Wainwright, Rufus - Zebulon Lyrics

Where ya been, Zebulon?
What you doing in this song?
Skating on the ice of song
About to go under

My mother's in the hospital
My sister's at the opera
I'm in love but let's not talk about it
There's so much to tell ya

I believe in freedom
Freedom's apparently all I need
But who's ever been free in this world?
Who has never had to bleed in this world?

All I need are your eyes
Your nose was always too big for your face
Still it made you look kinda sexy
More like someone who belongs in the human race

Where ya been, Zebulon?
Let's meet up, why not tonight?
In the lane behind the schoolyard
And we'll have some tea and ice cream

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Wainwright, Rufus Zebulon Comments
  1. tara eymundson

    U r a true artist!

  2. tara eymundson

    U r not afraid.U r telling everyone this is how i feel! This is how I am wired!

  3. Lorant Jakab

    This is still good to listen in 2019! Thank you! :)

  4. Lauren Donovan

    I would love to meet the 16 people who "disliked" this video. Seriously?

  5. Clara Rodríguez-Chaves

    Wonderful song and what a voice!!! I adore the song and Rufus!!

  6. Gabriel McLeod-Kerr

    Immensely beautiful.

  7. Madeleine Shaw

    Stunningly moving and soulful....jeeeez the goosebumps.....take me away with you.....

  8. simon bailey

    This song just found me ..Where the hell have I been all this time..
    It's just beautiful...

  9. Slava B

    fantastic song...

  10. TheScarletIbisNW


  11. Drew Layton

    No filter.

  12. Nelleke Nieuwboer

    thank you for sharing this dreamy state of consciousness which IS art, isn't it?

    Drew Layton

    Nelleke Nieuwboer Of course. All art is from the bowels of the Human psyche.

    Nelleke Nieuwboer

    or even deeper layers..because where is this human that you speak about? Like Shakespeare said: To give to 'airy nothing' a local habitation and a name...

  13. Apolinar Gómez Ortega

    Fuerza y sensibilidad. Una maravilla.

  14. AFS1959

    This is music from the depths of the soul.

  15. Poppy

    I wish that was my job 'jealous'

  16. Lucas Diaz

    empty spaces

  17. Paola Greco

    I like angels, hi angel! :))

    John Herr

    I get to see this 👼 in Boston soon!

  18. Cat à Strophes

    simply fabulous !

  19. Helen Cobham

    Works for me

  20. Patrick Oneil

    Doesn't get much better

  21. Isobel G

    He looks so emotional here... this is raw music in its finest form. A true masterpiece.

  22. Listentothisguy

    that's just the way of the world)
    check my channel this guy-someday, new music

  23. Patrick Oneil

    So beautiful its enshrined in my heart

  24. Dru Beans

    Lol you are awesome

  25. deborah elliott

    i hate to be the one to tell you but he lost his mom feb 2010

  26. mrfuzzybagels

    The fact that Justin Bieber has a video with 800 million views, while this only has 100k, is a f**king travesty.

  27. Derek Dwyer

    Put your name on it! Mohr stories =D

  28. zebulonanthony1535

    my name is zebulon


    zebulonanthony1535 my name is also zebulon

  29. Jerry Guest

    It's like you wanna run to him an just hold him. . .

  30. trevor miller

    a wrenching ballard from the heart,but all of his works are.he must find great solice in playing to himself.a true human and gentle man.

  31. Nancy Roy

    hope your mother's well heart for you!!

  32. auntienem

    Love this song

  33. Broken Glasses

    jak ksiądz w kościele...

  34. MiaSqueaky

    lovely and amazing and heartbreaking. I love it.

  35. Caitlin Humphreys

    He can make the most simple lyrics sound like the poetry of Angels.

  36. MrTopiB

    You are literally the first youtube commentator who I've seen to use the word "albeit" in his comment.
    Proud of you! <3

  37. 11SoccerGirl27

    All I need are your eyes
    Your nose was always too big for your face
    Still, it made you look kinda sexy
    More like someone who belongs in the human race
    My favorite part <3

  38. Foteini Christi

    @spartain507 I think it's a name, but maybe I'm wrong.

  39. Xnthony Keigher

    I recently watched a documentary on Rufus and his family, and it just filled me with such happiness. A rare thing. He reminds me of a sort of male Kate Bush especially with the whole family influence etc.

  40. Kekszolo000

    this song about my life!!!!! it's too impossible ... Rufus is my Jesus.

  41. spartain507

    what does zebulon mean?


    spartain507 zebulon is my name

  42. YouCDeeDee

    I can't watch or listen to this song without crying. Beautiful, touching, tender, heart- breaking, soul searching song.

  43. Suka917

    omg :'(

  44. Joshua Mueller

    Look'n good Rufus!! Had a crush on you since I was 15! *swoon* LOL

  45. missmisty42

    Absolutely stunning...

  46. Suzette Burr

    His talent is in having the wherewithal to concentrate one hundred percent on the music he is performing. He successfully locks out all distraction and becomes the music. Absolutely breath-taking!

  47. bluzebaby

    Hauntingly beautiful.

  48. Alessio Arena

    He's a fucking genius.

  49. Plottoberry

    ''I'm in love, but let's not talk about it.'' That is so me...
    & His FACE. I believe everything he sings.

  50. rstcs

    saw him yesterday in Groningen, Holland. The first set was All Days Are Nights, an performance of almost an hour. Incredible..
    Sometimes musicians are more than musicians. Rufus gave me one of the most exciting, touching, preformances i have ever witnessed. Pure art.

  51. Olivia Baker

    The dissonance in this song bothers me but intrigues me and I just can't stop listening to it. I love you Mr. Wainwright <3

  52. Tom van Messel

    I think he's wearing a Fostex T50RP headphone, in case anyone was wondering ;)

  53. Kaye Telle

    Blogged along w/ tour dates. Thanks!

  54. Stefan Boublil

    this video was directed by the amazing gary nadeau. look at his other stuff on vimeo!

  55. NELL-mostly10

    When he played this live in Edinburgh, I couldn't help crying, It's so beautiful and sad. <3

  56. Elizabeth lyons-beal

    I got this album the day it came out on itunes. I love this song.