Waits, Tom - A Little Rain Lyrics

The Ice Man's mule is parked
Outside the bar
Where a man with missing fingers
Plays a strange guitar
And the German dwarf
Dances with the buthcer's son
And a little rain never hurt no one
And a little rain never hurt no one

They're dancing on the roof
And the ceiling's coming down
I sleep with my shovel and my leather gloves
A little trouble makes it wurth the going
And a little rain never hurt no one

The world is round
And so I'll go around
You must risk something that matters
My hands are strong
I'll take any man here
If it's worth the going
It's worth the ride

She was 15 years old
And never seen the ocean
She climbed into a van
With a vagabond
And the last thing she said
Was, "I love you mom."

And a little rain
Never hurt no one
And a little rain
Never hurt no one

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Waits, Tom A Little Rain Comments
  1. Dirty Cracker

    He should sing Christmas music

  2. Mercy Howls

    oh yeah

  3. ekimshield

    The guitarist with missing fingers must be Django Reinhardt?

    gordon brown

    I'd guess so. Hot Club of Paris, late '30's judging by his time frame and the "German dwarf dances with the butcher's son" line which seems to reference Hitler, Mussolini, and the air of encroaching, inevitable fascism brewing in that direction simultaneously. Maybe I'm reading too much into it,. :)

  4. Sessiz güç

    Kemal Sayar 💙

  5. Evan Tapper

    Most heartachingly beautiful as only Mr Waits can do.

  6. Aahren Browne

    Y'all love Tom Waits hey, check out Australian singer songwriter. "William C. Black"
    His album Booze, Blues and Suicide.

  7. Robert Kim

    I love you Mom.

  8. Ricardo Macedo

    uma Obra Prima

  9. e-male Bakabana

    Got it first as an illegal copy on cassette on some market in Bangkok, so beautiful this is.........!

  10. morrigan the cat

    Tomorrow I'll fail my exam, but I don't even care. Tonight is one of those melancholic nights, where you just think, remember and feel too much.
    The wind is blowing hard outside and the stars hide behind the dark clouds.
    Accepting this kinda of reality is freaking me out, but, thanks to music like this, we survive and arise in pain.
    Thank you, Tom.

    Anthony DiPasquale

    Did you fail it

  11. Alejandra Tabach

    Wherever you are, I love you Tom Waits.

  12. KJ FURY

    Art is not about social exceptence it's a reflection of true life very rarely on key or visually beautiful

  13. Garrett Lewis

    This proves that you don't have to be good looking or a good singer to make good music... Tom isn't a bad singer, but it's not the typical.


    I didn't know he was a bad looking guy either. Huh.



  14. Elias Powell

    You don't know music unless you know Tom Waits

  15. jmr39

    The may curse

  16. Mary Scott

    Love this.  And just about everything else he sings.

  17. sidDkid87

    Wow! Only 376 views (I guess that makes me 377), 5 likes (I'm # 6) AND I have the FIRST comment on one of my fave Tom Waits tunes! : )

    William Ludwick

    very very sad. people are missing out


    @William Ludwick Pity them, William, pity them.