Wainwright, Rufus - Sanssouci Lyrics

Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
The boys that made me lose the blues tonight, and then my eyesight
All together, playing games of cards
Gambling the tiny shards of brass, once my heart

Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
I'm lookin' through the window from the garden
Waitin' for the call to my hotel room
I'm tired of writing elegies to boredom
I just want to be at Sanssouci tonight

Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?
Surely not the one that loves me truly, only
He's probably down at the stables, there
Gently polishing my cabriolet, only
I don't care, I really want to go

So I'm opening the door wide to the ballroom
Callin' up some dude from my hotel room
I'm tired of writing elegies in general
I just want to be at Sanssouci tonight
Tonight, tonight...

The candles seem to all have been blown out
Cupid's wings have cobweb rings and no one's about
Could it be I came to the wrong place?
But I swear I saw them climb the stairs, that sweet mystery
Who will be at Sanssouci tonight?

It's only when you're outside that you notice
Only from the window you can see them
Once the door is open, all will vanish
Ain't nobody at Sanssouci tonight
Tonight, tonight

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Wainwright, Rufus Sanssouci Comments
  1. Quattuordecillion

    From the silver cloche hat of mirth
    made of simple gathered brains
    quietly drank the falling rain
    once alive, now dessert
    the maggot's bite it did assert

    liquid whispers
    breath to bone

    The flapper bird hath nested stone
    now, crawling chaos, whose stars appear
    to mince and mime without any fear
    amidst this golden age of spectacle's prop
    the silent faces still dare to haunt

  2. Greg Medina

    His finest moment ever...OMG...I can listen to this all day...it is hypnotic...and so darkly triumphant....WOW!
    Music set to poetry...NO ONE does this...NO ONE!

  3. Steven Ruiz

    I feel bad for people that have never heard Rufus' music.

    Greg Medina

    First time I heard his music I was walking past a store in a pedestrian mall and this was playing very quietly over the P/A system...I stopped! And went into the store and asked what was the music playing and the salesman went into the back of the store and came back with the CD...I took a picture of it and went hunting for it and bought it immediately...I can't believe he is virtually unknown in the US...he is HUGE in Europe and Puerto Rico...more evolved tastes in music...I guess....

  4. Douglas Jacobs

    I really like this piece. Rufus sounds so beautifully blase

  5. Claudine Souchon

    Oh que c'est joli


    sur le net, sanssouci était l'ancien palais d'été du roi de Prusse Frédéric II... Maybe...

  7. Dr Drumbeat

    I have no idea what this song is about .. but it's lovely :) xxx

    Douglas Jacobs

    This song makes reference to crystal meth, 'the boys who helped me lose the blues and then my eyesight' Crystal meth caused him to lose his sight temporarily. Also, 'playing cards for shards of glass' which is what crystal looks like. Rufus is a shining example and inspiration for recoving from a horrible addiction

    Greg Medina

    Listen...When I listen to this song which is almost hypnotic for me, I think of the film "Maurice" and the images of the song and film are just seductive beyond belief...this is one of the most beautiful songs ever...the orchestration, the lyrics, the tone, the pauses...I can listen to it all day...all day!

    Dave and Helen Kirkland

    @Douglas Jacobs The lyric is "shards of brass"


    Lily Odell Thank you, Lily. I think you’ve nailed it x


    @Lily Odell It's nice to see people who actually take the time to think about what lyrics really mean. You hit the nail on the head with this one. Thanks for sharing and making it a bit clearer for me.

  8. Antonio Esposito

    this is nothing but a Masterpiece for the Ages

    Greg Medina

    spectacular...nothing short of it...spectacular...

  9. keeshond8

    One of Rufus Wainwright's very best songs which should definitely have been included on his 'Vibrate:The Best of ' CD.  Sublime singing and musical arrangement, especially around 3'20-3'50.

    John Millthorpe

    +keeshond8 And such a great theme and idea for a song!

  10. Gavin Paisley

    love the video! thanks for uploading

  11. Mary Ward

    very nice

  12. John Millthorpe

    Thank you