Wage War - Ghost Lyrics

You only feel my ghost

I'm a stranger to my family
And a ghost to those I love
The further that I go it seems like the farther we become

I've been so lost in the moment
Bound by the hands of time

Let me go
Heal the cracks in my broken bones
My shadow is all you know
I'm here but it doesn't show
You only feel my ghost

This ends with what I love and what I hate
But you can't relate

Now I know I'm just a product of choices made
But I still need someone to blame

Let me go
Heal the cracks in my broken bones
My shadow is all you know
I'm here but it doesn't show
You only feel my ghost

I've been so lost in the moment
Bound by the hands of time

Let me go
My shadow is all you know

Let me go
Heal the cracks in my broken bones
My shadow is all you know
I'm here but it doesn't show

Let me go
Heal the cracks in my broken bones
My shadow is all you know
I'm here but it doesn't show
You only feel my ghost
You only feel my ghost

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Wage War Ghost Comments
  1. Brandon Gravitt

    What's so disappointing about Pressure is the simplicity of the lyrics themselves, and ironically NOT the amount of cleans in the album.

    I've lost the only man I've ever known as a father for over two decades to Parkinson's Disease. I've been in a dark place going through the grieving process, and have done and said things I don't agree with and can't take back, but Blueprints and Deadweight have been a major part in my Recovery. Songs like Southbound, My Grave Is Mine To Dig, Witness, Gravity, Twenty One, Youngblood, Deadlocked, etc, I almost felt as if Briton and Cody were speaking to me personally to pull me back from the edge. Those albums were *brutally honest* and _authentic_ . And that's something I don't feel with Pressure, save for a few songs out of the remaining filler.

  2. Dani Malakian

    everyone expects the band to make music that you like, they just want to do it because they like it, stop complaining a little and learn to appreciate art more.

  3. nick patton

    i feel so lost in the moment, bound b y the hands of time" WCAR reference here???

  4. No Hardcore Dancing In The Trap

    Say what u will about the album but this may be the best heavy Wage War song yet

  5. Connor Ramsey

    Commenters u are stupid if u don’t like the song or album don’t listen to it, for Jesus sake. Love the album it’s the best.

  6. Zhinns

    The breakdown after the guitar solo 😍😍

  7. jarret banks

    Best song on the album 🔥

  8. Samuel Bassani

    I hate to be that guy, but here is my drum cover of this song! Hope you guys like it!

  9. bard icus

    Fuck I miss the metalcore of the late 90's/early 2000's. Majority of stuff post 2010 just sounds painfully the same. Same sound, same lyrical content, EXACT same song structure, over and over and over again. It's all so clinical and boring. Of course there is the rare exception every now and then, blueprints among them but even that is different. It's a shame that most people know this kind of stuff as metalcore now. This song is alright, but disappointing that it's one of two, three at a stretch, that are OK on an entire album. Can't say I'm surprised though honestly, kind of saw it coming. Oh how the great have fallen... At least the new OMAM stuff sounds like a beacon in this never ending sea of genericness, but it's albums like this that leave me wishing for better times. It's a shame how the genre turned out. Oh well, will always have the old shit. Depressing though...

  10. The Bowl Combo

    So what I'm getting here is a lot of people should just make "breakdowns" their preferred genre of music because they can't bare to listen to a song that doesn't have a basic 000-000-1-00 in it....it's like the Emmure memes have gone full circle or something

  11. JJ Strs_12


  12. Krispy As Fk

    Sounds like something that would have been on In Hearts Wake Earthwalker album.

    Jacob Clark

    Just curious, is that a bad thing?

    Krispy As Fk

    @Jacob Clark No.

  13. Rabica444 Official

    Metalcore misfit "maybe we should do something different in this album to add spice to metalcore"
    Lead singer "get the fuck out of the band"


    shit slapssss

  15. Joey Edward Stock


  16. nash condiff

    This is the wage war we want.

  17. Ivan Barrera

    This song is amazing! I can't get over it


    0:55 - 1:25 ♡

  19. Victor Villari

    This song saved the album imo.

  20. Tashiro

    been really surprised on this one, really my fav on the album!

  21. B!gG

    Was the 666th like 🤘🤘🤘

  22. jck1794

    literally the only decent song off the album besides Low lol

    DARKSTRAND Official

    And low is a ripoff... So sad

    Mac Matheson

    @DARKSTRAND Official what's it a rip-off of? It's one of my favourites on the album for sure, but I'm pretty new to metal so dunno where it's ripped from.

    DARKSTRAND Official

    @Mac Matheson I know it's very catchy, but go listen to the song Doomsday by Architects, the Riff is unbelievably similar

    Mac Matheson

    @DARKSTRAND Official oh really? I will give it another listen, that was one of the first songs that was part of my transition to metal being my favoured genre. Surprised I didn't catch that.

    Mac Matheson

    YO! How did I not catch that? Even the intro fade in is just a pitched version of doomsday's!

    Still love the song aha, all art is just inspiration from other art, and Low is audibly different enough where I wouldn't consider it ripped off, just a borrowed riff. My wish would be the artists and producers actually crediting the blatant use of pieces of other's pieces. Especially with internet culture the way it is, it's gonna get called out either way.

  23. Joey Bingham

    the perfect blend of WW sound

  24. Tyler Cutaia

    Am I the only one getting a SECRETS vibe from this album? (I love it btw)

    Colton Sawyer

    Yes! I've been trying to figure out who this album reminded me of for two days.

    Tyler Cutaia

    @Colton Sawyer hahaha as soon as I heard these songs I just thought this is like a SECRETS 2.0. I'm loving that this band has cleans finally as I hate songs that are just full-on screaming. Everyone's saying its generic, which I get, but I love it this way!

  25. The Average Guy


    Oops, wrong song lewl

    Z-Soul 512

    The Average Guy lel

  26. Joe Ramash

    Here we go again babyyyyyyyy fuck yeah motherfuckers

  27. Rudy 101

    Only good song, this is not the wage war we fell in love with

  28. PSN: mike_dropped

    The irony being the line "but you can't relate" is what I relate to completely.

  29. Tem-sama

    I just come from hearing Hurt, Ad this is just so different xD

    Pitra Agung

    But the same feeling :')

  30. Antti Rautio

    Fucking heavy!

  31. Architects

    Goosebumps activated. Holly Molly.

  32. Architects

    1:06 thank me later

    NRG jinjer

    Thank you

  33. dylan parrott

    dat screaming intro I'm like "my own grave part II" XD lmfao din't expect that from WW

  34. Daniel Johnstone

    Sounds like Erra’s new song in the intro lol

    Jason LovesABR

    Was thinking the same exact thing.

    The Kim In The North

    @Jason LovesABR what the hell.. low sounds like architects, another song like WSS.. and this one like Erra.. what's happening?

  35. Luca HAMBLETON

    Not listened to the rest of the album already know this is the best off it.

    Ariaga II

    probably right only like 4 good songs on it


    @Ariaga II Yeah, really only enjoyed Ghost, Fury and Take The Fight. The rest honestly was dead for me.

  36. Sinister818 Soul


  37. Douglas Gomez

    The best song off the album

  38. mega man

    It just sounds like a shitty version of I prevail

  39. Andy Floki

    So much powerful than Deadweight. Great job guys for giving this DIAMOND!!!!

  40. BigStarch96

    Yall really fooled us with low. This is sellout shit. Where are the fucking breakdowns and the heavy shit that we all wanted? Guitars dont even sound down tuned. The clean bridges instead of breakdowns is wack. Good job fooling us lol.

  41. Spencer Whiteout

    Trading out breakdowns for singing bridges.... Ehh come on guys.


    cmon we had a guitar solo that shit was sick, besides there was one in the second verse

    Joey Bingham

    you're an elitist idiot

  42. KINGHS P97

    This slaps!!! Love the AILD vibes
    Check my first Wage War cover, any kind of feedback is welcome.

  43. Mateus Henrique

    Pancada d +

  44. lucastheradioman

    Favorite song on the new album... This is HEAVY, and those cleans are soo good. They better play this on their next tour, the crowd is going to be freaking insane. Love the whole album but this is one of my favorite Wage War songs now for sure! Can't wait to see them in October!!!

    Breen Siciliano

    Cody said they are

  45. darkstar100x

    I would like this, it's just, god this is so overproduced. It's too polished, has no dynamics, and the bass guitar is absolutely inaudible. The drums also sound completely computerized. Cleans sound autotuned.

    Nehemias Gonzalez

    darkstar100x you must be on crack

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Agreed. It just sounds so flat. If they had left the little imperfections in it, it would be a pretty good song.


    @Nehemias Gonzalez Kid, you must be new to this music production stuff. You see, back in my time, Metal sounded awesome. There was a grit and reverb to vocals, a prominent bass guitar volume, dynamic range, and little nuances all across the recordings. There are newer metal albums produced like this (A7X did a good job with The Stage in that regard), and there are a lot that are still produced fairly well (The newest Killswitch Engage album has good production). This by contrast, sounds overly polished, overly pitch corrected, flat, and just all around fake. I don't know at which point that those nuances I mentioned became seen as imperfections, but even so, "imperfections" make music sound human. This instead sounds like a machine devoid of a soul made it.

    oh Brucey

    darkstar100x so what’s your point? That you don’t like the way this sounds so you’re gonna talk about how it’s soulless? Loser lmao.

  46. Liam Wagner

    This song is so thrashy and I love it!! Time for a circle pit


    Liam Wagner Im seeing them next Friday! I’m so excited

  47. TheNerdySportsGuy

    This albums pretty fuckin rad lol


    As I Lay Dying took over the intro lol


    SYTHEOPATH 1 pretty much my own grave haha

    Daniel Johnstone

    WillBurhans not really lol

  49. NiiTeV2

    I’m so stoked for this song, but I feel like the album as a whole was a bit of a disappointment seeing as Wage War is my 2nd favorite band of all time. I expected more honestly but I like most of the material off of the new album

    CMajesty _

    NiiTeV2 same dude, second favorite behind a day to remember but man, songs like forget my name and the line, to me just doesn’t feel like wage war. The song themselves I enjoy but like idk... It’ll catch on to me I hope.


    I feel this. It's not bad by any means, just seems a bit weak for what Wage War is capable of.

    oh Brucey

    Chronic_Breakdown Why do people always talk about music being “weak?” Is it because it’s not the same cookie-cutter, metalcore type sound? I’m all for that shit, I’m not knocking it, but damn bro let a band make the music they want to without bashing them as “weak” or “not as good as they could be.”


    oh Brucey they mean weak as in lyrically I’m pretty sure. Most of this album is radio rock, which is the sole reason I used to come to WW. To avoid that overhyped garbage. Their lyrics back on The River, Indestructible, Stitch, Basic Hate, Johnny Cash and even Gravity were amazing, whilst here it’s as stale and dry as a communion wafer. Fury is the only song I will listen to off the album and that’s solely because it’s catchy. Sure some people do say they don’t like it because it’s not heavy enough and I see where they’re coming from. Because if you make it big off of a certain sound you’ve been practicing years to master, why do you drop that sound almost completely a few albums later? They had almost forged a lump of coal into a diamond. Not saying the won’t in the future because who knows, maybe the next album will be a banger.

    oh Brucey

    Cayde-8 first off, how do you know they’re specifically talking about lyrics? Secondly, i respect your opinion, but I’m not going to let it discourage me from listening to this album or liking it any less. I’d consider myself as much of a fan of this band as anyone else, yet I still appreciate the different style they came in with for Pressure as much as I do their previous albums.

  50. Jorgitoo Shadow

    8/10 tbh. This is such a good ass album so far from what I've listened. But some people are so toxic and just say negative things just because it isn't the desired genre. "Oh it needs more screams" "cleans are whiny" quit being so close minded and listen to other genres. You don't have to like everything. But you can't just hate something because it has no breakdowns or screams. Y'all are full of doo doo. And shit.

    David Staggs

    You're acting like their last two albums haven't been a million times harder AND better than this. And were way damn harder. Their breakdowns are one thing that made them recognizable.


    There’s a difference between being toxic and negative and knowing what we want and this is the exact opposite. Just like I stated on one of their other singles when it released, “I feel that they’re going to pull a Bullet For My Valentine.” And they did. We have come to Wage War over the last few albums because we could expect that style from them and why they were so popular. Now that every track has like one (or less) verse of screams, every pop kid is gonna come in here and be like “You need to open yourself to more genres. You need to stop being toxic and biased.” When they literally haven’t listened to any other Wage War song before this album has released. I’ve dealt with this so many other times and many other bands it’s ridiculous. Being toxic is calling it shit, which I won’t do because it’s far from that and I will never call Wage War shit because I know for a fact that they have potential. Even if it’s left untapped.

  51. Alexy A

    Nice i finaly find him

  52. Max Lamp

    I’m am a product of Grace

  53. xBoli


  54. I love Mada Channel

    It would be nice if you remove the clean vocal.It is unnecessary.

    Tobias Gerhardt

    Their music, people like them

    I love Mada Channel

    @Tobias Gerhardt I understand but the clean destroys the emotion in this song.


    @I love Mada Channel No it doesn't. Stop liking your own comments as well.


    @DNMii in some songs it is really unnecessary

  55. João Medeiros

    A solo even? Ok this is the most eclectic album possible now, it's official

    Roy Rogers Mcfreely

    Can I ask what’s wrong with a solo? I thought it was sick

    Jason LovesABR

    @Roy Rogers Mcfreely It's just randomly placed in there. Doesn't do much for the actual song itself.

    The Bowl Combo

    @Jason LovesABR it absolutely makes sense. Solos traditionally come in the bridge of a song...

    Gregory Gonzalez

    The Bowl Combo he is just talking like he knows and disagreeing to disagree

  56. Bradley Baynard

    This one, fury, low, who I am are the only really good songs. Everything else is eh

    Josh Barnes

    I didn’t even like Fury. Just Low, Ghost, and Who I Am. Don’t like the rest of the album at all. Worst Wage War album easily.

    Type -E

    @Josh Barnes Yea this is defintely not the album I expected honestly. I knew some shit was gonna be different but not like this. Blueprints still the best imo

    Bradley Baynard

    Any of y’all ever listen to them before they were wage war? They were called Empires . Pretty good, same people as now

    Type -E

    @Bradley Baynard Yea I heard them when they were Empires.

    Zack Bizri

    You have to add Prison it's a good song also but the rest are utter shit

  57. Apli

    bangsattt \m/

  58. Vicente


  59. Juraj Blahút

    AILD - My Own Grave

    Kei Synester

    Kinda disappointed with this album, most of the songs sound like a rip off of other bands

    Juraj Blahút

    @Kei Synester Agreed! AILD, WSS, Architects. It's all there.

    Dariø GR

    ... *So true,*

  60. wanderingbumb


    The Kim In The North

    @Daniel Everett I prevail did the worst this time. Bad Omens went soft too. If metal bands go soft, they can go upto rock. After that they become irrelevant to me personally. I will always appreciate a good rock album with pounding drums, crunching guitars and solid base line.

    Jason LovesABR

    @The Kim In The North Never liked I Prevail. I'm mainly worried about what's to come with ADTR and Asking Alexandria.

    The Kim In The North

    @Jason LovesABR ADTR are on fueled by ramen now.. so I don't expect anything.. their new single is cringe.. AAs new single wasn't good either..

    Fabulous Killjoy

    Jason LovesABR I’m legit so mad at ADTR rn hahaha. I was just getting into them, and they release “Degenerates”. I thought the Marshmello collab was okay for what it was, but seeing they’d signed to FBR and hearing “Degenerates” just set me off. There go another great band.


    @Fabulous Killjoy ADTR is off my radar for good man, speaking of trashhhhh

  61. Fahri Fadhil

    This new album such bangers 🔥🔥🔥. Got Beartooth, In Hearts Wake, Slaves, Asking Alexandria, and Architects vibes

    Jonny Jonny

    Fahri Fadhil You probably haven’t listened to those bands then. This song sounds like none of those.

    Fahri Fadhil

    @Jonny Jonny i'd already listen to them before, i mean just some riff/song structure that similar to them

    Fahri Fadhil

    @Jonny Jonny 2:12 just similar like In Hearts Wake's guitar riff, other bands vibes on other songs of this album

    Jonny Jonny

    Fahri Fadhil So in hearts wake is the only band to do a riff that sounds like 2:12? Chief called, he says that this ain’t it


    The only small comparison i see is in hearts wake but thats it. Those other bands sound nothing like this

  62. LINAKblack123

    best song on album, need video for this

    dvdrummer vann

    LINAKblack123 I agree man. Most powerful song off the album

    The Kim In The North

    They are getting a video for grave.. not this one .lol

    Kyle Rebman

    Fury is pretty damn good too

    Mac Matheson

    @The Kim In The North ugh grave's chorus is so weak... This one's great from start to finish.

  63. sdmfsdmfn

    Is CJ McMahon from thy art the guest vocals??


    Nick Simmons not at 27 seconds it isn’t haha

    Nick Simmons

    @sdmfsdmfn lol yeah it is

    Nick Simmons

    @sdmfsdmfn that's undeniably Briton


    Nick Simmons shennanigans

    Vicer Exciser

    Lol that low is just like a thy art
    /fit for an autopsy sound tho 😎

  64. Mammad Slipknot


  65. Stephen Kyrie

    Great song guys! Greetings from the Philippines and God Bless you all! 🇵🇭🤘😇☠🎤🎤🎸🎸🎸🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. tenaciousjoe24

    Oooh that solo

  67. PaRaDaX

    Love it.


    Sounds like as I lay dying.

    Z-Soul 512

    As I Wage War

    Brian Nunez

    These guys seem to do that , they got songs that sound like Adtr, Architects, Miss May I and so on lol 😂


    Sounds like a LOT of bands lol.

    Sava Tomic

    mmmmm no?

    Percival Ulysses

    Being as good as AILD would definitely be a compliment. Wage War are good, but not that good.

  69. Cloé Cossette Mchaffie