Waka Flocka Flame - Slippin Lyrics

Don't let me catch you slippin', don’t let me catch you slippin'
Don't let me catch you slippin', don’t let me catch you slippin’
Caught a nigga slippin' outside of the parkin' lot
Young nigga popped his chain and ran in his pockets
No mask so you know who got it
But you scared to get it back cause you know they 'bout it
Don't let me catch you slippin', don’t let me catch you slippin'
Don't let me catch you slippin', don't let me catch you slippin'
Cause you move to Hollywood you ain't good out there
Send the Pirus get your shit took out there
Bring a nigga shit straight back to Atlanta
Now them Clay County niggas got kush out there

Heard he in the H, I call J. Prince Jr
You ain't from the streets you just rap a lot, nigga
Booked for a show in the middle of the hood
You ain't good out there, this is Chi-Town, nigga
Asshole by nature, fuck it I'm Trae
Run that chain, nigga, like it’s a relay
You really pussy that’s what the streets say
Fuck who you know nigga, you gotta pay
Out in PA, fuckin’ with cook
Heard your favorite rapper got his AP took
I’m seein’ green dots, puttin’ money on books
If he broke he hatin’ young nigga get money
Fuckin’ with the white girl, Playboy bunny
Got them niggas lookin’ funny have them runnn’ in your shit
Caught 'em slippin' pumpin’ gas, nigga you a sweet leak
Got robbed by the bloods now you runnin’ with the crips – Nah
You niggas ain’t bool
Imma call troop, he gon’ call big you
Now the guns all on you nigga deja vu
You a question mark gangster – DJ Clue
For that Cuban link chain and that big Rolex
You in the wrong scenario – Tribe Called Quest
On the jet boy mission all our clips got extensions
Tryin’ to hold onto your chain, you gon’ end up missin’


I got shooters in the D, I ain’t talkin’ bout the Pistons
Grand Theft Auto, send them homies on a mission
Pay yo’ ass a visit braggin’ bout your low ticket
Shoulda kept your mouth closed, now we know your business
Lyin’ on your crib like an infant, kill you in an instant
I want the shit for the chicken, I just hit a sweet lick, Charlie Sheen we winnin’
Ten toes down with the yoppa, I’m a beast
No V-103 like Greg I’m street
Don’t give up the money, then it’s RIP
Sendin’ head shots like the DMV
Half asleep, split your wig like the red sea
Got stripes in the street like a referee
Have a nigga runnin’ like a refugee
Show you how to rob, got the recipe
Do your homework, find out where he be at
Where he hide the money put the D at
Run up in yo’ shit we gon’ seize that
Then break it down on the g pad
Better be, boo you don’t need that
Waka Flocka Flame catch me hangin’ where the G’s at
Rob a dope boy, I ain’t worryin’ ’bout prison
Can’t call the police ’bout them bricks in the kitchen


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Waka Flocka Flame Slippin Comments
  1. trill full

    2020 an “still” fye 🔥

  2. seth shaw

    VL shit boy

  3. Too Eazy

    Waka: Got robbed by the bloods now you runnin' with the crips

    6ix9ine: 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Moah Dejene

    One of Mike Wills best beats

  5. Dominic De Logan

    ...Don’t let me catch you slippi’n..!!!

  6. Real Bstackz

    I'm still bumping in 2019!!!!

  7. RC - 1138 •

    Ahhh memories of turning up to this shit...good times

  8. brett gibbs

    Bumpin this in 2018. Fuck around 💪

  9. trill full

    dis will always be a banger 🔥

  10. Kris Owens

    Ric Flair with the ad libs

  11. Atrailg25

    who else fuck wit flocka

  12. Jump Sin

    U work with them lmfao cheaters

  13. Jump Sin


  14. DAlienzombie


  15. Jimmy Booker

    Flocka lyrical on this mf ion gaf what nobody say

  16. Kody Bailey

    does anyone know how this video was made? what program ?

  17. Spooky Goon 731

    Hella Word Play

  18. Jerry Hairston

    This shit really fire fr🔥

  19. Tank Bryant

    Waka Flocka flame murder this shit100

  20. Memphis/Mr. Savage Savage

    Aye flocka I fwu and all 6ut u 6etta not 6e dissin on Crip 6c u ain't 60ut it

  21. Marquez Payton

    he diss prince jr

  22. Clips on Clips


  23. thatKingPapi

    2017 anyone ? Hmu IG That_king_papi .
    Just because haha

  24. Glemner Escalante-Morales

    2017 still slapping

  25. news flash 101

    black female marine working the police to kill black women :10.

  26. Mega sylveon ex Poke master in the known universe

    I ❤️ ur music I based my life on ur music u will always be my number ☝️ muse

  27. Meddroks

    2017. 07.26

  28. Bryson Gray

    this song is so underrated

  29. Truth Bringer

    I'll tell a muthafucka this in a heartbeat and mean it gotdamnit

  30. Mattgo90

    You a question mark gangster. DJ Clue.

  31. abdul razak

    the video tho


    Who is this about?

  33. Shay Beauty

    clay co south side

  34. David Oxenreider

    thats the shit that got his brother killed

  35. Gucci Meme Sauce

    set it to 1.25 speed its fucking insane :O

  36. Gucci Meme Sauce

    he caught me slippin lol

  37. Trey Rahman

    Did anybody else see the eyes in the mask move at the end ?

    Bobby Organics The Tattooed Gardener

    yeh man

  38. NoChill Tracks

    DEAM i return back to this

  39. LJ THE MISFIT 777

    Best rap I have ever heard 👍

  40. Flubert Indicite

    hardest song he ever made

  41. The Mr. Jones Show

    that line about getting caught slippin in the parking lot about 2 chainz?

    David Messier

    That would be fucking great

    Tyler Bryant

    yes it is

  42. Disneyfan1999


  43. Warren Johnson

    I just hit a sweet lick Charlie Sheen we winning! Wooh!

    The Demize

    +Warren Johnson except charlie sheen be losin now


    nigga u ain't hitin no licks with yo bitch ass en then postin bout it on YouTube u wanna be gangster ass nigga

    The Demize

    charlie sheen has aids hes losing at life now

  44. mrgetitdone85

    waka snapped on this shit! probably his most lyrical song he ever made..

    Alex Cook

    5:56 -waka.

  45. Sean Colbert

    Montana of 300 x Waka Flocka would be 🔥

    Jonathan Rincon

    hell yeah

  46. SMYAH

    sick as fuck

  47. J-C Cano

    time n a place bitch I got chu ... this was the last time you fuck with me n get away with it... I'm coming for you .taking you down

  48. Jalen Trapp

    did he say fuck detroit??

    Lorenzo Howard

    he said he got shooters in the D

  49. Kingz Live My Life

    He kills those verses

  50. news flash 101

    undercover #41

  51. glsmokerUS - COOL HIP HOP CHANNEL

    @Waka Flocka make the fuckin video that shit is hot. salute frm serbia ! GMG ! WORLDWIDE! SALUTE THE REAL!

  52. Rogdrick Sims

    Can everyone listen to my songs and tell me what you think. Rogdrick-(We up Next)

  53. news flash 101

    Getting paid to do evil when I cant even get a job. Dont get caught slippin.

  54. Angelo Carson

    Don't let me catch you slippin. 🔫🔫

  55. Andrew Gomez

    Not a huge flocka fan but this goes

  56. Diamond Porter

    This shit go to hard

  57. ∂ß.✗ Omerta

    "Heard he in the H, I call J. Prince Jr... You ain't from the streets you just rap a lot, nigga".

    Bruh. Who the fuck said waka isn't lyrical.

  58. RayquanRogers

    Them eyes moving... O_O

  59. ThoseYoungins

    Piiiiiiiiiiru ! 45Bix

  60. AliceLikesChains

    Went to the gas station and I saw this crew mobbin' deep with this tune blastin'. Had no idea they were gonna come out and beat the fuck outta' these 3 guys. Haha. Made my day seeing that, honestly.

  61. Cursed Bear

    this sound more like a rae sremmurd type beat.

    Ama e

    That's exactly what I thought

  62. Realscottypope

    June 1 album drop

    obi wan

    Not any more

  63. Aaron Dover

    No way he wrote this. If so he really stepped is shit up

  64. Kronzebethehitta

    Chief keef rotz

  65. Kronzebethehitta

    Why does it sound like king Lil g beat "AK47"

  66. Matthew B. Kelley

    waka has this new flow with his raps. it goes hard

  67. hanifah crosland

    Wake flocks flame is fire ppl

  68. Branden Harris

    Waka had bars Gucci wanted him to hide it

  69. Branden Harris

    Waka Flocka flame

  70. Branden Harris

    Fuck Reality

  71. PIH90

    Is he talking bout chief keef I feel like he is

  72. Floyd Smith

    He said,"You a question mark gangsta DJ Clu"

  73. Shawn H

    I this track in my opinion flackaveli was the best album he did period and it was my fav I hope his,next album is great as well I've missed flocka dearly

    Anthony Jacobs

    yeah me too he good

  74. Julien

    Did anyone notice that his eyes are moving and not just the background of america? :o

    Jose Valero

    Damn creepy as fuck

  75. YaboyRez

    Wooo Don't let me catch you slippin! 

  76. Dikran Baljian

    death row

  77. James Michael

    The best

  78. Martyn McCue TooNastyBeatz


    This track gets me so hyped,

    too many people comparing to future though, just cuz the beat sounds like "Shit".. even though it does, u listen to waka n futures tracks side by side n future is fucking laughable in comparison, this is way more lyrical xD

    and when it comes to mike will dropping similar beats who gives a fuck? I could listen to beats like this all day

  79. Thanks Yo

    dis shit niggah

  80. Hunter Hansma

    Got shooters in the D and I ain't talkin bout the Pistons.

  81. 402 DO SMAQ

    wocka flocka must have some disturbing memories of slipping... 

  82. Bobo Santos

    tweaked on the background for a min 😂😄

  83. Israel Amador

    He got better

  84. Tray Spells

    You have a good songs waka flocka

  85. Dwyane

    That Bass Hard Af! YOU KNOW!

  86. Dylan Smith

    No ghost writers. Hrs getting better

  87. Andreas Baumgartner

    he only stole the beat of rae sremmurd and rapped dumb shit onto it?

  88. hugo bessieres

    You did better waka...

  89. Kamble Soup

    Shit live most of it true too

  90. TheCrimsonFucker

    watch this video high as fuck

  91. Nick Ferrau

    Love that bass line. So dope.

  92. David Duck

    Sendin' Head shots like the DMV!