Waka Flocka Flame - Uh Huh Lyrics

They call me Shawty Dread better yet Flocka, a handgun can't do it better use a chopper.
Dis nigga had a 30 clip and used one bullet, next time u pull I, t aim for the head.
Police need a statement, I can't talk homey, fuck a bestfriend do it by my lonely.
But that can't go phony CB4 nigga, he acting like Gusto, he super pussy nigga.
Vet here no rookie nigga, hood ledgend like Tookie nigga, white wrist white blue ring nigga, but I ain't cripin doe. Shoot yo ass from head to toe when I see you nigga.
I heard they set this stack I heard so many rumors.
I heard so much bullshti, u got a dick or a click, better yet yo click on bitch, pussy nigga.
They call me Flocka I ain't got no lyrics nigga, straight blunt nigga I don't want no lyrics nigga.
Riding in my box chevy, aye that's my hood car, graduated from a hood star.
These niggas get me mad, I don't need bread 30 bands I got swag.
My show 15 bands, quarter every month muthafucka let's stunt.
2 chains, 2 rings, 1 bright, 1 bracelet, nigga you got goose for brains.

I throw money out my window just to front (uh huh uh huh)
Loud purp in the swisha that's the blunt (uh huh uh huh)
I heard I'm ugly but you can't call me broke (uh huh uh huh)
Waka Flocka Flame lil shawty dope (uh huh uh huh)
Tay on the beat that's them stacks (uh huh uh huh)
Hit the strip club just to watch that ass clap (uh huh uh huh)
Niggas buck we gon bust em ASAP (uh huh uh huh)
This rap shit boomin like this shit a trap (uh huh uh huh)

Ok, what the fuck to say.
I got juice nigga, I'm the truth nigga.
U can play Bishop nigga I'm a play Q, Elm street. shawty I'm a die py ruu.
G shit here nigga, u square nigga you could neva fit up in my cirlce, geeked up like I'm Erkel off the triple stack, niggas talk off white, they ain't neva trapped.
You can call it sneak dissin, this nigga answer back he, gon end up missing.
On my tour bus smoking weed and fucking hoes, Waka Flocka Flame booked up meet me at my shows.
Buck nigga it's a go, nigga I'm on everythang, damn near a hall of fame, don't mix me for no lame, bitch nigga stay out my lane, you rap nigga fuck the fame, you disrespect me I'm a put you in a picture frame.
Fuck nigga put you on a milk carton, we shootin pistols ova here no martial artin, Maserati Martin.
Beamer or a Benz, passenger nobody muthafuck a friend.
Put no trust in them.
I did that shit one time almost lost my life, Rock Rabbo roll dem dice.
I got 3 jobs, stunt stunt stunt stunt.

I throw money out my window just to front (uh huh uh huh)
Loud purp in the swisha that's the blunt (uh huh uh huh)
I heard I'm ugly but you can't call me broke (uh huh uh huh)
Waka Flocka Flame lil shawty dope (uh huh uh huh)
Tay on the beat that's them stacks (uh huh uh huh)
Hit the strip club just to watch that ass clap (uh huh uh huh)
Niggas buck we gon bust em ASAP (uh huh uh huh)
This rap shit boomin like this shit a trap (uh huh uh huh)

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Waka Flocka Flame Uh Huh Comments
  1. Raphael Johnson

    Damn this beat was always ahead of it’s time. All these years later & this beat still hard as fuck

  2. TOAST Thoughts Of A Stoner T.V

    I miss the year 2010 man. Shit, life was so simpler back then.

  3. TOAST Thoughts Of A Stoner T.V

    Damn I used to have this on my ipod touch lmao. This take me back to end of 11th grade like a mf

  4. LegendofVII

    use to listen to this when i was 11 bruh


    Anyone hear ‘school’ by nirvana?

    Josh Banks

    Probably a sample

  6. Bmore410

    This nigga music used to be so turnt !!

  7. Brandon

    Bru who here in 2018?

  8. Rashawn Batchelor

    Flames my nigga I being rockin with this since it came out

  9. Black Map

    Funniest cover wtf?

  10. connor mackey

    This chorus is one of his hardest
    Rip to early 2000s waka !
    Commercial rapper now

    Sean Dafny

    *early 2010s

  11. Iman Mccullough

    this wright here hard foreal no lie my nigga

  12. Sean Dafny

    We shoon pistols ova here no martial artn lhh

  13. Kellen Dirton

    Dam son where ja find nis #sickestintro

  14. RNYLocHivé

    Fuck a best friend, do it by my lonely ✌🏾

  15. JDRGamer JDRGamer

    holk hogan

    Dat Boy

    JDRGamer JDRGamer hulk hogan

  16. Sean Dafny

    shit get me amped

  17. A A

    this song ruined a couple white girls I use too fuck with in a mini van. thank you mr.waka for the birth of trap music. you ruined my life. but I still fuck you fam.

  18. Bryce Medlock

    I got 3 Jobs,STUNTSTUNT


    Crack rob or roll them dice

    Sean Dafny

    Dis shit so hood

  19. John smith Jr.

    Shit makes ya want punch a sucka

  20. spotlessmind2443

    I heard I'm ugly but you can't call me broke.

  21. dave how


  22. KielTV

    @123treysongsgirl hahaha nice comment

  23. mjsavage2324

    Waka a he man women hater. uh huh. lil rascals

  24. Spicy Güero

    @123treysongsgirl i know

  25. Spicy Güero

    @123treysongsgirl shit i wish my girl friend liked flocka haha im white and shes white

  26. AyeKay Beatz

    hardest bass line

  27. Mason Hazelwood

    @123treysongsgirl lmao

  28. brandoon fretto

    @123treysongsgirl huh?

  29. brandoon fretto

    @123treysongsgirl waka da shit...yeah lets get togetha..aha

  30. RationalMinded

    That is a sick beat!

    Daniel Saladbar

    its Love Buzz by Nirvana but not an original


    It's actually School by Nirvana

  31. keiara tyler

    keith tyler hard shit

  32. ckidroc

    @Lamontgettinmoney bow bow bow bring that shit back!

  33. ilikeduke

    @MrShiftless101 If that's what your into then fine, but i respect artists who would rather suffer for their craft than a sell-out who's just trying to get paid. It disgusts me that this is what passes in todays society when there are sooooooo many talented guys who don't get the recognition they deserve while this garbage gets this douchebag recognition.

  34. ilikeduke

    @MrShiftless101 What exactly is "reall nigga shit"? Is it terrible, played out cliches? Is it lack of rhyming ability whatsoever? or is it being completely devoid of musical ability? Could you please get back to me because I really want to know how to get on some real nigga shit

  35. ilikeduke

    Proud to dislike!

  36. Ronald Kelly

    this shit sucks worst song ever

  37. Ashley Golden

    What TF Is He tlkin about . . . whats happened to rap music ..... this is the reason && Nikki minaj why i dont listen to hip hop like that anymore smmfh

  38. @yatusabemelomadeit lolololololololololol

  39. Brian Booth

    @Vallaeboy it'd trap music not lyrical hip-hop. Get it straight.

  40. iaf gdy

    @WiiCrazZii y the fuck u search his name den??

  41. squweely1

    @WiiCrazZii naw lil wayne is

  42. JohnnyScribblez

    dont like waka too much, not hating just anit my thing but this tune goes hard


  43. Hadzo Djozic

    wacka flacka is gay hahaha

  44. Catherine Morrison

    They call me Shawty dread better yet Flocka!!!!

    Sean Dafny

    1 of the hardest starts to a verse

  45. Taylar B

    love dis song dis shit go hard!!!!!!!

  46. Priest DaAmbassador

    @34shemeka- SON U STUPID!

  47. Karl Platt

    BOW BOW BOW.. FLOCKAA is da 5hxt

  48. Kasey Martin

    should be called "uh uhh"

  49. Nabie T

    @FaMe901EnT , btw...you named after a show about Gay dancers.....your name says it all FAME

  50. FaMe901EnT

    @VallaeBoy you just a bitch you name says valleyboy

  51. Darren D

    lol this is some chicken noodle soup rap,
    fucking poser.

  52. JaY Da DoN


  53. Workoutjunkie

    im no hater but this sucks

  54. nick bowman

    baow...baow baow baow baow lol

  55. Catherine Morrison

    What if Waka said you niggas cant rap?You would call him a hater.Waka a goon trying to keep his business sense down now.He really was in them streets though hard.Gucci and juice the same way.Juice served most of their crew back in Sunvalley days.Gucci was a middleman for Juice.

    josh brown

    Juice was under Gucci let's get it right

    josh brown

    Cuz Gucci said him self juice got shot up while he was in da pin but he pushed on so he respect him and I kno Gucci personally so

  56. Ian Wright

    The Bass Stay Knockin

  57. ghostcity3

    @TheYoungMoneyShow what do u think of this song

  58. Tori Taylor

    honestly the worst rapper I ever heard
    Trash ass nigga

  59. iseerashonal

    nigga cant rap but his beats be banging

  60. Gorgeous'Marie

    @bountyhunter555 ii quesss

  61. Gorgeous'Marie

    @bountyhunter555 actualyyy iit iiz "PIRU" means ORIGINAL BLOOD GANG

  62. cobb1334

    @bountyhunter555 he rep blood an hitsquad i dont understand it either

  63. Nuck Fugget

    This is some hard shit!

  64. allonjid

    he said stunt 4 times lol

  65. Coldmouth2121

    @vangouh1 Who said a poem had to be clean?? Listen to Pac's songs, and tell me that he rhymes every line. He doesn't, shut the fuck up and don't listen to Flocka if you don't like him. He got more money than you will accumulate in your entire life you faggot.

  66. Tanaveli


  67. Coldmouth2121

    @vangouh1 You don't HAVE to rhyme in a rap.. Do you always rhyme in poetry? No. Stfu

  68. Yung lavish Fycrg


  69. Khalil Wilson

    i love waka but dis song is wack az hell

  70. Dype1000

    This The One Of The Best Songs Off This Cd...FLOCKAAAAA

  71. NGBBOYZ1


  72. kingsnackboy

    he DONT go hard!!!!

  73. Q-iLL

    everyone add & subb to mej.
    i will back!