Waite, John - Downtown Lyrics

I wait for sundown on the fire escape
And watch the passing cars downstairs
I'm high above Korean groceries
A sublet castle in the air
It's down to cigarettes and rosaries
Christ, I wish someone would call me
Johnny Thunders on the radio
Ah but "you can't put your arms
Around a memory"
Maybe I could find a better way
But all I need is to feel connected now
Do you remember me
I sang that song you like
I sang that song for free
Now someone else sounds like me
As I make my way downtown
Oh yeah
See the old men on the Bowery
Take the night train to the stars
You can find me in the usual place
Inside the Temple Bar
I hear that Sally's got a gift for me
I hear she found it on St. Mark's
These days they all just talk like poetry
And shoot their mouths off shooting sparks
Maybe I could find a better way
But all I need now is to feel connected
Do you remember me
I sang that song you like
Way back in eighty-three
Number one
High as a kite
As I made my way downtown
Oh yeah
They've got paper cups for charity
Kools, pills and broken teeth, and dope
But I'll take another dry martini
And a chance on hope
And now someone else waits for me
And I got to get downtown
Oh yeah
I'm going way downtown
Oh yeah
I'm gonna see the man
I'm going way downtown
See the man
Going down yeah
I'm gonna see the man
Going downtown
Do you remember me

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Waite, John Downtown Comments
  1. Kimmy Friedman

    I truly love John Waite both as a singer and as a person! I have met him in person 3 times so far and he is one of the most wonderful men I have ever met.

  2. Frankie Tatcanbearrange

    Man this is his best ballad, excellent!

  3. Tony M

    I saw John Waite last Saturday 11-2-19 in Rhode island. The crowd was small but that didn't deter him. He and his band played like their was 10,000 people there. Great Show! It was a fun night. Thank you Mr Waite.

  4. Joseph Scatton sr

    Ri do if anybody had a heart we loved it we grew up on u our idol's

  5. Joseph Scatton sr

    And ur so real good

  6. Joseph Scatton sr

    Ur amazing answering missing u god bless u keep going fantastic

  7. Joseph Scatton sr

    Songs that should be on the radio u can write ur fantastic

  8. Joseph Scatton sr

    That's a song love u john keep writing

  9. dosanchoas

    PRIMO!!! crooner right up there w/likes of Sinatra!

  10. Babyof66


  11. Blue Herron

    Hot damn I got a gift for John waite.

  12. Andrea Watson

    Love it

  13. Fabrice Grard

    THE voice !

  14. Rose Petal

    I love this song!

  15. shep


  16. Rose M

    Love, Love, Love...

  17. Brandon V

    Class A.

  18. Nan Van Overbeek

    I finally got to hear John sing live last Thursday and I had never heard this song before that night. It touched me so and I knew where it came from and its now my favorite of his. I was a huge Babys fan in the 70s but life and other music comes into your life and you leave things behind. But no John, no one else sounds like you and no one will ever take your place. I'm back on my feet and hearing you again.


    Thanks; your name sounds Dutch

  19. Jenifer Farid

    I saw John Waite in Atlanta 1978 with the Babys the voice is still smooth as an expensive whiskey leather chair and a good rich cigar! If he comes to Atlanta again I'm there!

  20. tonfan

    A true talent and a gifted songwriter....

  21. I'm Anna and Blessed Beyond Measure


  22. Brian Lehman

    One quick story I'd like to share.. Back in the 90s, John Waite was with Bad English... The band played a gig in the Lehigh Valley at the Airport Music Hall... My wife and I were there, along with my sister.. We worked our way up near the stage, and the band started doing a couple of old Babys tunes... Well, the crowd was going completely bonkers, and next thing I know, John Waite reaches out his hand and pulls my wife and my sister up on stage! My sister just stood in front of the Marshall amps taking in the bass, but there was my wife - dancing with John Waite on stage - while he sang "Isn't It Time"... After the song, John gave hugs and helped them back down into the crowd... It was an amazing moment - one I will never forget... John Waite is an amazing singer and songwriter.. But more importantly, he is a gentleman who truly appreciates and loves his fans... God Bless...

  23. Brian Lehman

    I have every single CD John Waite ever released, including his stints with the Babys and Bad English... While I love his work with collaborators, I think his solo albums are much deeper and more personal.. From Missing You, to These Times Are Hard For Lovers, to Downtown, to When You Were Mine, to How Did I Get By Without You, to Rough and Tumble, John Waite has consistently given his fans amazing music with lyrics that grip one's soul with heartbreak, but also the hope and promise of a new day... Bittersweet, yet beautiful... It is impossible for any John Waite fan to pick a favorite song by him - they are all so damned fine! But if I had to pick a "favorite among favorites", I would probably choose Figure In A Landscape, from the album with the same name.. That song - the lyrics - "It's a portrait of a broken man, and the colors always run" - break my heart every time I hear them... I'd like to finish up by saying that John Waite is an amazing talent, and to give him my deepest thanks for so many years of incredible music.. And by wishing John the very best in the future - that voice is still amazing beyond words, and I think it is safe to say that we will be enjoying new music from John Waite in the days to come.... Peace, and God Bless!

    Nan Van Overbeek

    He's an exquisite talent


    @Brian Lehman, My favorite also. But, although "Figure In A Landscape" is repeated in song, and lyrics you're pertaining to. The song is actually called "Masterpiece Of Loneliness" my friend. Also a close 2nd. for me. "Welcome to Paradise" & "The Choice" off of Mask of Smiles. John is one of the best writers,poets of are time to me. +++Peace, & Rock n' Roll Bro!+++

  24. Brian Lehman

    From the amazing Temple Bar album!!!! EPIC live acoustic performance!!! Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  25. Cinnamon Swirl

    Still great as ever! Love you John!

  26. Jesslyn Stegman

    Thanks, John’s a wonderful story telling with his incomparable voice. Flawless!!


    thanks for being on every song from John !!

    Jesslyn Stegman

    johnwaiteisgreat , believe me it’s my pleasure, just wish he’d come close enough to me so I could see him live