Wage War - Grave Lyrics

You're still the person I remember
Make sure they're watching so you're the center
Of attention, I start to wear thin
Your mind's the drug and you skipped the intervention

You will never change
You will never change
You will never change
(You'll take it to your grave)

You will never change
You will never change
You will never change

You're still the person I wanna see less
Your identity as deep as your flesh
You come around like it never happened
I'm the knife, you're the gun fight I'll never win

You will never change
You will never change
You will never change
(You'll take it to your grave)

You will never change
You will never change
You will never change
(You'll take it to your grave)

I've given all you can take
(Never let it go, never, ever let it go)
I've given all you can take
(You'll take it to your grave...)

Burn the pages
But you can't erase it
Burn the pages
But you can't erase it

Burn the pages
But you can't erase it
Burn the pages
But you can't erase it

I've given all you can take
(Never let it go, never, ever let it go)
I've given all you can take
(You'll take it to your grave)

You will never change
You will never change
You will never change
(You'll take it to your grave)

You will never change
You will never change
You will never change
(You'll take it to your grave)

(You'll take it to your grave)
(You'll take it to your grave)

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Wage War Grave Comments
  1. I’m a big emo baby - deal with it

    Jesus this is amazing. I fortunately stumbled upon this!

  2. Joel Johny

    Discovered this gem through Spotify!!

  3. michael chavez

    Every time I hear this song, while the chorus is being sung, all I can hear is "Go Geronimo....." at the same time. For those of u unfamiliar with that song, try to listen to it (however difficult that may be for u)! Anybody else hear the similarities? Just saying.

  4. Harley Quinn

    “ *you* will never change, you’ll take it to your grave”

  5. Howdy

    this sounds like some more mainstream stuff im surprised theres not more views

  6. Max Frazier

    On a wage war deep dive. This is different. But I still like it. Also. Front mans got some real talent.

  7. HBK FAN

    I really like the clean vocals. Good job!


    0:35 1:02 2:40

  9. Matthew Henkel

    This song is Badass and I don't care!

  10. Wrath Upon Eden

    so good

  11. Panji Prasetyo

    It kinda sounds like Imagine Dragon


    This is not comparable to Imagine Dragons. Your mom didn't raise you to be an Imagine Dragons fan.

    Panji Prasetyo

    I'm not an Imagine Dragon fans, never like them. I'm just saying this one is kinda sounds like them compare to the other Wage War song.

  12. Huntard

    This is good but i was really suprised when i saw wage war when i alt tabbed. but still good

  13. TerrVazz XXX

    Bring me the wage war

  14. Adren

    People hating but I actually quite like this song

  15. régis Heretik

    Merci! +1 abo Spotify

  16. Hoesni Hoesni

    The chorus is genius. It may not sound metal but its unique

  17. Jonathan Wittenmyer

    This song hits harder than a drunk driver 😂

  18. Connor Sonnendecker

    This aint it chief

  19. Super-Ultra

    The only metal song where that reggaeton beat really fit is strangely Babymetal's Pa Pa Ya lol

  20. noskilz04

    Sounds like BMTH

  21. The CrazY Bass Man

    Wage war has fallen off their game

  22. Max Kliegl

    Wow, first Suicide Silence now this garbage? Why did Wage War release this album?! This is not how you write a good album! Horrible production, too much autotune, emo AF lyrics and sounds more like Five Finger Death Punch than actually Wage War. This is not Wage War at all!! If you're like me, avoid the new Wage War like the plague and go to bands that actually give a shit about their music like Cattle Decapitation, Bad Omens and Killswitch Engage because this is just pop rock gone wrong. Hell, even Baby Metal and Poppy sound heavier than this shit!

    Kelli Keneddy

    Max Kliegl do you have a good song ?


    Max Kliegl

    @Kelli Keneddy Why the fuck does that even matter? I'm just saying that the new Wage War is garbage and guess what, IT IS!! People are seriously fucking stupid if this album is great! If people think this album is great, might I recommend something actually better like Sepultura, Silent Planet or Cattle Decapitation because at least they avoid shitty albums like the plague! Support those true artists and not these fake clowns who used to have decent music!

  23. Royce Allen

    Stick to metalcore. More uncleans

  24. John R. holt

    Theres too much clean vocals. Ghosts is the only good song, that's just my opinion

  25. kennedi elswick

    This is what I sing to my old friend

  26. Flávio Gomes

    I used to be a fan. why are all the metalcore bands going pop rock? its sad

  27. Crowny 40

    What happens with Wage War???

  28. Da Shrekoning

    Congratulations on how far y'all have evolved over the years. Right out the gate with blueprints and kept on running. It would be great to hear something like the river or stitch again.

  29. Devin Stairs

    Wage war didnt put out this album for its fans. This album was for them. They talk about what they are going through.

  30. Pittige Salami


  31. Joakim Birkelid

    Unpopular opinion: I think Wage War would be better without Cody's cleans. He's an amazing guitarist and songwriter, and a talented vocalist. But I just don't feel like his cleans adds anything to the songs.

  32. Hunter Bowe


  33. ShallowDepression

    You never go full Worsnop.

  34. Kelli Keneddy

    Reminds me to the song

  35. cody brabbit

    Not sure why people are surprised they changed their sound this is album number 3 I’m sure they wanted to change album 2 as well but couldn’t or didn’t think they could. This song / album isn’t bad imo at all but blue prints is still my go to for wage war. Appreciate the new music but blueprints just had something to it that sticks with me I guess 🤷‍♂️. Regardless wage war is the shit 🤘

  36. Cody W

    Can you guys just make a bad song already?? Lol

  37. Matthew Noel

    They played this acoustic for me and it was beautiful

  38. Amandie Banannie

    I don't care, I love it.

  39. Mitch Kramer

    Respect to you guys to have the balls and the courage to make the music you want. Things change, bands change, people change.......just follow your hart and make the music you feel in your soul. Again.....respect for bringen great music!

  40. C Niels

    Listening to stitches and then this after is like jerking off and then your sister walks in

  41. BANKS 909


  42. Hanno Smit

    In my opinion, Jeremy McKinnon did a fantastic job as producer on this album. He knows what's up, and so does this band.

  43. AJ Mullins

    Man the screams are simply amazing but these cleans thooo🖤 I fucking love it

  44. callmefool187

    I hated this album/song when it first released. After seeing them live last night, I have a newfound appreciation for the album. Once you get in the crowd screaming the words with them, you forget about the stupid cringy shit

  45. David Arciniega

    What’s going on with bands these days going from hella heavy and fucking good to pop sounding

  46. Red Raven

    The only real thing Ima give this song credit for is Britons's singing voice. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded a slow song kinda like Gravity with Briton leading on cleans. That honestly would've been better than this. That's saying a lot from me. These guys are my favorite.

    To sum it up, the vocals from both Cody and Briton have improved. Especially from Cody personally. I love the sound quality from the album, I'm just really disappointed. It just doesn't feel like Wage War.

  47. Joshua Juline

    Missed Wage War on Valentine's Day in STL due to work. I will not miss another opportunity to see Wage War. They inspire me so much and not a lot of bands can give me goosebumps with their music. They never disappoint or have gone soft like other metal bands have these days. Love the new album. I might buy it again and give away a copy.

  48. Kyle Barnes

    Y'all are crazy, this song is fire.

  49. oN ReMoArZe

    Anyone getting FAT Linkin Park vibes??

  50. aj.beifong

    I'm only learning this horrible song because I already bought a tickets to see them Halloween night. Yes, I'm going to sing along to it, yes, I'm going to jump up and down, no, I will not be pleased about it. Lol

  51. Smitty C2007

    These dudes saw the 💲💲 and bolted. Fucking sell outs.

  52. BrantheBroken

    Lot of metalcore bands are getting too damn poppy for my taste. And not in a good way.
    It doesn't sound _bad_ These are talented guys, but the
    new OMM record Earthandsky is better. And even better, Atonement from KSE

  53. Andrew Orr

    It's true that I will never change. I will never stop liking music that's heavy as fuck and has NO resemblance to Imagine Dragons!!

  54. Selena Hacken

    Reminds me of bedroom warfare by One Ok Rock for some reason

  55. Bayu Denta Wy

    ☝® ▶🎧👍🙏

  56. Meh

    Plenty of bands went soft and kept a solid sound to them. This band aint one of them.

  57. Villainous

    Didn’t really like this song at first and I’m a huge huge huge wage war fan. Been there from the beginning, have idk how many items of merch from them, sadly haven’t seen em live though, anyway give it a few listens and you’ll really come to love it

  58. Yaumil Putra

    If Imagine Dragons and Bring Me The Horizon had a baby..

  59. Adam Daniels

    The entire album is Wage War flexing their ability to be dynamic. This album is incredibly dynamic. It checks all the boxes.They went the only logical direction with this album; if it was uber heavy again how would it have been different than the last two?

    oh Brucey

    Exactly brother. It’s the classic damn if you, damn if you don’t. These people will NEVER be satisfied with what these guys put out, which is why WW should continue to grow and expand their sound.

    Bugs me when people say “omg what happened to these guys” when they don’t stick with the exact sound they’ve done in previous years.

  60. Post Scrolls

    I’ve listened since Blueprints and this is something.. different.. and fuck it, i love it

  61. Kyle Martineau

    It's funny that I know someone that matches the meaning of this song. Fuck that person

  62. Erdi Şahin

    I dont know why but I liked this song very much. It has a different taste in the ears

  63. Andrew Costello

    Great song and I love the album.

  64. Renzo Poblete

    People on here are such haters. New album is great.

  65. Dustin Olsen

    To all saying that they dont agree with Britons clean vocals, you will never change (in respect to a continued mindset, that can be). Thats how deep this song is, but it flys over your head. Change is always possible,even when you think its too late, dont lose hope. Im not saying by any means you will always have more chances to follow a desired path. Paths and changes are not the same to a full extent. Not everone will applaud your every move either. Changing takes time as well, persevere. One lonely piece of the puzzle never makes sense, until it comes together. People go through repeating hells to come out stronger and with knowledge to help others make it out. Opportunity isnt always equal amoung us no matter what you believe. Sometimes its being at the right place and right time, meeting the right people (some people will "troll" your situation, yes people like that exist), could be a number of things that affect your "change". Life isn't simple and even this song does not cover every aspect of what betterment is and how it comes about individually. I hope the best for those who need real support from others in their struggles.

  66. Roobs randomz z

    Every time I watch a new video of Wagewar, I get this feeling of a new euphoria i haven't felt before. A different page of the feeling sort of speak.

    You dudes are doing everything right, thanks for the inspiration.

  67. McHaazelnutz

    I think the biggest mistake in this album was to have those claps in the background in some of the songs, makes it a bit cheesy in my opinion

  68. Acoustik Rawker

    I like it. Let the haters hate. They’ll always talk shit if it ain’t the same chords, lyrics, etc.

  69. Naki Value

    Hating the direction they are going but this is a ok album nothing special tho

  70. Josh Conway

    I love this band..idc if people think tbis album is softer the their other stuff...it is down right amazing

  71. Dan Dawson

    What are the following Memphis mayfire now kinda disappointed

  72. Ivan Juarez Cruz

    pero mira ese reggaeton!!!

  73. Minecraft Steve

    Man the people in this comment section are actually fucking dumb.
    As soon as a band releases one song that sounds different, suddenly their fanbase turns against. It pisses me off how no one is ever happy, and how much people will complain.
    Please, this is a band, like "who i am" states "im not alive for your amusement"
    Let them be them, and just move along.
    You all act like kids

  74. Rockge SK Teaches

    Imagine Dragons? I thought I was listening Wage War, this song & album sucks

    Minecraft Steve

    I dont know what your problem is man, this album is pretty great

  75. Antony Ramirez

    wow great band that I have just met

  76. Acid Monroe

    Waiting for that tour with secrets and iprevail guys

    Max Kliegl

    I'm kind of waiting for them to tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown since they sound like them now.

  77. First Last

    Thank you Wage War, the change in your sound has brought me a little closer to my daughters. They don't like metal but they love the new Wage War. It gives us something to relate to. Love the new sound.

  78. Juan F Hernández

    I came escaping from that reggaeton shit from my country just to find this, i guess we can't expect metalcore bands to make metalcore anymore.


    Lol go listen to ghost, low, who I am, take the fight, fury and tell me it's not metalcore. Dumb fuck

    Jorgitoo Shadow


    august baptiste

    Estromony two or three songs on a metalcore album. Dumb fuck

  79. Sky delos santos

    Briton is the love child of Post malone and Caleb shomo

  80. Christopher Instinct

    This has a Palisades Let Down feel, just me?

  81. porco dio

    i hopee Grave is the name of the band and Wage War the name of the song

  82. andres tom

    What ??? Is a pop song ??
    Really is a reggueton Music Stuff 😖

  83. mordecai mescallado

    I don't mind having them sound like this. Kinda shows how versatile a band can be. lol

  84. Professor Choak

    Yo this shit gotta stop now

  85. Benson Spence

    No band wants to keep playing the same shit. This new sound is rad!

  86. N M

    Man such a letdown from a awesome band. Whole album is mediocre at best.


    This song sucks, sorry. You guys are selling out. This sounds like a
    Children’s song. Don’t like this direction at all. Sorry. Long time fan. But this isn’t good guys

  88. Rey Garcia

    Intro sounds a bit like Imagine Dragons

  89. Logan Reid Media

    First listen I absolutely hated this song. It's so damn repetitive. But that also made it catchy as hell and now it goes on repeat.

  90. MegadethDude2001

    How in the FUCK is Who I Am on this same album? I haven't listened to the full album yet, but this track is complete pop ass. I really hope Wage War doesn't fall down the hole of mainstream music

  91. k'NoT

    Wage Republic 😂 Choruses pretty sounds like one republic

  92. Nabeel Asim

    for the f^ck sake. stop whining people. it's a great song. and this album is great aswell. lot of the songs in the album are good. also it's just one freaking song and it's good. so stop crying.

    titty croissant

    Nabeel Asim it’s generic as fuck

  93. Smitty C2007

    Man, Wage war sold out FAST! What a shame.

  94. Dallas Wadle

    This is not the wage war I know and love. SMH. What a shame dad rock

  95. Milan J

    I like the album personally. It’s not my favourite album of the year but it’s a solid release with some great tracks. Ghost is my fav

  96. Daymien Bourrie

    If they want to go a different genre and be happy then all the power to them. I will not belittle a band for doing something they obviously felt what was right and keep them loving the art. BUT for me unfortunately this makes me super happy I saw you guys on the blueprints tour and I own both albums on vinyl. I'm not saying this is necessary a bad album but for me PERSONALLY I was not a fan. Look forward to the future no doubt and wish nothing but the best for them and lots of success. I'll be playing BP on vinyl thinking back to "the good ol days" haha

  97. Eric Scasny

    Good shit!

  98. Danny

    what happened to these guys jeez