Vybz Kartel - Your Business Lyrics

Me name Gaza
Yow Dj
I will never suck a pussy
I will never fuck a batty

Mi no join no batty fucking
No pussy sucking
Fi mi supn no fi meck gal open
A which man meck another guy stuff him
Gaza no mix in a butting wooy

If yo suck pussy that a your business
If yo fuck batty that a dutty business
Fat pussy gal them a fi mi business
Just gimmi everyone in a the west indies

[Verse 1:]
Ra Joe a bay gal mi see
Mi no see no man mi no want none see me
A strictly woman keep my company
Shi could a pretty like money ugly like duppy
Mi no lick pussy that a fi puppy
In a my opinion them style deh dutty
Everybody do wag them wan do
But this a supn wa me naw do
Mi naw nam no meat if mi no cook it
A mi naw put mi hood weh somebody shit


[Verse 2:]
Hold on mi batty have one road
Nothing no go in everything affi come out
Mi naw put no gal pussy in a mi mout
Mi straight mi no curve like roundabout
Man from delavis man from south
Real bad man them a no no cust out
Spangle as man bun it out bun it out
If a portmore moan wi tell them wi no join


[Intro: On the line "I will never... "]


[Verse 1]


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