Waits, Tom - Talking At The Same Time Lyrics

Get a job, save your money, listen to Jane
Everybody knows umbrellas will cost more in the rain
All the news is bad
Is there any other kind?
Everybody’s talking at the same time

Well it’s hard times for some
For others it’s sweet
Someone makes money when there’s blood in the street
Don’t take any lip
Stay in line
Everybody’s talking at the same time

Well the dog is in the kitchen
And the war drags on
The trees wait by the freeway
All the moneys all gone
Well she told me she would leave me
I ignored all the signs
And now everybody’s talking at the same time
Everybody’s talking at the same time

Ain’t no one coming to pull you from the mud
You gotta build your nest high enough to ride out the flood
I know you’re leaving and there’s no more next time
Everybody’s talking at the same time

A tiny boy sat and he played in the sand
He made a sword from a stick
And a gun from his hand
Well we bailed out all the millionaires
They’ve got the fruit
We’ve got the rind
And everybody’s talking at the same time
Everybody’s talking at the same time

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Waits, Tom Talking At The Same Time Comments
  1. Deep GirlVEVO

    Probably my fav bad as me song



  3. Fluff McMuff

    Get a job. Save my money.. I'll get around to it!

  4. miki dimitrijevic

    One of the best songs I'v ever heard

  5. sidDkid87

    "All the news is bad /
     Is there any other kind?"

  6. NearOfTalofaLava

    Tom Waits' voices are insane, I'm always surprised how he can sound so different in his songs. It's not just reaching high or low notes, the whole tone and feel is different.

    Rolling Ormond

    +NearOfTalofaLava I think it's treated with production.


    +NearOfTalofaLava People don't seem to realize that he's a great singer who developed that signature "gravel" of his. He has amazing vocal range, but not in spanning octaves, rather the type of range you would attribute to an actor.

    Tim Claridge

    As a longtime singer, I can hear that what he does with his voice is beyond what a producer can do on a computer. Tom's voice has 100 personalities :)

    Tommy The Cat

    It's just vocal techniques. Anyone can learn them

  7. Suresh Nair

    what a great song. what a fabulous musician :-)

    PORKFOOT and The One Man Boyband

    @Suresh Nair he found fame very young but gives hope to musicians over 40 that you can still make meaningful records in your later years.

  8. kevin cupofyogart

    cannot believe this has only 18000 hits, what is wrong with people. Great song by a great artist.

  9. hayseedpunkash

    Has to be.

  10. hayseedpunkash

    The first time I heard this song, it gave me chills to hear him sing like that. For people who say he can only sound gravelly and doesn't have a good voice, screw them. He can change from gravelly to beautiful like that. Not bad for a guy who has had a 40+ year career. Long live Waits!!!

  11. Donal Lynch

    How is this him singing?

  12. Soun Resinite

    "No good, you say? Huh! Well, that's good enough for me!"

  13. Alex Insouratselou

    The thing that everybody is talking at the same time reminds me of greek politicians on the tv..

  14. Samuel Chapman

    That's the stupidest, most unforgivable thing I've ever read

  15. lucio lanza photos

    the 1 dislike is a mistake (i suppose...)

    Deep GirlVEVO

    I really hope so

  16. ;askoefj

    see, a hipster would say that... but a real human would say it would go great with their own life.

  17. WeGetAllKindsHere

    great spooky song, would go well in a david lynch film

  18. Ramirez Flores

    1 dislike? Fuck you buddy!

  19. SweetSmoke21

    Thanks for lyrics, very good song! thanks for sharing :)
    Well, as I see I'm the 21th person who like it, I'm so glad for it :)