Vybz Kartel - Too Badmind Lyrics

Yo too badmind
My youth yo too badmind

Yo too badmind
My youth yo too badmind

Wa meck yo, wa meck yo stay suh?
Wa meck yo, wa meck yo stay suh?

Yo too badmind
My youth yo too badmind

[Verse 1:]
Yes yo dis the man that walketh not in the council of the ungodly
Oil and powder nuh badder than mi
Dem a dash oil mi a dash brandy
Just dweet if you dear, mussi banky
Badmind, jealousy a pack a amby
Yow my youth supn wrong wid yo dawg
Yo fi look in a yo self hard


[Verse 2:]
Hey, wa you a do? Yo mussi crazy!
A nuh me meck yo worthless, lazy
A nuh me meck yo life stay suh
Yo badmind from yo was a likkle baby
When yo si mi pon the road don't hail mi
Yo just a tell a man seh mi fi dead
Big up mi family, burn a enemy
Bun a frenemy


[Verse 1]


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Vybz Kartel Too Badmind Comments
  1. Soundmon Diere


  2. Likkle Sivva

    Maaad tune

  3. Erika Dassa

    I like the. soin

  4. gaza boss

    too badmind my youth u too badmind

  5. Nevalda Deans

    Capi de tu te Capi (boss of all bosses)

  6. GreenzMania .Com

    yesss maria aaaa

  7. Kerryannbrown music promotions

    real song about real life sum people a block dem own blessing cause dem heart full of badmind and jealousy .

  8. Oshane Pinnock

    shat a road!

  9. Webster Genus

    One more song pan di riddim soon come lobster ah di name

  10. Dj Meek

    TJ Records must be rich off vybz kartel by now

  11. DJ DEL

    Vybz kartel the best

  12. Javane Martin

    Up worl boss⚡

  13. gseef spartaaa

    Wah u seh bout dis flow den?

  14. kenny lifestyle

    if kartel drop another tune fi dis week, mi not even know what aguh happen.    
    the sound tun up louder!!!!

  15. Ni-Ka Hikari 光

    Tell dem addi