfh

  21. Balach Danish

    Put money in a book I bet these bitches wouldn't find it

  22. Sabelo King Terrence

    When inter milan was the shit

  23. Donald

    Geechi = falcon punch (or coat hanger)


    nawwwww dawg you wrong for dat one



  24. Takumo TV

    le beat mon ami !!!!


    nice song

  26. Michael Lopez

    This song is f****** retarded

  27. swaggedout 04

    the beat go hard tho

  28. divatart90

    Such a true story with this video 😂😂 ...nobody notices you if you're not extremely important

  29. SarahDesera

    "she can't escape the chain shout out to mrs.tubman" ...haha Mr. Wordplay Le ...Love Wale :)!

    mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen

    I don't get iy

    Philly Bunay

    chain = chains (slavery)
    tubman = harriet tubman (slavery) @ronniederrell

    mr. Wldasoldmysoul4pussyasateen

    +Philly Mun I think I was drunk when I posted this because it's pretty obvious what he was saying lol

    Philly Bunay

    @Ronnie Derrell it's fine. :) *cheers

  30. Brandon M

    this shit is legit story of my life

  31. Simphiwe Mthembu

    inter milan!!!!

  32. Eugene Rosette

    Thought it was a sir smokes a lot videos from the screenshot

  33. Jetisonne

    Who is that girl at 1:44 ? Sexy af


    Jetisonne, Taylor Ferraro...she looks better in the video.

    Alrighty Then!

    @Breathe agreed. Just checked her IG and...I'll just give the camera guy props for making her look good.

  34. billbb



    i love the message in this song frfr..... 

    make sure you stop by my channel and check out my new music video

  36. ExtraOrdinary MUSIC

    Chain so big can't pop my collar

  37. Cohesiveness

    Brauds gonna follow

  38. Kanji234

    The remix of this song with kavinsky is wayyy better. Wale- Nightchain

  39. ØMR Tae

    he wrote his address and number 2:11

  40. Big Greene 496

    I know him really well down the street from my uncle

  41. GoodGreenBro

    God damn the look on the girls face at 1:44 she look bad af. she could get it


    Good Greenbrier, she ain't as bad as she looks in this video. Trust me. Google her!

    Max 8048

    @Breathe name?

  42. Amber Brown

    Love it

  43. Clover Jetz

    So much green burnin to this

  44. 25curio

    One of my favorite songs. Keep doing you Wale, don't ever change bros.

  45. Samuel Murray

    he doesn't even where a chain in the video lol.


    bruh you clearly dont get the song it aint about a fucking chain hahaha the chain is the metaphor

    Samuel Murray

    i get that it's just ironic

  46. iNHD FILMS

    THAT JUNT GO HARD THE CLOSEST TO REAL MUSIC I HAVE HEARD IN YEARS https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ayklaz-Urban-Wear/885560944810530?ref=bookmarks

  47. ThaBiggBaddWolf

    Real spill.

  48. EIB HUB

    Very good song with nice beat

  49. Tre Deloatch

    Something about the chick at 1:44 gets me everytime


    That look on her face..

    alanah harris

    kinda looks like Victoria Justice?

    Tommie Olislagers

    she wants the d lol


    Im guessin Wale hit her after that video. She deff wanted it bad

    Alrighty Then!

    "Exhibit C: What we have here is a young AUSA Angel Valdez."

  50. jason marad



    Yeah, it is trash. But this comment is also coming from a dude with Gucci in his profile pic. Aside from his street cred, Gucci is also "SOOO FUCKING TRASH"

    jason marad

    you delusional af boy  how u calling guwop trash???

    Jarvase dundy

    +jason marad Nigga go to sleep! Gucci is trash!!!!

    Jarvase dundy

    +jason marad Gucci is fuckin trash

  51. Francena Scott

    My favorite Wale song.  


    Knew all this back then it's a duck sixteen that's dpsb4080

  53. Justin Bedrosian

    pray to whoever got in the biggest of crucifix

  54. Justin Bedrosian

    put money in in a book i bet these bitches wouldnt find it

  55. Justin Bedrosian

    they say karats help your vision
    but somehow it made em listen

    Alrighty Then!

    Super underrated bar

  56. Kennedi Thomas

    Dean you so right

  57. Dean Roberts

    When Wale was pretty good.. 

    Moses Lupai

    Dean Roberts Still is man

  58. Tomas Van doorn

    Wale is a Beast

  59. Noah

    Not many artists that can put out real messages like this and still make the song bang hard as shit...Wale is underrated af


    "This shit was for a ticket, man/I call that shit that free lunch"

    Kissie Denise

    Noah 2018 I honestly still feel the same way!!! If you not talking about drugs, sex, or Murder, you get over looked..

  60. mz metra cross

    put money in da book, i bet these bytches wouldnt find it-Wale... mz metra the type to find it spend it and ask for more (wit a side hustle. legitishowIgetit)

  61. Account 2533

    I love how most people miss the real message that Wale is putting out in this song lol this is some real talk.

    DGTLDOPE Prod.

    Truu' Shit

    Bobby Sanchez

    what message is that exactly

    Account 2533

    If you don't know by now, I can't explain it. Look at the lyrics somewhere on google and read the message he's explaining

    DGTLDOPE Prod.

    He Talking 'Bout How When He Was Talking 'Bout Real World Issues And Problems, Nobody Was Listening, Now He Talking 'Bout Money, Girls, Cars, Clothes, And All That Now Everybody Listening @Bobby Sanchez "Chain Music"

    Bobby Sanchez

    @Meka Onyeka that's pretty creative

  62. Phil E Phresh

    open yall eyes and listen to what these artist are Really saying listen to the message.....

  63. KtotheC

    I like this song

  64. Davee James

    0:52 HAHAHAHAH

  65. SwizzyJ303

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  66. gunkidv

    3:24 if that was in 3D those breasts would have knocked me the fuck out

  67. Saint Miller

    I'm glad to see his fanbase grow. A really smart artist...he's still got bars, don't pay no mind to those who think otherwise in an attempt to solely hate on him. Wale is a serious emcee and this is obviously his more commercial rap. Start from all those mixtapes and work your way up to The Gifted. Work! Let's get it! Wale!

  68. Amari

    the parts when he was humble was funny asl.

  69. Chelsie Carper

    where have I been.... haven't heard this song .. pretty good

  70. Von Raben

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  71. Maxantium

    WALE came the right time . WE NEEDED THIS . The Black Sky Gods is Watching OVER.

  72. Maxantium

    WOW , THAT'S DEEP , WALE came the right time , WE NEEDED THIS

  73. Lona.

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  75. veton 123

    take a look at albanian rapper killin it this beat ;) /watch?v=wdEgebbUHxQ

  76. Fightorflight31

    What t shirt is he wearing?

  77. Gabby Brown

    How many people understand what geechi is or means?

  78. baconsandwich1234

    I know this is random but i just youtubed some nigga named Nebu Kiniza and im fucking speechless check this guy out man and he's not even signed..

  79. ThatNormalGuyPlays

    No.. Its more of a reference between a battle between being rich and arrogant or humble and smart thats what the whole song is about.

  80. inkkiboy malik

    if you want to learn some rap songs on guitar please go to my channel leave comments of songs you want to learn shall make tutorials for you

  81. Jose Vazquez

    "put money in a book, bet these bitches never find it" wale has the best bars in MMG

  82. MultiBubbaFett

    most underrated rapper in the game and so fucking talented..

  83. vognorbeien

    yeah if only other people knew this trck its my type of music! Oh Btw you can use this to get this in mp3 ==> bit.ly/YHz2jg?=dtjan



  85. WalkerOfficialMusic

    T.WALKER….I am currently an up and coming artist from New York telling a story

    through the music….Click on my channel, check out my music and leave some

    feedback! You won't be disappointed! Thanks!

  86. Max 8048

    good taste boii

  87. SeeGabeGo

    im starting to like wale. i discovered him late n he's VERY underrated

  88. Mustapha Jawara

    Johnny Deng.

  89. freeunder

    who's that Asian with diamond teeth?

  90. IAMSAM1234567890

    All this food I swallow...


  91. Lah Lah


  92. jérémy bauley

    ross makes the bridge ?

  93. bigT tmoney

    he look high as hell in this video

  94. Max 8048

    thx man! she's looks stunnin af!

  95. TheCheekybastard30

    tell the truth yes you do love the fat ones too.