Wage War - Will We Ever Learn Lyrics

Face-to-face but never eye-to-eye
All this vision but we're going blind
Always running, we can never hide
From all the emptiness we feel inside

We let emotion get away from us
But feeling nothing could be dangerous
Fighting wars just to settle bitter blood
Built to fall just like the setting sun

Death walks among us
His sword hangs above us
We want to be loved but
Love doesn't want us

We hate what we don't know
Refusing to let go
We let it burn, we let it burn
Oh, will we ever learn?

There's a prison we can never see
We've built the walls that keep us out of reach
If we could see the problem starts with "Me"
(We'd see a world we thought could never be)

Death walks among us
His sword hangs above us
We want to be loved but
Love doesn't want us

We hate what we don't know
Refusing to let go
We let it burn, we let it burn
Oh, will we ever learn?

Can you see it now?
Do you feel it now?
Can you see it now?
Do you feel it now?

Do you feel it now?
Will we ever learn?

Death walks among us
His sword hangs above us
We want to be loved but
Love doesn't want us

We hate what we don't know
Refusing to let go
We let it burn, we let it burn
Oh, will we ever learn?

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Wage War Will We Ever Learn Comments
  1. Elijah [REDACTED]

    3:02 on is the best part.

  2. Dat Super Weeb

    New favourite song acquired

  3. Abdallah Hassoune


  4. Johanna Stock


  5. Kyle Broflofski

    This album literally helped push me to get over this lifelong battle I’ve fought.

    Mike Asphyx

    @DARKSTRAND Official get lost loser your pussy stinks

    Gabe Luzynski

    all of there songs have bud, i feel you. keep pushing

  6. atra7xroxs

    it is a bit frustrating with this song. because you hear the potential with underlying heavy vocals/guitar riffs. which if they used that as the main focus (not a light background) throughout the song, this would be a song worthy of being on deadweight. it has so much potential.

    Joni Puotinen

    Agreed. This is still one of the best songs on the album with Who i am and Low imo


    But i feel that they really focused on the emotional aspect of this song. Its not about being heavy, its about feeling something. I love there heavy stuff but it made me so happy to just hear something that truly made me feel.

  7. Рональд Секвейра

    Just how? How after two banger album you have done such an weak and generic album? 0/10

  8. Daniel Everett

    To be fair, there is so much good new music out there that one arguably weak album shouldn't get people so worked up. If it doesn't get listened to, they'll go back to what they started with, so if you don't like it, don't listen to it.

  9. Fabulous Killjoy

    This one’s actually pretty good, tbh. I like it, anyway

  10. Marco Gomar

    This is hot dudes hahaha

  11. B!gG


  12. BaldyandtheOaf

    3:09 Architects is that you?

    DARKSTRAND Official

    Not the first time they ripped off hard in this album

    Brian Tien

    @DARKSTRAND Official A Match made in Doomsday? (Low)

    Mike Asphyx

    @DARKSTRAND Official nope not at all fag

  13. Joey Bingham

    This is my personal favorite song on the great album. The emotional introspection in the verses is captured immensely and then the powerful chorus hits so hard. I cant get enough of that guitar work during the chorus and then the classic WW breakdown at the end.

  14. Ali Daraiseh

    October 4th in Chicago!!! Cant wait to see yall


    Just saw them in Charlotte at their first show of the tour. They're bringing it HARD this year. I saw them in May prior, and i have to say they absolutely blew themselves out of the water. 🤟🤟

  15. Ricky Smart

    Imo this album is interesting. I wouldnt say i feel dissapointed but Im also not amazed. I enjoy the exploration of new sounds they are encorporating into their music but it may need some getting used to from me. If i had to pick some favs they probably are who i am, low, hurt, fury and Will we ever learn. Again this isnt a bad album imho like a lot of peepz are saying but it definetely isnt better then deadweight. Id say this is a solid 6/7 imho.

  16. ByCIMN

    1:21 In Hearts Wake vibes, but I love it! A master piece of album, keep rock on 🤘🏽

  17. Dariø GR

    *At least this is not so pop like the other songs.. And have a really good chorus*

  18. Jake LaFontaine

    Will We Ever Learn that going soft only worked for Bring Me The Horizon and The Plot In You?

    Mark Decker

    Especially The Plot In You. Holy crap they got better after going soft lol

    Joey Bingham

    really it worked for BMTH? have you heard AMO? yea you're clueless.

    Jake LaFontaine

    @Joey BinghamIn terms of success, it worked for them. Not saying I like AMO but they are doing well as a band.

    Hotel Diablo

    'We hate what we don't know.'

    Jake LaFontaine

    @Hotel Diablo I hate when one of my favorite bands releases the most disappointing albums in years.

  19. Brett Orton

    This song and most of the others are amazing regardless of what people say

  20. Basti V

    Does anybody notice the architects influence in this song?

    Bre Lovely

    Ones and zeros fill my eyes

  21. XxPuregruntxX

    Amazing song just.....perfect

  22. Rype Video

    Best song off of the album!

  23. KINGHS P97

    Check my first Wage War cover, any kind of feedback is welcome.

  24. Jorgitoo Shadow

    Love the album. I started listening to them since their single Who I Am. 8/10 out of its lowest. Masterpiece still. Not too much screaming but there does not need to be screaming. Only talent

  25. iHoguey

    3:10 😩

  26. Alexy A

    I’m looking for briton

    Angel Tapia

    He is actually doing a good portion of the singing now 😊

  27. Theshaftline

    0:14... What... The Fuck... Was THAT!?!?!?!!?!? i like this song, i really do! but that is the worst transition they could of made im sorry but its just true, love you guys but im sorry...

  28. Roman

    Please. wage war, we need it *STRIPPED*

    KINGHS P97

    Exactly what i thought!!

  29. Boki barns

    Buen tema

  30. Swagson Martinez

    See you next year in Germany!

  31. Jason LovesABR

    At least this one isn't super predicable like the entire album.


    Joey Bingham lmao going soft isn’t unpredictable. Don’t get me wrong I like this album. I just don’t think it’s as good as the other 2.

    Fabulous Killjoy


    Fabulous Killjoy

    Domagoj Kostić It was tho haha

    Jason LovesABR

    @Fabulous Killjoy I feel like they're torn between pleasing both themselves and their fanbase as well as gaining new fans. Exactly what happened to Parkway Drive on Ire and Reverance. I give it by the next album or so and they'll say something very similar to "we outgrew metalcore."

    Royal Knight

    Who cares if it's predictable, sure the songs pattern are not what we haven't heard before but it's still good music people can still enjoy.. i really like the ambience, melody, catchy guitar riff, etc. There's so many more aspects we can appreciate and find the beauty of it. Maybe if you don't try to nitpick for once you can enjoy it too but if you think predictable music = bad music then whatever floats your boat man

  32. Until Someday

    Deadweight got me through my hardest of times and blueprints was what got me into them.... I need more of that... it helps me push through the bullshit I just hope I get more of that cuz I love this band sooo much

    Domagoj Kostić

    Then go listen to those and stop whining here. The album is released, they can't change it now.

    Until Someday

    LMAO not whining just stating my opinion about a band I love... if you have a problem about my opinion I’m not sorry... still love the band just the same

  33. tenaciousjoe24

    0:17 I thought my phone spazzed out for a second

    Matthew McKeen

    Same man! I had to replay it lol

  34. Malphite

    School is starting soon and you post song called "Will We Ever Learn". What an interesting coincidence.

  35. Stephen Kyrie

    Great song guys! Greetings from the Philippines and God Bless you all! 🇵🇭🤘😇☠🎤🎤🎸🎸🎸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    The Average Guy

    Fellow pinooooy

    Sana pumunta sila sa Pulp :(

    Stephen Kyrie

    @The Average Guy yeah i'm looking forward to see them too in Pulp SummerSlam 2020 or in the coming years maybe. 🤘

  36. YaBoiVimZ

    Dude you guys are so fucking insane. Bought the record, liked all socials, just dying for an aussie tour

  37. PaRaDaX

    My favorite one yet

  38. SuperCGamer

    Wage War is a God that was specially made from heaven

  39. Adeeb morshed nazir

    Notification squad