Waka Flocka Flame - Luv The Gun Sound Lyrics

RING ALARM! dem boys in town
LIKE JOC, lay dat pussy nigga down
I don't talk, I don't laugh, I just frown
From da eagle 2 da choppa, luv dat gun sound
[x2:] Luh dat gun sound, luh dat, luh dat gun sound

Waka Flocka Flame or just murdaman FLOCKA!

[Verse 1:]
Run up on gucci ya might loose ya life
I'll do 7, you in heaven I won't think twice
Murdaman flocka I keep a heavy choppa
I'm down with so icey I'm a real top shotta
Lite skin rasta, move like da mobstaz
Rob yo ass for ganja so giv it up potna
I hang with da killers, we go ape like gorillaz
Yes I gon rob you and then we mite kill you
Alwayz missin breakfast, eatin on sum cereal


[Verse 2:]
We street thuggin wut da fuck is corporate thuggin?
Homey betta stop all dat mean muggin
I say 2 words, shawty buss
Luv 2 trap, luv 2 cuss
I'll talk 2 a nigga b4 I puttem in da dirt
Tellem wdf he did and why da fukk he gettin murked
50 rounds strapped make your life line flat
(Run up on dat nigga) why da fukk deez niggaz hatin

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Waka Flocka Flame Luv The Gun Sound Comments
  1. Robert Varga

    Beef is for total f#$ken snitches WORD put dat heater to da dome 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  2. Mrk Srck

    Damnn still going hard af


    They dont make music like this anymore

  4. bares bares

    2 0 2 0

  5. GloSoHard Mitch

    I was 15 when i started to bump this tell now 🔥

  6. Don Malik

    Hits on Jacob Wood!

  7. splash bands

    Still that shit in 2020

  8. Manuel Martinez

    Clay.co nigga forest park GA. West side via locos13 stand up homies.. Just out tha feds..

  9. Nick Hall

    RIP to all the body’s on this one

  10. Uncle Shannon

    The real king of drill

  11. Karl Chenapan


  12. Mc001Rem002

    2020 banging it at work and public lmao

  13. Mc001Rem002

    This song is just so legendary, nuthing like it

  14. david mccue

    Sizzle killed this beat 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Uncle Mike

    Wake flake! Come back to the rap game!!!!!

  16. swaygfx

    legendary if you're here in 2020

  17. Navar Anderson

    This what I play on new years

  18. anon omys

    Eatin on some cerial

  19. Jordan Dyer

    Still bumping in 2020 anyone else?

  20. LIONEL .chris

    2020 luv dem gun sounds 🙌🏾🙌🏾 pow 💥 pow 💥

  21. Nicole Ann

    Bumped this shit in 6th grade and now too

  22. King_ Key

    “Run up on Gucci you might lose ya life, I’ll do 7 u in heaven won’t think twice”!!

  23. Nick

    2020 anyone ?

  24. Yahsway Peace

    2020!!! West Brakken

  25. Diego Gomes

    2020 🔥 big waka

  26. Jason Waterfalls

    I knew these bitches who played this song everyday no matter the time bro 9am 9pm whenever and they all went to jail for a murder one year later

  27. S. Crago

    These comments saying 2019. 2020

  28. Nizavian Bratton

    On BL45D thi5 5hxT hard af

  29. Oozie Maki

    Everybody sayin this original trap. Nah this that original rock rap befor it was cool

  30. Corey chambers

    We STREET THUGGIN WTF is corporate thuggiN 🤣🤣😂😭

  31. Anthony Maurice

    Trump 2020!👍



  33. Swisher Hawk Lake Boy Entertainment

    https://youtu.be/X7cWjrFq2co Every Time They Never Thought Swisher Hawk was a Certified Professional Joker and Rapper I'd Raymond not Brown but Hawk

  34. Swisher Hawk Lake Boy Entertainment

    https://youtu.be/KW7fn-Vo3JA That's Swisher Hawk The Rap Artist Real Rapper and Joker Salute Brother's

  35. Swisher Hawk Lake Boy Entertainment


  36. michel trottier


  37. michel trottier


  38. Kelly Cullen

    I just Waka-flocka- Flame

  39. pale september

    prince of trap

  40. Crispyballoons Bro

    Why this go harder than 90% of new music today


    Lil B the BasedGod brought me here

  42. 2 Trill_561

    Trap shit tune in suscribe to me tune in for the journey 🤯🔥🔥

  43. Nicholas Williams

    T I M E L E S S


  44. Masi Ali

    This the shit to this day ❗❗

  45. Scrappy Jackson

    Luv daT gun sound

  46. mckadoo ace


  47. Mack Billionz

    If u at the red light and somebody pull up playing this please take off that's gonna be ur azz mane AK 47 and high-speed chase is coming call for help mfs lol

  48. Antonio Bon Vivant

    This shit makes me slap any individual minding his own business

  49. Marco


  50. Quan Morris

    Parties used to slap when this came on



  52. Shante Rena

    2020 going in🔥🔥🔥💪💪👊👊

  53. bee tee

    Blood tune😎

  54. Robert Tveter

    Zwarte Piet.. Wie kent 'em niet!

  55. Madlyshort

    Zwarte Piet

  56. Jacob Cleveland 1,067,980 subscribers

    2019 still in this bit 💪💪💯

  57. Mike P

    Mannnnnnn that guitar in this song cold af🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

  58. Amazing Amy

    You'll be in prison and again your money ain't long enough and your team ain't strong enough

    tana streetheat

    Amazing Amy umm this video was shot almost 10 yrs ago if he was gonna wind up in prison don’t you think it would have happened already

  59. Victor Trevino

    We street thugn what the fukk is corporate thugn 💯

  60. Sammy Xavier

    Big Dawg flocka my Blooda frfr maine BSM babii Big Ups From SBM ya heard meh!? man so icey squad was tha muhfukkin shxt!!!

  61. Darryl Brinkley

    Last time dat I check ain’t no floppin unless it’s bodies droppin. Yes I do. Nuff said no rev or court house for a witness dey human one life

  62. Iveta Stelyanova

    He is so sexy

  63. Aj Smith

    1 time for Memphis

  64. Kevin Lacy

    This shit go hard as fuck

  65. Carnell Brown

    Love them gun aounds

  66. T Sip

    Reppin UGA man!

  67. RgeezyTheDon Murdera

    Real goon

  68. Arturo jr Contreras

    You just do


    9 Years Before 9 Million Views Miss Waka 9Real

  70. Melissa Fox

    Free. The. World. We. Want. Fun. And. More. Block. Party. Foe. We. The. People. And. Tha. Children. Can. We. Get. A. Amen

  71. TheSnagisreal

    Too crazy

  72. A RoyalGreyVEVO

    L❤ dem 🔫 💥
    Damn 💯

  73. florida Ryder

    Damn time a motha fucka!! Still hard!! 💥😤

  74. danny waite

    2010 anthem man... shit was different then

  75. Jack Murphy

    Wow this is such dog shit.

  76. Shrell Simmons

    God is good all the time.🆓🆓🆓🆓.

  77. Elijah Ruark

    Waka owned 2008-11 🔥💪🏻

  78. candy apple

    I luv dem gun sounds !

  79. candy apple

    I'm still bumping this 2019 Anybody else

    King DK

    candy apple naw we obviously still in 2010

    Nigga why lebron wearing a Laker jersey

    I’m just did a drive by to this song iont give no fucks lol fuck a 🐷 🐽 🐖


    Anybody in 2020?

  80. Sega Genesis

    where them based boyssss

  81. Tyree Boulware


  82. Neal Bonner

    Bdog waka you cold

  83. Neal Bonner

    Gangster detroitwaka afan real gangsterdog ghostdog detroit

  84. Neal Bonner

    Make it cold detroit koolaid

  85. Neal Bonner

    Gangster detroit waka afan anynew movies music bee detroit afan bbq

  86. Neal Bonner

    Waka flocks cold detroitbee afan

  87. Neal Bonner

    Just gangster way detroit beedog detroit Chicago

  88. Bianca Murray

    Respect mes og mc

  89. Benjamen Woodley

    2019 anyone best drill rap 2010

  90. AllAbout


  91. Neal Bonner

    Big b ball out

  92. Neal Bonner

    Waka detroit a fan bee dog g waka flocks your fan detroit loves waka keep it gangsterbig b from detroit a fan big b need workers big dog

  93. Alpha XO

    I remember my mom took my MP3 player because she heard this bumpin through my headphones lmao

  94. Nauty

    Found em