Wade Bowen - Trouble Lyrics

I wouldn’t say I didn’t see her coming
A light that bright’s hard to miss in a place that dark
She said yes to a drink while her fingers fumbled
With a cross on a chain that was swinging above her heart
When the morning sun set the midnight sky on fire
She left me like a thief not knowing what she took

I wish trouble always looked that good
I wish trouble always looked that good

I was still a little nervous when I got the courage to call
That bright red number she’d written on the back of my hand
A bottle of wine rode shotgun with a rose
While I was driving cross town thinking about turning back
Now there’s a porch light burning a hole right through my windshield
There’s a silhouette standing at the screen door waiting for me

I wish trouble always looked that good
I wish trouble always looked that good

I know a million reasons not to go where I’m headed
Oh but when she smiles I can’t even think of one
I wish trouble always looked that good
Yeah I wish trouble always looked that good

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Wade Bowen Trouble Comments
  1. Michelle Robertson

    2019 and I still love listening to this song!

  2. JAYBIRD209


  3. James Breedlove

    How do you not like wade Bowen!?!??!?

  4. El Man

    Good jam.. but not as good as you had me at my best... or Resurrection

  5. Jackie Vanderwerf

    Love all u Texas guys Josh , Preston all the boys adding you such good music !👏🏻❤️🌻

  6. David Collazo

    He sounds like Gary allan

  7. Scott Tucker

    Meet wade bouncing at Southern junction in texas super cool guy keep brining us good music

  8. lawrence ontiveros

    going to see Wade at the Waller County Fair on Sept 30th

  9. Bane Darth

    I wish country music industry would give us more of this and less wanna be hip hop/pop singers.

  10. Candace Dinsmore

    absolutely love this

  11. Candace Dinsmore

    absolutely love this

  12. Richard Davis

    keep up the good work Wade you and Josh and Bart and Arron keep Texas country music going


    And Randy Rogers

  13. Kelly Lambert

    i love this song it make me remember on how i used to be

  14. James Brady

    I'd like to have some "trouble "

  15. Stacy Robey

    bring randy rogers with yall again too! perty please!!!

  16. Stacy Robey


  17. furiouzzzz

    I love this song. !

  18. Karen Ayala

    Love this song...one of my favorites

  19. Dakota Jakobetz

    I love this song

  20. Mike Purcell


    Stefan Sarri

    +Mike Purcell Yeah , it's pretty awesome actually. You know who he resemlance? Aaron Watson... Love from Swedish Kuntry fans!

  21. Lady Redneck

    I 💗 this song!! Did he write this?

    Mike Richard

    +Stephanie Lee Yes, he did

  22. Braden Toomey

    Just saw Him last night, great performance.

    Dakota Jakobetz

    I have seen him in 2 concepts too he is really good.

  23. Jason P

    Texas Forever!


    Mais um excelente cantor country.

  25. rydercloclogranny_roblox

    Seeing him at the River Road Icehouse in New Braunfels, Tex in May!!!

  26. Brittne Noriega

    Underrated. Perfect music.

  27. mistybabybear

    what a tremendous talent - perfect voice. love him!

  28. Dab Fo

    Edward, he's from Texas

  29. Missy Armijo-Puente

    Love love Wade Bowen!

  30. Stefanie Hartsell

    Going tonight to see wade and randy rogers!!!!

  31. Maximilian Kampmann

    that song is fucking amazing !!!

  32. chris ruiz

    Pretty awesome song!

  33. Meg Strickland

    Wade Bowen will be in my town on Labor Day weekend. He'll be the entertainment for my county's fair. If you would like some tickets please give me a call at either (979)702-0053 or (979)733-6764. I could give you all the information. Thanks. <3

  34. Jeremny Peters

    This song is awesome! I don't want to know how many times I've watched this video.

  35. JRBugge

    Have the same tattoo as him, just on the arm! :D

  36. Nico .//.

    I love how this only has half a million views
    Love this song

  37. Alfredo Jopia

    I love this song..

  38. sure1313

    I'm from Nebraska and if you're an American that plays country music, you're good in my book.

  39. FarmallBoy101

    I wish trucks always looked that good.

  40. MrALF423

    seaaine777 - "We take care of our own ". Was'nt it that what your former president George Bush (from Texas ) did for many years ? Lol.

  41. Zack Jimenez

    95.9 the ranch! Fort Worth baby!

    Shannon Crowson

    See ya down the road

  42. Michael O'Hara

    Amazing Singer/Songwriter! Awesome vid and tune... everything he sings is gr8... keep it in Texas!!

  43. Tim Loveland

    Great song, Great Singer, why isn't he going big time?

  44. Devin Sokoloski

    Come to Montana!!

  45. Shelby Zobel

    92.1 new braunfels radio plays him all the time.

  46. MrMikey201025

    Maybe he was just drunk or trying to be fake to me, but Wade Bowen is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I have met him a couple of times and I never got the feeling that he was anything more than a down to earth country boy. Never met a music artist that would say more than 2 words to someone before. I am a fan for life, not only for his candor, but for his awesome talent. I love listening to artists that can sound as good live as they do on CD.

  47. WadeBowen2000

    Wow! Love Wade Bowen!!! I met him at Westfest!!! This is my fav. Song ever!!! ;)

  48. Cory hESS

    Yes , Jason Boland isn't a bad country artist either I like how gac tries to give these artists some recognition

  49. Cameron Clark

    Come to Texas on the radio all the time. Wade is my favorite. The given album is amazing.

  50. nmanio2

    I really dislike most modern "country" music... But, I love this.
    Is this what country is supposed to sound like?

  51. stephen paul

    would somebody please give this guy some radio play!

  52. braceurself224

    Texas forever.

  53. breanna cohen

    Im 13 years old and i listen to wade bowen more than lil wayne or chris brown just like any normal teen.
    Man I listen to some Great music<33 and i just saw them at that dickinson fair thing

  54. Stephan Geltz

    Hotter and shadier....lol

  55. j SO

    Lol this is filmed at the junction, the place I slave away 4 days of the week.

  56. OfficialBillie Vlogs

    Wow...I haven't thought of this video since it was shot. O.o' Fun day. Haha. Love the song.

  57. Nikki Barnett

    I will be seeing him at the 84th Annual Texas State FFA Convention!(:

  58. Maressa Gamez

    Bowen at Schroeder Hall April 7th yay!!:)

  59. Blake McGee

    Wade at Billy Bobs Texas in Ft. Worth this sat night! ill be there!

  60. ChotchyJ

    @cmbboy88 Hell, I'm from PA and I think Texas country is the best.

  61. Melissa Blake

    By far my most favorite of all Wade's music i have heard...Thank You for most awesome music!!!

  62. BrushyAshton

    Go Wade hope to see him soon

  63. Sweet Chicken

    is that girl old enough to drink? :) ..pretty!!!

  64. Cory Pastrano

    It's January 3rd 2012 and Wade Bowen still rocks!

  65. Cory Pastrano

    like this if You think you are Texas LOUD AND PROUD!!!

  66. Erica Barrera

    you don't know how proud i am to be a texan(:

  67. edmond walker

    There is no better music then Texas Music we have so many great Artist here from country to rock that's why i don't listen to main stream music.

  68. Nate Kuberski

    The 6 people that didn't like this song have never been to Texas!

  69. Victoria Voigt

    @smilez4u0102 Thank you! I'll definitely take that as a compliment :)

  70. Luke Obenhaus

    @dullboy28 cause it is Texas Country. More country music is being produced out of Austin than Nashville. Making Austin the Country Music capital. That and if you talk to any of the musicians they'll say its Texas Country. You'll also hear bands like Reckless Kelly from Idaho, and some coming out Arkansas, Colorado, Montana saying the same thing that their in the Texas Country scene.

  71. Cody Poole

    Im from Texas haha but i agree This song is the SHIT! i love it :)

  72. RiggsFox

    4 people must have some trouble wooooo wade bowen like if you agree

  73. Valentin Hernandez

    There's nothing better than listening to some Wade Bowen after a day of work, I live in North Carolina and am about to move to Germany, thank God I'll be able to go home and listen to some live music, drink some lonestar, and float the comal as many times as possible or I wouldn't be able to live this life I live

  74. dullboy28

    stop calling it country cuz when I hear "country" I think of mainstream Yankee's ruining country like let me check you for ticks, beer for my horses, and retarded shit like that.. it portrays the southern ppl to look like hillbillies and ignorant fucks.. guys like Wade Bowen, CCR, Johnny Cooper, Stoney LaRue, No Justice and ect do it for the love of music not for the love of money n fame.. difference between Red Dirt and Country (country now days)..

  75. dullboy28

    why are ppl saying "Texas music"? it has a name for it you know? Red Dirt.. the capital of Red Dirt is Stillwater OKLAHOMA.. if anything "Southwest Music"

  76. Gary Macphee

    Support Texas music.

  77. JorJor812

    @justinmckinney25 I love your statement but Texas country guys bank its a gold mine and they deserve it!

  78. angie Tull

    Loved seeing you Friday in Ardmore Oklahoma .. :) you rocked.

  79. erykah0708

    Had THEE MOST AMAZING night of my life last night and this video is a perfect representation of it...dancing to it makes me love it even more. <3

  80. SchighSchagh

    @justinmckinney25 WTF? How can you argue for worse instruments?? All else being equal, having better instruments is always better. By definition. Perhaps Texas country is more attuned with your musical preferences and/or maybe Texas country musicians are better and can compensate for worse instruments, but I (again by definition) being able to buy relatively good equipment can only improve a musician's music quality!!

  81. 8TRAX

    I'm not from Texas but I have to agree, Texas is where country music lives.

  82. tiff09bu

    Ah I live this song! And wade bowen! And tx country! This song/video makes me wanna fall in love lol :)

  83. sigulst

    Wow.. this song is awesome! cant get enough!

  84. ElectricOutcast

    I look forward to the day when reports will come out that Texas Country has outsold Nashville Country. Which btw because of Wade and this song I'm now in the Texas Country band wagon.

  85. camiliebudae

    I live in Chile, and I love country :)

  86. Reid Rogers

    @justinmckinney25 Nothing has changed since Nashville could not make room for Willie.

  87. Star Woolly

    I LOVE SOJO!!!!

  88. Obi Juan

    Why do people always look at their beer before they drink it lol

  89. Roberto Torres

    I can't describe what his music,voice,heart says to me it's so real,honest,human. i only wish all music regardless of genre could be this real. i love him everything he does,Loves ya Wade.

  90. Stan Tharp

    Freaking awesome song!!!!!!!! ALL I have to say

  91. Kendall Dearkos

    @justinmckinney25 I love Texas country and I count agree more but I dont like how Texas country artists arnt very big so when they play at local places most of them you can actually talk to my cousin said Kyle Park just got off the stage after he played and walked around and you could just talk to him

  92. vincent mccoy

    Great song right here Texas country ain't nothing like it can't wait to see y'all this weekend in sa tx

  93. Ben Underwood

    @justinmckinney25 ill support Texas country... thanks

  94. NP535overdrive

    @justinmckinney25 , ill support both...thanks

  95. holvolt

    Independence for Texas! :-)

  96. tsowdsun

    Very cool...this was shot out at Southern Junction.

  97. purduegal88

    I'm originally from Indiana and my now boyfriend is from Texas, however, we met at Calf Fry in Oklahoma at your concert! This could not be a more perfect song about our story!!! You guys rock our world!!!

  98. Victoria Andrews

    I lived in Texas all my life. Just recently a good friend showed me the way of Texas Country music. not that i didnt listen to it before but i only knew a few. I am glad to say that i will support Texas Country more! Wade is awesome. Just seen him with Miranda Lambert on the 5th and he puts on an awesome show. So proud to call him a fellow Texan from just up the road where i live.