Vybz Kartel - Hustlers Anthem Lyrics

Da one yah name respect to the hustlers dem
Every hustlers fi keep hustle as friend
Fire burn fi the idlers dem
Idlers alone keep idlers friend

[Verse 1:]
Dawg, million a day mi a look
Every ghetto youth follow mi nuh hot foot
Food haffi eat maybe a bank look
But mi naw left the kitchen until a pot cook
Some bwoy waan thirty sneakers
But mi tell Genie mi waan thirty bank book
Big up Usain him have a drag foot
Dads Morgan can fling a shot put
A nuh every ghetto youth can do, do, that to
Suh mi big up every hustler weh deh a back to
In a the street fire, fire, everyday
Dawg don't meck a killer catch unuh flat foot
You a song mi a sing like mi a Samcook
Mi nuh in a the, in a bag a man shuck
Si the money deh mi naw stand up and look
New land Comboland meck wi go fi that to


[Verse 2:]
Big up every bad slave
Samsharp set it like supn just blaze
Nanny my baby, love you my babe
You help wi fi tek off the shackles and chains
Suh how mi fi gwaan like mi a fool
Weh do you? Man haffi have brains
Meck things better like wi a first aid
New day now big up the old days
Every nurse tell mi fi tell unuh seh
Dem waan nough more money call it a pay raise
Every teacher a seh tell unuh seh
Dem waan nough more money call it a pay raise
High in a the sky like British Airways
Hey babylon stick bruk in a yo ears
Weh the money deh mi naw stand up and gaze
Mi a tek over earth from down a


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Vybz Kartel Hustlers Anthem Comments

    2019 Ryt now Daddii & mi know yuh soon fawud blak ena di road ... Mi dey yah Hustle sed way ena Earth fia better day di GaZa Way #StandStrong Teacha

  2. Andre Kerr

    Mek thing betta like mi a First Aid

  3. Trish Panyumba

    free worldboss!

  4. Curtis Daley

    Gaza forever tell the enemies the #king#of#the#dancehall *VYBZ KARTEL*

  5. Jbrill Shetta

    Gaza 2018

  6. Joe Muinde


  7. Acklins Pioneer

    This is the reason I have to tate vybz kartel he motivates me drd in every aspect of life

  8. Balwant Persaud


  9. Tiffon Anthony Austin

    mad n bad

  10. JamesO19991

    Can't stop hitting the replay. Damn man!! This go so hard 🔥🔥🔥

  11. JamesO19991

    Go ahead with ya bad self Vybz. Respect to you #worldboss

  12. love u


  13. gemall ryan

    bad song

  14. ambri dale

    once again my dad as made me soooo proud

  15. Devon Clarke


  16. Sandra Tabannah

    Nobody can touch him lyrically! My favorite period!!! #kartelmeseh

  17. leaoa mokone

    real ting...dog...vybz kartel a the boss

  18. Teflonali

    Whe shop bruker a guh? LOOL #Worldboss

    Percy Sherrod

    +Teflonali love the way u Jamaicans talk but dnt understand it...............wat do that even mean??  lol


    +Percy Sherrod Lol well its part of a new slang or style of talking right now, so in standard english it would translate to "Where is the shop thief going" however, this sounds stupid as is so let me use an example...You see your friend looking sad..you would say "whe sad face a guh" get it? hope this helped.

    Percy Sherrod

    @Teflonali I understand the sad face part.....lol........but the "where is the shop thief going".....totally lost me on that one....but the Jamaican accent is like...wow.....it sounds like broken poetry,,,,,,,


    Lol yea man

  19. Neko Ploche

    hustlers you know how the ting go

  20. StokzeVidzChanneL

    Nuff said

  21. Dark Drug

    Thing with most of Vybz Kartel new songs though they have exploration of various themes I get the same flow but I have to respect his lyrics and wit......You can always expect good quality from Kartel but I find that his tone is almost the same in most of his new songs

  22. Capo di tutti di capo

    Vybz has a abundance of talent and some to spare . Once in a generation a artist like this comes along

  23. Throw me to the wolves i return leading the pack


  24. Asharee Sobaram

    Gaza for life! Gaza till death! swear mi love Kartel

  25. Andre Bennett

    big up usain him have a track foot, dadz morgan can fling a shot putt...bar man a spit bars from behind bars...#teach them

  26. nateisha lynch

    bad uh phuck

  27. eimajvl

    Million a day mi look, Million a day mi look....

  28. kerone samuels

    Fire bun Fi the idlers dem.....


    Respect...Biggie Smalls ft. Diana king

  30. OJ Watson

    Hehe song me a sing like me a song book....but vybz u are a song book

  31. ziggy wellbless

    up up up

  32. Ricardo Whittingham

    Watch the 3 pick pocket them dislike the tune

  33. LeoRichies


  34. laffane vassell

    mek everythin better like mi a first aid.....loud......

  35. DancehallTv

    If mi daddy bad one more time

  36. Jermylee Barnett

    playing all day everyday

  37. Raldon Rowe

    Top 5 Dancehall Artist's
    1 Vybz Kartel
    2 Addi Innocent
    3 World Boss
    4 Techa
    5 Micheal Cake Soap Jackson


    +Raldon Rowe Good one yow!


    True Story!!!!

  38. Just A Star

    I listen Kartel all day, Old songs to new songs i'm never bored. There's no artist on earth ever that has such a strong replay value on their music like worl boss..Gaza 4 life

  39. Sparta Thug

    sick world Boss

  40. WarOrganizer CrimeSupervisor

    idlers alone keep idlers fren ...a wah do dem

  41. K ddd

    unu chat too much if kartel have two fat fat book come like the cheque book them a bank with songs carrying approximately a quantity of 500 and more songs how the fuck the man fi run out and him not even a use them a head ting the man a deal wid at the moment even though some a the song them in their afi sale plus an album that he hasn't approved to be released by chimney records and when man tell unu fi stop watch out kartel ting and compare unu feel a joke like we no know weh we a say .its easy for kartel let him do him ting when him did deh a road it was the same method of releasing songs nothing no change now ,di man no must knw weh him a do kmt no him a voice it ah boii.

  42. Dancehall Magnet

    Anywhere in the world you must hear Vybz Kartel

  43. amenamegaza kinville

    MI teach gaza 🎧🎶💰💳

  44. 90sboy

    Is a good look

  45. Kenny Rust

    free worlboss wa di fuck do unu man free up

  46. illy the illiest gaza

    no jesus intervene fi me deh lost a word me no know weh fi say ya man.kartel no deh a no raas prison why dem people ya wa trick though god.

  47. WarOrganizer CrimeSupervisor

    gaza str8... million a day we a look ...

  48. bwendon jn

    Respect!! FreeWorlBoss 🎶👌💯✌

  49. Laker Ludz

    we need a album

    Webster Genus

    It's comin soon bredda

    Laker Ludz

    good look

    Saqlain Redwood

    when it come

    Webster Genus

    +Saqlain Redwood word move yuh bloodclatt hater I forgot it was u

    Chipchop Busshead

    king of vybz

  50. shyeim29


  51. shyeim29


  52. PinkWeightLoss1

    see it deh,anthem again,beat we ah beat this industry like a slave

    shocker thedan

    bloodclatt!!!! pinky we artist in joking, hit after hit

    Webster Genus

    Lol the boss seh him ah beat them with ah Ledda belt

    shocker thedan

    +Kashmoney bags lol

  53. Demar Smith

    bad man dwag ,gaza

  54. v mc

    Respect to di hustlers dem. Every hustler fi keep hustlers friend. Fire bun fi di idlers dem. Idlers alone keep idlers friend.

  55. waugh kem

    big up every badd slave!!! Cumberland Newland wire Gaza

  56. waugh kem

    big up every badd slave!!! Cumberland Newland wire Gaza

  57. Tino Phillips

    world legend at it again

  58. Webster Genus

    Vybz Kartel ah run road why simple hits after hits after and more too come ybz Kartel- Double 6, Vybz Kartel- Pocowhine, Vybz Kartel- Town, Vybz Kartel- Kinshasha, Vybz Kartel ft teetimus- My Girl, Vybz Kartel- Full stop,Vybz Kartel ft Gaza Tussan-Gazanation, Vybz Kartel-Hotta Road,Vybz Kartel- One phone call, Vybz Kartel- Social Media,Vybz Kartel-Burning Babylon,Vybz Kartel-Haffi love dancehall, Vybz Kartel- You Are A Star, Vybz Kartel-High Boost,Vybz Kartel- Most Wanted, Vybz Kartel- Euphoria,Vybz Kartel-Pornstar,Vybz Kartel-UTG,Vybz Kartel- Hustlers Anthem, stay tune Gaza ah bun up the road fi di rest of 2015, and 2016

    Webster Genus

    Yess 2016 releases

    davonique ferguson

    Kinshasha a relese 2017

    munya ralph

    2018 now and some of the songs not even released.Who can keep up


    @munya ralph i am saying that too😭😭😭i am waiting on the rest of bangers🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    @Webster Genus where are those songs dawg????😭😭😭😭😭

  59. quincy lightfoot

    repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat

  60. Lando M

    Madd Respect!! FreeWorlBoss

  61. Jermylee Barnett

    respect to hustlers them

  62. Jermylee Barnett

    up like heaven

  63. Jerome Stewart

    dont mek a killa ketch unnu flat foot...

    Percy Sherrod

    +Jerome Stewart I'm American..i love the way u Jamaicans talk....but wat do u mean...I love it but I don't understand it...lol..............I THINK ur saying " don't make a killer catch inna flat foot"    but wat does it mean??  thanx  and BIG UP MON !!!

    Jerome Stewart

    +Percy Sherrod it means be alert and dont allow urself to be caught off guard

    Percy Sherrod

    @Jerome Stewart lol.....thx....appreciate it

  64. quincy lightfoot

    beng beng beng gazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa me say

  65. Music 1399

    Good to hear more kartel. but that's like 3-4 tracks in a week or even less. Bit too rushed imo


    Not rushed when he has probably more songs unreleased than all the dancehall artists have dropped since their career start combined !

    Webster Genus

    +themobbkillas worlboss do have a lot of unreleased music trust mi mi know but mi know weh yuh ah seh bredda but if kartel didn't want it to be so he would hve stopped it

    king of vybz

    +AintNoGivingIn Entertainment the man have too much song him wa get it out a the way from now thats why fi meet next year with a different vybe just understand its easy for kartel