Waits, Tom - Missing My Son Lyrics

I was in a line at the supermarket the other day, and uhm... y'know, I had all my things on the little conveyor belt there. And uh... there's a gal in front of me that is uh.. well, she's staring at me and I'm getting a little nervous and uh, she continues to stare at me. And I uh, I keep looking the other way. And then, finally she comes over closer to me and she says: "I apologize for staring, that must have been annoying. I, I... You look so much like my son, who died. I just can't take my eyes off you." And she precedes to go into her purse and she pulls out a photograph of her son who'd died. And uh, he looks absolutely nothing like me. In fact he's... Chinese. Uh... anyway, we chatted a little bit. And uh, she says: "I'm sorry, I have to ask you. Would you mind, as I leave the supermarket here, would you mind saying "Goodbye mom" to me? I, I know it's a strange request but I haven't heard my son saying "Goodbye mom" to me, and "So long" and it would mean so much to me to hear it. And uh, if you don't mind I... " And I said: "Well, you know, okay, yeah, sure. Eh.. uh... I can say that." And, and so, she uh gets her groceries all checked out. And uh, as she's going out the door she waves at me and she hollers across the store: "Goodbye son!" And I look up and I wave and I say: "Goodbye mom!" And then she goes, and uh... So I get my few things there, on the conveyor belt and the checker checks out my things. And uh, and he gives me the total and he says: "That'll be four hundred and seventy nine dollars." Uh... and I said: "Well, how is that possible! I've only got a little tuna fish, and uh some skimmed milk, and uh mustard and a loaf of bread..." He goes: "Well, well you're also paying for the groceries for your mother. She uh, told me you'd take care of the bill for her." And I said: "Well, wait a minute! That's not my mother!" And he says: "Well I distinctly heard her say as she left the store "Bye son!" and you said "Bye mom!" and so what are you trying to say here, uh..." I said: "Well, JESUS!" And I looked out into the parking lot and she was just getting into her car. And I ran out there. And she was just closing the door, and she had a little bit of her leg sticking out of the door and she was pulling away and I grabbed her leg and I started PULLING it! Just the way... I'm pulling yours...

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Waits, Tom Missing My Son Comments
  1. Marley Marie

    Tom waits your performance in the ballad of buster Scruggs as the prospector literally brought me to tears. You singing mother machree was just..... Amazing. I've tried my own hand at gold panning... And ... Just thank you. I cry every time I watch it. Maybe one day I'll find my own Mr pocket. Okay thanks I love you kbye

    Feels Man

    Yes, he was real good.

  2. Donald Trumps Clinton

    Langer lol

  3. Team Sl2

    i saw it on facebook

  4. Evig Sorg

    Perpare to get trolled by waits!

  5. AbY41

    Genius... Pure genius!
    P.S. He kind of sounds like Heath Ledger's "Joker"... Or is it the other way around?

    Jeff Leach

    +AbY41 Heath HAD to have listened to Tom Waits before creating his version of the Joker. The voice, the phrasing, the mumbling. It's uncanny.

    Clyde Zackery

    Heath's Joker is modeled after TW

  6. Its a Mad world

    Lol u jus wasted my time

    Omega Game

    I liked the story. Is that why I dont get this?

  7. scabbarae

    I've heard this a million times, but I listened anyway to hear Tom Waits tell it

  8. JakobS96

    Isn't that a Story telled by Julian Smith in a wonderful shortfilm ? Called "Bitch" by Julian Smith ^^ but i can't find it anymore :/

  9. parazit43v3r

    Two lighters a day.

  10. psycho826

    LMFAO i replied the same thing and saw your comment

  11. psycho826

    all of them

  12. Δημήτρης Μπάκουλης

    Trolling Level : Tom Waits !!!

  13. Denkart

    @circa2O11 All the cigarettes.

  14. mikvance


  15. Thom Yorke

    How many packs of cigarettes should I smoke a day if I want to sound like this?

    Echo Harte

    Thom Yorke all of them

    Andromeda Palazzolo

    @Echo Harte
    @ once

  16. Bradley Ruoff

    Watched a video in my Spanish class a year or so back. No joke this whole skit he just went through is 100% from that video, I was waiting for him to offer some special insight or some special way he interpreted it to make it funny but nope, exactly the same. ='(

  17. rufia75

    @joeat963 as old as which hills? I live in Saskatchewan and it's rather flat.

  18. magnez9

    lyk dis if u cri evry tim.

    Andromeda Palazzolo

    Tears UV LAughter 😆😂😂😂😍

  19. Gerald

    @AcidOverseer When you're pulling someone's leg..you're tricking them..he wasn't serious about the story. It was all a big joke.

  20. HighTierMortal

    im i the only one who got scared at his laugh at the end

  21. Anonym Cat

    Sorry for being a idiot but what does he mean i don't know what the point of the story is. is it some kind of ha i got you type or deal or some philosophical line

  22. AbsoluteBiscotti, The Nihilistic Aussie

    @IcyFluff When someone is 'pulling your leg'. It means they are trying to trick you. It's a commonly used phrase.

  23. Sander

    I don't get it, is it a joke? What does he mean by just the way I'm pulling yours?

  24. Lane Mehringer


  25. ybrik222

    Of course Tom Waits would end a three hour album with this.

  26. feraro23

    Tom Waits is The Man.

  27. zorg6969


  28. orville1960

    seeee meeeeee aarrrrssssseee , lol

  29. Equinoxx1337

    I don't understand this

  30. RedLeftFist

    Well ok, you managed it. You made your son happy.

  31. RedLeftFist

    Well, thank you for information Joe xD , but next time rate just like u would, the way your fair mind thinks! And yes mom, the checks are paid!

  32. Mr Postboxface