Waite, John - Godhead Lyrics

No Krishna, Buddha, Jesus in my soul
'Til the sun breaks through again
Down into nothing as I lose myself
In the perfections of Zen
She said: I got the answer
I said: I'm curious, can you write that down my friend
It said there's nothing in the real world
So why should we pretend zero?

We got nothing
We got everything

I took a page out of Unpunished
And I flew a paper plane
But there is nothing in the real world
But the cool, cool, cool of soul
And I've got nothing in my pockets
But lose change and gold zero!

And I'm trying to get somewhere
In a room with glow
The church mice are singing now
What John Lee Hooker knows

We got nothing
We got everything

I'm falling backwards in her mirrored room
In her mirrored room tonight
She looks so good
And I feel fine
As she says we might make it to Godhead

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Waite, John Godhead Comments
  1. Isaiah Chong

    I've been missing my Lindsay Meadows(25)

  2. Suzanne Young

    I love you my Aaron 💕😰From your apple

  3. 陳喝水水 :p


  4. ronny Clifton

    That's a heartbreaking write to Rachel Powell's

  5. Znaeco 156

    No seriously... I ain't missing you at all :-)

  6. limo2x

    4:3 aspect ratio we meet again....!!!

  7. Lucian Ionescu

    I miss old times ......... i miss the girl of my life

  8. Laila Sīle


  9. carly grayson

    Damn, I miss MTV in the 80s. When it really was music television.

  10. WeZo007 Chistofferson

    Will music ever be this good again? 😔

  11. rollercoaster478

    He is totally missing her :D

  12. Dirt Racing

    I aint missing you at all since you been gone away

  13. Filojogando Br

    Coloquei essa música pra escutar com ela, mas ela ficou com vergonha de mim. :(

  14. Sarah George

    I do miss you😘

  15. sophie J

    Still loving you John. in January 2020

  16. Loimar Inacio Aliati

    como acho você neste mundo gigante, loira....

  17. ErikTop TV

    Gta vice city music la classice ❤❤❤

  18. homerit

    Damn its hard to Be in relationship where i see my love only 1 Day for a week .i miss her every Day

  19. Rob P.R. Cap

    I listen to this and Tina Turner's version. I would rate one over the other, they are two very different performances to appreciate.

  20. william Aggrey-Orleans

    Millennials don't know what a telegraph is ??

  21. CasualHeadshotPro

    Rolling down ontario corridor backroads blasting this song with the windows down

  22. sarah jones

    John waite British Born singer.

  23. clemente albiceleste

    always thought it was a woman singing

  24. U Gar

    80's, what a wonderful years. I missed them.


    Eh caro Marco è sabato sera se ti manco puoi sempre passarmi a prendere con la tua bellissima BMW serie uno chi se ne frega se i miei genitori guardando dalla finestra sono così affezionato a te che stasera farei fuoco e fiamme insieme a te nella tua camera da letto ma anche se non volessi fare sesso con me potremmo andare a prenderci una cioccolata calda con la panna e tanti dolci al diavolo la dieta per il reflusso

  26. clody lyonese


  27. Hfz. Rog

    Thanks Warm Bodies !

  28. SJ Custom Art

    Very good song

  29. Adan Arceo

    People say that one of the good things to get old is that you don't cry easily, wrong, I'm crying for the 80's.....

  30. Derek Emrie

    Big hit in August/September 1984, I was in USN basic training, Orlando, Fl. When we'd field day the barracks we'd get to have a radio playing, and this song was on all every time. All the guys with sweeties back home would sing along, I had not sweetie back home just mom and pop and my sisters, but you can miss anyone, but obviously this song was written about a romantic relationship. Wow, thirty five years ago!

  31. Hayden Wittig

    When music was story telling interrupted by a throbbing bass line, a guitar riff, synthesizers creating atmosphere the perfect mix that was the 80s style.

  32. El Chamuco

    Grace Loayza <3

  33. astralplainer

    In the canon of heartbreaks, wrong decisions and missed opportunities each and every one of us is asking what life would be like with the 'other' one? "I ain't missing you at all". Yeah...right.

  34. Corne Swart

    98.3 Emotion. Thanks GTA Vice City!👍

  35. Dominic Donato

    May this song live on for eternity

  36. Ednel Almoradie

    The girl knocked at his door tsk tsk love this song....

  37. Franco Fateoni Loli Bocanegra

    Buenisima la cancion muy buena!!

  38. Chris Bennett

    Yep still sounds great

  39. Frances Snyder


    Every time I think of you
    I always catch my breath
    And I'm still standing here
    And you're miles away
    And I'm wondering why you left
    And there's a storm that's raging
    Through my frozen heart tonight
    I hear your name in certain circles
    And it always makes me smile
    I spend my time
    Thinking about you
    And it's almost driving me wild
    And that's my heart that's breaking
    Down this long distance line tonight
    I ain't missing you at all
    Since you've been gone away
    I ain't missing you
    No matter
    What my friends say
    There's a message in the wild
    And I'm sending you this signal tonight
    You don't know how desperate I've become
    And it looks like I'm losing this fight
    In your world I have no meaning
    Though I'm trying hard to understand
    And it's my heart that's breaking
    Down this long distance line tonight
    But I ain't missing you at all
    Since you've been gone away
    I ain't missing you
    No matter what I might say
    And there's a message that I'm sending out
    Like a telegraph to your soul
    And if I can't bridge this distance
    Stop this heartbreak overload
    'Cause I ain't missing you at all
    Since you've been gone away
    I ain't missing you
    No matter what I might say
    I ain't missing you (I ain't missing you)
    No way
    Since you've been gone away (I can lie to myself these days)
    I ain't missing you
    And there's a storm that's raging
    Through my frozen heart tonight
    And I ain't missing you at all
    Since you've been gone away
    I ain't missing you
    No matter what my friends say
    I ain't missing you
    I ain't missing you (I can lie to myself these days)
    I ain't missing you at all, I ain't missing you (No way, baby)
    No matter what my friends say (I'm doing fine here)
    And I ain't missing you at all
    I ain't missing you
    I keep lying to myself every time I think of you
    I'm okay
    I'm doing fine here from day to day
    I ain't missing you
    I can lie to myself

  40. Natalie Dorvil

    Heard this growing up in vice city in Florida.❤️❤️He looks like Corey hart

  41. KG2018

    I was 11 when this came out and addicted to MTV. It was all music then and music news at the end of a hour. MTV played the hell out of this.

  42. Carl Henry

    this song hits hard

  43. Brad Schutt

    Gta vice city brought me here

  44. Mario Green

    This song takes me so many different places as a youngster when i was innocent and didn't really know what real world or life was like.What a great song.


    Brilliant! love John Waite's voice and this song

  46. christian lux

    I strongly agree! This song and i, have come long way ago!

  47. Eva

    1:40 - 1:50 makes me laugh every time

  48. Roger Hockemier

    Damn we were so young I miss those days so bad! Salt lake Ut 80s best times of my life ! Hot women lots of good times I just want to go back in time

  49. Melissa Ruvalcaba


  50. brenda gnias



    Si Marco anche tu mi manchi ogni volta che vedo una BMW mi torni in mente ma siamo troppo diversi per fidanzarci ti voglio comunque molto bene d'amico grazie ancora per la cena e per la tua compagnia in quei due giorni

  52. Ribai Mitsu

    Alguien en 1993

  53. Billie Rice


  54. Norbert Vidar Ramberg

    So that wasn`t Sting? Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!

  55. Gwendolyn Gemeniano


  56. mike plautz

    Saw him fill in for Robin Zander with Cheap Trick years ago.

  57. mizz spooky Lette love

    I love this song alot 😁💕

  58. hemelinger77

    "And there's a heart that's breaking
    Down this long distance line tonight"
    are probably the most memorable and emotional song lines in my life.
    When I was in my early twenties in 2001, I moved to the US for studying two semesters and left my first long-term relationship back in Europe. I could feel in our phone calls that her love for me was fading away, while I just grew into missing her more and more.
    I was driving in my car, when I heard this song. I was listening to the lyrics and while he isn´t singing about the same situation, for me it was close enough and it just cut right into my heart.
    I got so emotional, I had to turn the radio off. But these two lines were itched into my brain and the words always made it back into my conscience like a mantra.
    After she really broke up with me over the phone, I couldn´t listen to this song for a long time without starting to cry, because my heart had been broken down that long distance line.
    I haven´t been able to enjoy this song for years, because I haven´t been able to unlink the emotions of the break-up from this song. Don´t know, if I have today. This song still deeply moves me.

    For me, a musical masterpiece, because it captures the pain of a one-sided break-up in such a graphical and relatable way.
    I hope people will keep listening to this song.

  59. themystic milf85

    I miss you everyday 😓

  60. Jeff Rexill

    2020 and I'm still listening to this.❤️

  61. Mysterious Phantom

    I won't be missin you, diabetes, when I'm cured. Not at all!

  62. Monica Palopoli

    jhon wate me encanta

  63. Cherryline Viloria

    turn back the hands of time.. Yes, the loss of a person makes me missing him so much... hoping for your happiness

  64. Memory Warrior

    "You don't know how desperate I've become" as he looks unfavorably towards the girl with the above average BMI

    lol.. I don't think this video would pass the PC checks today.

  65. Gabriel Gala

    Every generation has his music!!! That's for sure and there's no doubt.. But... The 80'music is the BEST and with the most hits that will be listen for 200 years from now.. The music now, is just noise, but who knows maybe im too old:)))
    The veterans knows what im saying.. :)

  66. Jessica Stringer

    I think one of the single most hardest thing a person can go through is to mourn the loss of someone who is not dead .... I ain't missing you , I ain't missing you.....
    Always will and forever love you 💔💔

    Mario Green

    That is very true .I really never thought about it like that but in a since you are mourning cause what you had with that person has passed away and will never be 😪

    Jessica Stringer

    @Mario Green that's very true..

    Joey Puchalla

    Yeah but you're giving that person way too much power in admiting and accepting That.how about, i ain't missing you at all!

    dean brooks

    Cuz he's with me da

    Dakota Rey

    Jessica Stringer Well said and so true. Could be an ex-lover or friend. The feeling of what was can linger on for long. If that person is still around you get confronted of him/her on and off

  67. GOSUmartialarts

    Classic song.

  68. Mark Cossman

    One of my favorite songs of the 80s. He was amazing with The Babys in the 70s, solo in the 80s & Bad English in the 90s. Priceless!!! Change is another great hit by him!

  69. Duececoupe

    Still enjoy this one and many others from the 80's, what a wild decade! 🤘🏻✊🏻🍻

  70. Akshay Chaturvedi

    thank you GTA vice for masterpiece song

  71. Ridikuluzt

    One of my favorite songs of all-time!

  72. Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    Like another fact is exactly that 1983-1984 I was threatened with nuclear war by russia and china to make George Michael ever date that asian mug he put in "I want your sex" 1987 video as model despite video itself is basically plagiatory. Like calling an sian mug with a jaw dripping out of mouth that was too much STRETCHED as for me

  73. Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    Video with a semiasian person is obviously STRETCHED for a simple reason female behavior represented is not natural to asian minimalistic culture in fact. Like especially an idea of such female maximallist reactions is exactly mine of Simons being natural maximalist

  74. Vengeful 360

    This is my jam

  75. Fozzter X

    Podría escucharla un millón de veces y no me aburriría

  76. Miguel Martins

    A cultura e invendável da natureza

  77. Luz Costales

    Omg, he's so hot 🔥

  78. Ace Brogden

    Still lovin this in 2020

  79. elsie G

    But iam missing you

  80. Carmen Reyes


  81. Mirella Camacho

    2020 😍

  82. Alex Mendoza

    Sure wish I can turn back time to 80's when this song was playing i was a Junior in high school

    sally archer

    Alex Mendoza yes it's gorgeous

  83. Kenneth Opoku

    John Waite missing you - 21 million views

    Lil nas and billy Cyrus - old town road 416 million views

    So sad 😭

    the beast

    There is no such thing as YouTube in the 80s

    Kenneth Opoku

    the beast so what new school music kinda sucks

  84. maritza ramos

    this song played in the background of a scene in the selena movie.. selena and chris forever❤️

  85. Anu Abeyratne

    Old is gold. Still superb

  86. Zell Hunt

    I love this song has a meaning to it i ant missin u at all so go ur way

    Bigg Drew

    But he actually says that he's lying to himself at the end of the song.......so he actually does love her and he doesnt want her to go anywhere.

  87. Sylvia Cantu

    I love you more ever

  88. Patton Was Right

    wow to this day i never knew this was a male singer


    Yeah, bit of a high voice. Found a video on YouTube of him performing the song w/ a band in 2011 (singing and playing rhythm guitar). Still looks good. Still sings it in the same key!

  89. ErikTop TV

    Really nice song in GTA vice city 👌👌👌

  90. Bigg Drew

    This is right up there with 10cc's "I'm Not In Love". The denial of being in love is so strong, only to later on say "I can lie to myself". Word play at its finest. This is what music is about and how it's meant to be written.

  91. Neal McEneaney

    To every girl....don’t flatter yourself. It ain’t about you.

  92. sebastien da lama

    2020 , missing you 80s

  93. Ananta Wicaksono

    2 0 2 0 ?