Waits, Tom - Jesus Gonna Be Here Lyrics

Well, Jesus will be here
Be here soon
he's gonna cover us up with leaves
With a blanket from the moon
With a promise and a vow
And a lullaby for my brow
Jesus gonna be here
Be here soon

Well I'm just gonna wait here
I don't have to shout
I have no reason and
I have no doubt
I'm gonna get myself
Unfurled from this mortal coiled up world
Because Jesus gonna be here
Be here soon

I got to keep my eyes open
So I can see my Lord
I'm gonna watch the horizon
For a brand new Ford

I can hear him rolling on down the lane
I said Hollywood be thy name
Jesus gonna be
Gonna be here soon

Well I've been faithful
And I've been so good
Except for drinking
But he new that I would
I'm gonna leave this place better
Than the way I found it was
And Jesus gonna be here
Be here soon

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Waits, Tom Jesus Gonna Be Here Comments
  1. Milivoj Peric

    Going out west

  2. Jameson Brathwaite

    What's up with Tom and the moon?

  3. 51MontyPython

    I can't believe this is literally Tom singing! He's emulated the southern black blues singer perfectly, with every nuance down pat, in a fashion like nothing short of a savant.

  4. gunnar þ björnsson

    His broðer is her Davit,Jesus was

  5. Socrates Artemis

    Well, jesus gonna be here
    he gonna be here soon (yeah)
    he's gonna cover us up with leaves
    with a blanket from the moon (yeah)
    with a promise and a vow
    and a lullaby for my brow
    well, jesus gonna be here
    gonna be here soon
    Well i'm just gonna do nothing and wait here
    i don't have to shout
    i've got no reason
    and i've got no doubt
    i'm gonna get myself unfurled
    from this mortal coiled up world
    jesus gonna be here
    gonna be here soon
    I got to keep my eyes, to keep em wide open
    so i can see my lord
    i'm gonna watch the horizon.
    for a brand new ford
    well I can hear him rolling on down the lane
    i said hallowed be thy name
    'cause jesus gonna be
    gonna be here soon
    Well i've got to keep myself, i've keep myself faithful
    and you know that i've been so good
    except for drinking
    but he knew that i would
    when i'm gonna leave this place better
    than the way i found that it was
    and jesus gonna be here
    he be here soon


    *Hollywood be thy name

  6. Beth Bertline

    I love this song

  7. Matthew Smith

    Christ almighty! Bunch of whining little bitches. You can't be happy with anything can you? It doesn't matter how we all got here. All that matters is that we are fucking here, which would make Tom happy if he were still with us today. At least we've got a media platform such as You Tube. If you don't like it, then go back to 1993. God damn.

  8. WolfMan602

    I played this to my Mum one day 20 years ago and asked her she thought was singing it. To this day, she’s still guessing!

  9. Paul Edwards

    Tom has one of the most emotional , expressive singing voices out there. His lyrics, topics he writes about in his songs are astounding. A real asset to humanity.

  10. Kevin White

    This song just rocks my soul. Amen Amen Amen

  11. Jason Good

    I heard that 😎🤘

  12. Maurice Kiely

    CANDY Panama, VIVI. Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3 - Ian Dury. Cheque it. Out.

  13. Maurice Kiely

    CANDY Panama, VIVI, VIVI, CANDY Panama, Contact. Fcebook. mojique MK. Youtube vid. Kickstart.

  14. Joey J

    jeebus gone be hyah, oh yeaas

  15. Michael anglin

    Well, I've got to keep myself, got to keep myself faithful
    And you know that I've been so good
    Except for drinking
    But he knew that I would, yeah
    And when I'm gonna leave this place better
    Than the way I found that it was
    And Jesus gonna be here
    Gonna be here soon, yeah

  16. William White

    Gods away on business my favorite .

  17. TheNewVocal

    Good afternoon from Singapore! I wish you'd have a nice day =)

  18. BoosterGold

    it's true.  I am from the future.  God bless you all  Christ Jesus is the Lord

  19. Σπύρος Μαραγκός

    Άντε πιαστον!!! αγνό πρωτόλειο gospel

  20. Tom Simmo

    He is COMING and your knee will bow down.

  21. Nikola Pavlic

    Bluscina !

  22. Alex Desmall

    Hollywood be thy name


    Alex Desmall -

  23. Caleb Tifft

    Going from the ad. Soulless corporations to the complete opposite. Wonderful


    True Blood brought me here.

  25. Marvin Harrison Smith II

    1:12 Black John Carradine


    Marvin Harrison Smith II
    Haha I see it. Half of the people listening to this probably don't know who Carradine is though.

  26. jhenysxwjx


    Ryan Smith

    jhenysxwjx What?

  27. Jovan Blom

    My favorite Tom song - never get tired of it.

    Jovan Blom

    Even the cough at the end just makes it.

  28. Sam J. Khalaf

    great video, I need.to.initiate u

  29. Brad Cowan

    'Hollywood be thy name'... brilliant

  30. 3006khz

    Awesome video. Well done

  31. RastaSaiyaman

    I remember this song on hit radio on a program where the DeeJays could play their personal favorite tunes and I went "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, SO AWESOME!"

    Bought "Bone machine" soon after and never regretted doing so.

  32. aaron

    Every street corner should have a scruffy man with a guitar singing this song. Every mall/walmart should have about five of them walking around aimlessly with there guitars and blown out voices... There should be a line of them at the door of every fast food joint, taking turns getting kicked out.... Every public restroom with more than one toilet should have a stall occupied by a man pooping while playing/singing this.... And they should sing it in church between Black Sabbath songs.... If I were king, I'd mandate these things and then hand over the thrown to a parrot or an emu... something along those lines...

    Matt Campbell

    what kid?

    Nick Lester

    Lost at the bottom of the world is agood squeul

    Joey J

    I'd vote for ya if u run for king.

    Vincent Chups

    Tell them to learn 'Tabletop Joe'!

  33. jen toop

    absolutely f   in amazing     now thats an artist

  34. Torgo Saves

    That cough at the end is the best!  :D

  35. peacexisxfree

    probably my favorite waits song ever. i fucking love his lisp.

  36. Eugene Rudman

    Tom Waits brought me here, ages before 'True Bluch' started doing the rounds.
    Hollywood be thy name.... lol


    Eugene Rudman -

  37. Molly Taylor

    Stunning voice

    fabiola rodriguez

    Bjørn Åsmund Vaa exactly

  38. Karyn Paul

    Channeling his inner black spiritual self, get it TOM!  Hell yes!

    Kevin White

    Pickin is hard work


    "True Blood" brought me here too...from Greece

  40. Scott Wallace

    Get down.  Get way down.

  41. reginald grays


    Ryan Smith

    reginald grays What?

  42. Chris Fonner

    WOW, I am so glad for the internet I would have never heard this Awesome song "Jesus Gonna be here". Tom Waits is Amazing Artist.

  43. 90bloke22

    This is gonna be played on True Blood, right?

  44. iknowrosey

    Love it.

  45. scoby kenobi

    Great sounds. Great vid. The bad ol' times with the new.

  46. Stephen Dedalus

    I just love the fact that it kinda seems like it was recorded in basement or smth!

    Bardamu Vidal Olmos

    Nice name... It was recorded in the old cement hatchery rooms of the cellar of the studio...

  47. whatthemeh

    I've heard that one before. I'm not sure that's what he was getting at, that's far too round about.

  48. imconfusio

    it actually does if you know your facts, heath ledger used tom waits as inspiration for his role as the joker in the movie the dark knight

    not that i agree with him

  49. whatthemeh

    You're comment makes no sense. Not sure you need to hear that but just in case.

  50. Zorongo Lugosi

    cof cof... Nice.