Waits, Tom - Who Are You? Lyrics

They're lining up
To mad dog your tilta whirl
3 shots for a dollar
Win a real live doll
All the lies that you tell
I believed them so well. Take them back
Take them back to your red house
For that fearful leap into the dark
I did my time
In the jail of your arms
Now Ophelia wants to know
Where she should turn
Tell me...what did you do
What did you do the last time?
Why don't you do that
Go on ahead and take this the wrong way
Time's not your friend
Do you cry. Do you pray
Do you wish them away
Do you still leave nothing
But bones in the way
Did you bury the carnival
Lions and all
Excuse me while I sharpen my nails
And just who are you this time?
You look rather tired
(Who drinks from your shoe)
Are you pretending to love
Well I hear that it pays well
How do your pistol and your Bible and your
Sleeping pills go?
Are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes?

Well I fell in love
With your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes
You better get down on the floor
Don't you know this is war
Tell me who are you this time?
Tell me who are you this time?

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Waits, Tom Who Are You? Comments
  1. Suddenly Frogs

    Well I fell in love with your sailors mouth, and your wounded eyes. (Hits me hard every time)

  2. Sid Kayne

    I love Tom Waits. Almost the Charles Bukowski of music... Such beautiful music.

  3. Reisen Udongein Inaba

    He's channeling Bruce Springsteen here.

    Ami Ami

    Except for the voice Bruce does not even come close on any level (despite his mainstream popularity)

  4. Evan Coveney

    Over a year later, and I still can't forget that girl..

  5. greg3d4u

    Well I fell in love with your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes. Who the fuck writes such brilliance?? Tom fuckin Waits--thats who! 🤩

  6. Don Bagley

    So apt for a heartbreak of mine. Two damaged lovers in the last century.

  7. Red_Doggo

    Does this sound like the river by bruce springsteen or is it just me?

  8. mat leclair

    "How do your pistol and bible and your sleeping pills go"
    This albulm album rocks. I love Tom Waits

  9. Vi B

    top 5 Tom Waits songs ...Bone Machine is one of his best for sure.

    Michael Tossing

    Bone mashine is the best. Not one of.


    One of, if not the greatest record of all time

  10. john capone

    Gin drinks Tom Waits to forget its troubles.

  11. Paul Savage

    Women love to heartbreak men, so they can go to Hell? Fuck that Race of People!

  12. Janice Ward

    Are you still jumping out of Windows in expensive clothes......Love you Tom...❤

  13. lion dream

    This is for his daughter. She is amazing!

  14. Zer0san

    Like 10 years later this song still kills me. I’ll never love another, and I’ll never understand why

  15. Wolfgang Bauer

    unique and great.

  16. Joanie Boyles

    This song to me has a deeper meaning sort of pertaining to all the deciet , lies and trickery put apon us by the powers that be.

  17. t. rosenberg

    For every ex-girlfriend ever.

    lion dream

    for his daughter. she is amazing!

    Mirai Nikki

    @lion dream hey alright

  18. John Gulliver


  19. IndieMovie 4 Life

    I fucking love this song. Keep coming back for no apparent reason.

  20. Ryoken77

    This has to be my favorite Tom Waits songs. Bone Machine is a damned good album.

  21. senglorama

    This just reminds me that all we hear on tv now with the adele, the kathy, the one direction etc... well they're ok until you hear something like tom waits, the ramones, talking heads, nirvana, elliott smith.. then you ask yourself how come those type of guys aren't on tv? Why do they show mediocrity, disney-compatible stuff? And why do all those second-rate artists all sound the same? And who decides how they sound?
    Tto those who feel what I am saying, I say let's turn off our tvs, radios etc. I don't like being treated like that way.

    raphael vitton

    because they want you docile and unthinking.
    freedom is everything

    Hank Jr

    senglorama Amen, they tell the brainless what to love/enjoy. we know better, we have graduated from the school of higher education known as Tom Waits University. Where heart break and misery and laughter walk hand in hand, we are the truly lucky ones because​ we still feel what's real and meaningful. these other people are delusional and I really don't want to join the world that they believe in. it's a false and unfeeling place, where the only one who matters is one's self. true soul and heart ache comes from loving someone more than yourself, and that's what sets Tom and his truest fans apart from the rest of the world. God bless you true people of feeling and love and sorrow. God smiles on hearts like ours.

    v. v.

    The most swimmers are in shallow water...

    Alley Oop

    Damn, we'll said!

    Hortense Weinblatt

    On the main building of Tom Waits U. is the school's motto: "Experience Is What You Get Just After You Needed It"

  22. raphael vitton

    this song should be called "are you still a lying slut?"

  23. Diäb Soulé

    this song is written from the woman's perspective.that's why is beautiful.

    raphael vitton

    Diäb Soulé absolutely not...

    marko beguš

    Its acctualy from a man about a cheating whore...Men dont pretend to love, women do. Look any romantic movie women love...the plot is the same, women cheats on a "lesser" guy in the movie for her "one true love" so think before you say shit like that again

    JD Day

    On what planet?

    Hortense Weinblatt

    Men dont pretend to love, women do
    You are serious ...??? Oh, sorry, that's right, the movies prove it.

    Mirai Nikki

    Well that's a lie, lol.
    Why throwing shit on the fan?

    Read the lyrics.

  24. Sasy Lasy

    Tom waits.remind me to my ex he uesd to love all he's songs.

  25. suredoloveya

    I dont remember why I bought all these spaghetti strainers

  26. Esajuhani EeJii Seppänen

    Bitter tears like some times they call "hi ho whiskey..."

  27. Ines A

    sadly beautiful ... 💞💞

  28. Hamja Ahsan

    Tom Waits writes the best Heartbreak songs ...

    Mike Maguire

    Hard to argue but I'd put Randy Newman in there too.

  29. Ivan Gatti

    tom is mumber 1

  30. Sugahrghebare._.

    There would seem to be no better love/hate song than this. Period. 

  31. David Rodgers

    The one down thumb was from the person he wrote this about...

    Melanie Sarah

    the person is still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes


    This is a beautiful song in its honesty, David Rodgers. It reminds me that murder victims are probably often as responsible as the killers. It reminds me of my marriage, my sister, or myself. There are all kinds of reasons for wearing a mask. I hope to never be in a situation where I feel that I must to get by.

    Jack Maker

    No, I thumbed it upways.


    @coreycox2345 I get you... But murderers never deal out justice. It's vengeance, at best.

  32. Robert Beaudoin

    So beautiful

  33. Claudio Nógena

    ...how do your pistol and your bible, and your sleeping pills go?

  34. morryghan27

    Lovely. And bitter. And everything else that gives you goosebumps.

  35. OdedMusic

    Can the typical tantalizing Tom ever sing calmly evenly quietly about NOTHING!? hhhh

  36. Vojislav Tomic

    ..you're welcome man..thanks for the kind words..enjoy!!

  37. neurocelso

    thanks a lot for sharing the not-so easy to get lyrics, that's a little act of love to all the non-english speaking tom waits fans as me