Vybz Kartel - Yuh Body Right Lyrics

Why yuh gwaan suh boasty in a bed
Why yuh rub the vaselline
Rub it meck it spread
Why yo boyfriend call yo phone till yo battery dead

[Verse 1:]
Baby yo body fatter than a pound
Hotter than the water in a the pot weh sell a town
Bright like a jockey weh a go fi triple crown
Loving weh yo get it longer than a wedding gown
Love yuh meck yo bwal out in a surround sound
The way yo body wet mi swear seh mi supn drown
Lucky thing mi cut before the river come down
When mi in a bed mi nuh give joke like no clown
Mi search all over like a lost and found

Baby, yo body right, yo body right
Love how yo bump and grind it

Yo body right, yo body right
Go paw yo toe gyal wine yo waistline

Yo body right, yo body right
And yuh know seh the teacher love yuh

Cause yo body right, yo body right
Mi have nuff gyal whole heap

[Verse 2:]
Woman in a mi real life none in a mi sleep
Come meck wi try a thing pon the ground weh nuh sweep
Mi know yuh have a man, but mi know yuh would a creep
Gyal mi nuh si no secret weh mi couldn't keep
Gyal nuh meck no man try reverse paw yo jeep
Any man drive back way crash in a rubbish heap
Love mi have fi yuh not even hell nuh suh deep
Mi do things boasty suppose somebody a peep


[Verse 1]


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