Wage War - The Line Lyrics

Where do we draw the line?

Closed in, learning how to cope with
The fear of knowing
That we're afraid to change

Roped in, fraying like a loose end
And still we pretend
That we can bear the weight

We're perfect on the outside
Broken on the inside
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
The skeletons that we hide
Misery in our eyes
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
We're running out of time
Where do we draw the line?

Hold in, never show emotion
Afraid to open
The truth we've locked away
It's a cycle we're repeating
But survival isn't bleeding

We're perfect on the outside
Broken on the inside
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
The skeletons that we hide
Misery in our eyes
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
We're running out of time
Where do we draw the line?

We're perfect on the outside
Broken on the inside
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
The skeletons that we hide
Misery in our eyes
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show

We're perfect on the outside
Broken on the inside
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
The skeletons that we hide
Misery in our eyes
But you don't know
'Cause we don't show
We're running out of time
It's our fate to decide
We'll draw the line

We'll draw the line

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Wage War The Line Comments
  1. Boris Cavender

    Love how he screams the "its a cycle..."part

  2. GiraffeSQUISH

    I want tabs to this but I cant find any for free...

  3. Legit Virus

    Thats one of my favorite songs from "Pressure"

  4. Within Sight

    I keep coming back to this song. It's probably my favorite on the album!

  5. Kirby Kore

    An unexpected vibe on this track but shows versatility and depth . I like it, and after all is said and done the kids have got to eat . It's clear that someone in that camp is thinking BIG PICTURE . So many of us forget that a great band is the sum of ALL of their parts .

  6. dylan parrott

    this song, low and who I am are like my top favs off this album

  7. Yirrah23

    its a young band and they must find her own style of music. the first records are more aggressive and simple. this record is more many-sided. i think they have the perfect mix on the next record. so much potential in this musicans. i love it. see you in hamburg next year

  8. Akari Grey

    This song is sooo me especially the chorus!!!

  9. MrHighway98

    So... Wagetooth or Bear War?

  10. Andreas Yiasoumi

    My ultimate band, their music has helped me through very tough times. Keep up the amazing work.


    That breakdown is frikn perfect. Great song all together

  12. Nocthurious


  13. Maxine Cloutier-Gervais

    Rip Wage War

  14. Ryan Edens


  15. Sergei Morozov

    best song

  16. Monster Lover

    My favorite

  17. Joey Edward Stock


  18. B!gG


  19. Jamie Eglington

    "We're perfect on the outside, broken on the inside"
    This hit hard

  20. Dariø GR

    *Too pop too enjoy it*

  21. NextGen Duelist

    This is my favorite off the album.

  22. Alexander McYates

    did Caleb Shomo write this song

    Alexander McYates

    @Jason LovesABR not feeling this album at all lol

    Jason LovesABR

    @Alexander McYates Me neither if you read my comments. Been jamming new Slipknot and Killswitch Engage a lot lately so I'm good.

    Alexander McYates

    Jason LovesABR mmm yes those are much better

    Roy Rogers Mcfreely

    Alexander McYates do you guys not like beartooth??

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Jason LovesABR Same.

  23. Tiago Loureiro

    What a SONG!!! Check my cover of it, FIRST posted on youtube!!


  24. Kenton Shatzer

    Liking the new sound!!

  25. Oscar

    Brutal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶🎶😍💪😎🤘💪😎🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Greg Kuzminski

    Sounds a bit 'Of Mice & Men ish


    I don't hear it. What exactly sounds like OM&M?

    Greg Kuzminski

    This song


    The lyrics and the overall layout of the song tbh

    Sascha Kunzmann

    true true

  27. SterlingIndecentMortal

    Catchy but extremely generic


    Generic.... Name one song that sounds like this. Go ahead.


    @DNMii basically godsmacks recent album, starsets discography, anything by shinedown, skillets last 3 albums, etc. The beginning guitars reminds me a bit of "Watch you Crawl" by Red. The song itself uses a generic structure, lyrics, unimpressive basic verse and a poppy electric chorus that sounds like something every other rock or metal band out there can easily create. There is nothing impressive about this song and it sounds like a generic radio rock song.

    Fabulous Killjoy

    SterlingIndecentMortal I applaud you

  28. A P

    This is probably just me but this song gives me Beartooth vibes (and not just because of the song title)

    Innocent but cursed

    Yeah I was thinking that too lmao

  29. Spidey oo

    1:58 holy ass that’s tight

  30. Seiryu

    And here I thought that Prison was my favorite in the album.
    Now This song is my favorite👍🏻🖤


    Seiryu Prison sucks

    Spencer Grady

    @JacksGaming cool opinion bro. I love Prison 😁👍

  31. Samuel Hogg

    I love this band so much.
    I haven't listened to these guys in such a long time.

  32. The Bowl Combo

    I love this album whole-heartedly. It's what they needed to do to take themselves to the next level and to be taken seriously. This album is still heavy as hell. Who I am, Prison, Ghost, Low, Fury, The Line and Take the Fight are all heavy. The difference here is each song feels like a song. There's no fillers. No generic metalcore songs. Each song has an organic vibe and a unique style that sets it apart. It's not a collection of breakdowns separated by riffs. It's a collection of actual songs that all invoke very different and unique feelings. Hats off to Wage War for taking their writing to the next level!

    Josh Barnes

    The Bowl Combo Blueprints and Deadweight have 0 filler and are 100% banger start to finish. This album is flaccid and uninspired.

    Fabulous Killjoy

    It’s mostly filler tho

    Darkseeker 111

    Josh Barnes Disagree entirely


    1000% agreed I’ve been saying the same thing

    Marc Orellana

    Be honest, this album is pretty damn generic. It's not bad, but it's definitely generic.

  33. benthunder65

    Awesome !

  34. Banana52

    Wage War is the best Metalcore band

    Change My Mind

    Chris Hansen

    Not anymore

    NRG jinjer

    @Jason LovesABR they're hardcore punk. gb

    NextGen Duelist

    In 2019, yeah they are currently the best. The older bands have fallen off.


    Banana52 ice nine kills


    Jason LovesABR wolves at the gate actually went soft, but honestly I still like their new album


    I mean it’s still heavy but I miss the hardcore days from blueprints that album was heavy and i miss the old wage war but they’re amazing either way

    Angel Tapia

    @HYPERCAR GAMING im curious on how they progress this sound. Its good but i agree it can be even better. The sound is new and different for them so i wasnt expecting them to perfect it just yet.

    Michael Zierk

    ​@HYPERCAR GAMING I 100% agree with you man. As for some of the other comments... Since when is it wrong to provide feedback, or even dislike an album? I personally don't care for this album, sue me. Bands need feedback to gauge what people like and don't like, but ultimately it should be up to them to play what they enjoy. If they lose fans in the process, so be it. At least they're doing what they love and not selling out.


    Michael Zierk yes i totally agree which is why I wrote this comment to give them feedback on this album people don’t understand what feedback means do they?


    Listen to all of you fuckers who think I’m trash talking this band I’m not there’s still way more to come and y’all just come to conclusions so lay the fuck off for once would ya?

  36. AJGvmbit

    This song is really well made, it's so damn catchy

  37. Joey m

    Not really impressed with this new album the screams are not really that good and the cleans are reptative sounds like a generic rock album

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Josh Barnes Same. I legit went back to “The River” to cleanse my ears (I didn’t even mean to make that a pun, lol)

    Fabulous Killjoy

    The Bowl Combo Dude, how are we being cruel? I’m glad he’s reading these! He might get some ideas about what they’re doing wrong and what they ought to do better.

    No, these songs aren’t the least bit complex or diverse; the song structures, the lyrics and even the breakdowns are all generic as heck, and all four songs I’ve heard sound almost exactly the same (like, I knew exactly where the song was going *the entire* time, which is something I hate in music). If bands can pull off a change well, good on them! But if they’re just going to turn into generic crap, then I’d rather they break up. That’s my take on it.

    Zombie Pro

    Fabulous Killjoy So you would rather a band who is happy with what they’re doing, and has thousands of other fans other than yourself who actually enjoy their music, simply break up. Solely for the fact that you don’t like them and they’re too “generic’ to you? That’s pretty messed up, man.

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Zombie Pro Honey, the music is just bland. It’s obvious they don’t actually care about the music anymore. If you don’t care about music, there’s no point in doing it anymore. A twelve-year-old could have written the lyrics and the structures in these songs, okay. And have you seen how many disappointed fans there are? They need to either kick it up a notch, or just hang it up. Even if they don’t do metalcore specifically anymore, they could at least put some effort into the songwriting.

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Zombie Pro Also, notice that the people calling it generic are the ones who know what they’re talking about.

  38. Blank Vic

    Auto headbang

  39. SuperCGamer

    I like this more than will we ever learn

  40. Kalo Music

    Aaaawww, finally another Wage 😊 sick as always

  41. tenaciousjoe24

    Briton with the cleans

    Mike DeNicola

    He can do em, but he does a little bit too much clean on this album for my liking.

  42. just videos


  43. Landen Drake

    Who does it better?
    No one that's who god damnit.

  44. Kyle B

    Such a great album, i love this direction and sound!