Vybz Kartel - Teenage Pregnancy Lyrics

Na na na na
Na na na na naaaa
Na na na na
Na na na na na

[Verse 1:]
[Gaza Kim:]
Baby, me have somethin fi tell you
But first u have fi tell me seh u love me
You affi tell me seh u really really need me
R u goin 2 hav my baby
Gyal r u goin 2 hav my baby
[Gaza Kim:]
Really d doctor affi tell me
Me hav d mornin sickness already

Weh me ago tell my mada (Gaza Kim)
Tell har me love u forever
We ago mek it tru 2gether (kartel)
Remember seh me still go a high skool oh gee
Weh me ago tell my fada (Gaza Kim)
Tell him fi put all d blame pan me
But love wid solve any problem (kartel)
Weh me ago do dis a teenage pregnancy (Gaza Kim)

[Verse 2:]
[Gaza Kim:]
Skool work, nuh done and d teacha is callin
A 3 time me vomit from mornin
Me cah concentrate pan d reading
Dats y your skool fren dem come tell me
Seh u not doin your homework lately
[Gaza Kim:]
N all a d teacha dem a tell me
Seh me face luk swell up like seh me hav a 9 month belly



[Verse 3:]
Weh day wen me gi yuh my love
U should'ntjust run guh lie down
[Gaza Kim:]
Baby y u neva use a condom [x2]
U cah depend pan me dat a my vow
[Gaza Kim:]
U ready fi luk a job rite now
Anythin a anythin me nah guh back out
[Gaza Kim:]
Rememba me guh a skool me nuh wah fi drop out



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