Waits, Tom - Midnight Lullabye Lyrics

Sing a song a sixpence, pocket full a rye
Hush by my baby, no need to be cryin'
Burn the midnight oil with me, as long as you wish
Stare out at the moon, upon the window sill
And dream sing a song a sixpence, pocket full a wry
I tell you another story, tell you no lie
Dew drops on the window sill, gum drops in your hair
Your slippin into dreamland, Your noddin' your head
Oh dream
Dream of West Virginia, of the British Isles
When you are dreaming, you see for miles and miles
When you are much older, remember when we sat
At midnight on the windowsill, and had this little chat
And dream, dream, dream, dream

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Waits, Tom Midnight Lullabye Comments
  1. Vinicio Caliendo

    2:52 Which lullaby is this?


    Vinicio Caliendo hush little baby?

  2. Matheus Blank

    That "hush little baby" moment makes me imagine Eminem's Mockinbird on Tom Wait's voice.

  3. Mark Walters

    This cannot be explained.... Absolutely brilliant.

  4. Markus Clemens

    Closing Time is one of the most beautiful Albums ever

  5. Tom Laveign

    This is just sublime. One of my favourite Tom Waits songs.

  6. Aleksandar Petrovic


  7. SwitcherooU

    Damn, this one takes me back a few years.

    I've always liked Tom Waits, but youngsters really can't appreciate the powerful nostalgia in lines like "When you are much older/Remember when we sat/Midnight on the windowsill/And had this little chat".

    Tom Fairclough

    +SwitcherooU Tom Waits was a youngster when he wrote it (early to mid twenties) yet people of a similar age can't appreciate it?


    Yeah, I guess that didn't come out right. I just feel like I understand it more now. That's all.

    Tom Fairclough

    +SwitcherooU Yeah, fair enough. I just find it annoying when people put down young people (not saying that you do that) as though they have no character just because they haven't been around as long. A great deal of people inspire and shape the world when they're in their youth. You only have to look at sportsmen and women or artists. I understand what you was saying now though. With age comes experience and often wisdom because of it.


    @Tom Fairclough  Yeah, there's plenty of that on YouTube. I'd like to think I know better. The kids will surpass us, and they'll do much better than we did.

    At any rate, what I was referencing in my original post was the specific line "When you are much older/Remember when we sat/Midnight on the windowsill/And had this little chat".

    I'm 15 years on from when I first heard this song, and I DO remember those midnight chats, those chance meetings, those wonderful impromptu moments that stick with you and change you forever.

    Tom Fairclough

    I see I suppose with our age difference we read differently into songs. Thanks for your time. All the best. 

  8. Toni Damerow

    here,  Tom Waits - Midnight Lullaby for Robin 

  9. Lennie Eichman

    Nick, I don't know how you interpreted my comment. I love Tom Waits. His whiskey and cigarettes make him great. I own many albums.

  10. Nick C

    There are guys like you, and than there are guys like Tom. We'd be much better off with more of Tom, and less of you

    Bee Thousand

    Could still use a little bit more you, though.

  11. Swordfishstick

    "Closing time" was such an outstanding debut album. And he's still going strong, fourty years later.

  12. Pietro Tarantelli

    Something like a soundtrack

  13. easystreets70

    Yes, indeed, he is interesting.

  14. тнe ѕcarleт leттer

    The man sounds like he gargled razor blades (in more recent years, particularly), and it's brilliant. Listening to Waits on a stormy evening, nursing a great cup of coffee = sheer bliss.


    You know where it's at.

  15. Luis Ribeiro

    where's the damn repeat button? curse you Youtube :)

    Alec Cartwright

    Right click, set to loop! (3 years later, better late than never!)

    Artisorak R

    Here i gotcha: 0:00
    6 years later, better late than never :D

  16. Carolanne B

    -thank you so much for adding this, i love waits

  17. bretto444

    This song reminds me of memories I had before I was born

  18. TheDeathon

    Damn it he knows

  19. El Grande

    I wish that last part when the guitar comes in just lasts forever.

  20. PapaNowel128

    This song fits so well its title ... Just perfect, thank you Mr.Waits.

  21. Lennie Eichman

    When I like a singer, actor, hero, I research. He has reformed his life and reinvented his musical style, true.

  22. Ben Wright

    That's very interesting; you're very interesting.

  23. Lennie Eichman

    He didn't reinvent himself; he drank alot of whiskey and chain smoked.


    his old stuff really his only stuff i like

  25. Jas Min

    who gives a fuck??

  26. YourFaceWillDie468

    @CatfishSean I cannot tell if this comment is made of win or fail.

  27. kaakun358


  28. cootaloot

    I love the story of CatfishSean and his junkie girl. Livin' the dream.

  29. goldenhopper

    As a teenager I would play this LP (Vinyl) as I lay on my bed after getting home from school. It was right about half way through this song or going into Martha that I would fall asleep. One of the great albums of our time this is... Thanks Tommy!


    per chi e' ancora capace di sognare......

  31. P'eng Lu

    bellissimo questo sax ,trombetta, old style!!!!!!.DAPAURA TOM. SEI FORTE!!!

  32. P'eng Lu

    bellissimo questo sax ,trombetta, old style!!!!!!.DAPAURA TOM. FORTE!!!

  33. life of lard

    @Vadergeek hahaha awesome.

  34. Vadergeek

    It's weird thinking of this as Tom Waits. I mean, when I think Tom Waits..... well, just listen to his children's story.

  35. Tyler Ebright

    @heel666 well it is a lullaby..

  36. c4r50n1

    @TheReegar But I can and will.

  37. c4r50n1

    @CatfishSean And we care because?

  38. oisinallen

    Tom Waits is a fantastic artist, and all of his albums are great.

    But listening to this, I doubt that he (or anybody else) will ever be able to do anything as good as 'Closing Time' again.

  39. sclogse1

    Listen to the live version done some years later. Unbelievable. If you want it, I'll send you the MP-3.

  40. sclogse1

    send me a note...I'll turn you onto the live version of this song. It will blow you out of your seat. Completely different...different voice, etc. Turns it into something so beyond classic, so gripping...well, he's the master. The live version of this is tremendous...maybe done 5-6 years after the album.

  41. 1foams

    this is such beatiful music, whatever way i try and some up how great it is i wont do it justice, my brain just kinda feels like its melting when i listen too it.

  42. squg

    @daner31 i was 18 when i bought this. i was lookin for some of the raindogs and post- type gravelly stuff, so i was very let down. i dismissed it as 'billy joel type shit.' now it's become one of my all-time favorites from any artists; beautifully melancholy

  43. donillopuntato

    tommaso aspetti