Waits, Tom - Pay Me Lyrics

They pay me not to come home
Keeping me stoned
I won’t run away
They say it’s easy to get
Stuck in this town
Just like Joan
You know I gave it all up for the stage
They fill my cup up in the cage
It’s nobody’s business but mine when I’m low
To hold yourself up is not a crime here you know
At the end of the world

I kick my foot at the lights
I breathe it in all night
There’s a light on a canvas tree
Money from home supporting me
They pay me not to come
I won’t eat crow
Ill stay away
And though all roads will not lead you home my girl
All roads lead to the end of the world
I sewed a little luck up in the hem of my gown
The only way down from the gallows is to swing
And I’ll wear boots instead of high heels
And the next stage that I am on it will have wheels

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Waits, Tom Pay Me Comments
  1. george preston

    i can not get earle bailey to play it on sirius xm but no good

  2. Yunus Emre Okutan

    2:31 The piano at the end is soe beautiful. Can anyone redirect me to similar sounds?

    Terry Hart

    Check out Christmas Card live recording, the interlude at about 4 min in and again near the end https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G09Vh0MSaGA&fbclid=IwAR05x8PY3utH51yFBjOsyK-7X1S9pKd6dqnofbGMibcDf3ijFVExDol4hoo

  3. Jeffery Matuszak

    This song is about show business....Joan is Joan Crawford.....

  4. Savannah2302


  5. Clyde Nolet

    this allegedly is a song for prostution. woman paid to stay away from shaming the family.. but I've sewn a little luck up in the helm of my gown

  6. Frimm injim

    "The only way down from the gallows is to swing." Inevitability.

  7. Francis Fecteau

    It is not a sad song but advice on how to face the inevitable with resistance style and grace --

  8. sclogse1

    A big repeat on my player.

  9. lilja

    Keeping me stoned
     I won't run away
    They say it's easy to get stuck in this town ...

  10. Tanika97

    So damn beautiful and sad.