Vybz Kartel - Gal A Get More Lyrics

Baby wi haffi fuck two time cause yo pussy too tight
Shi seh yo si da bulb yah yo too bright
Si the cockey yah, bruk up that like a school fight
Shi seh yo si da bulb yah yo too bright

Every time when yo pass my room
You do mi supn weh mi cyaa control

Gyal yo pussy plenty can I get more
Put yo pussy paw me can I get more

Pretty girl from a far short tour
Yo si da long cockey yah weh meck Shelly nose cold

Gyal yo pussy plenty can I get more
Put yo pussy paw me can I get more

[Verse 1:]
Yo have a couple thing money cyaa buy
Money cyaa buy love yo better go buy dubye
Cock up pon the cockey freely try nuh shy
If yo like when mi got groovie like July
Mi have a knife fi yo cake
Mi a cut it in a two like cut eye, cut eye
Gyal sidung, sidung, gyal do one to I
Bob Marley lie bout woman nuh cry
Mi know God nah sin mi
Wi a fuck in a the church up a Bay side
Samaritan pon the bass side
Champagne put a bubble pon yo waistline
Turn back way same time
Baby yo wine better than a grape vine
Yo no si the man a call yo seh yuh no reach home


[Verse 2:]
Bumper round like
Jump pon the brown bike yeng, yeng
Mi seh mi don't like beg friend
Cause a pay pretty gyal a come fi the beng, beng
Shi seh it hot like tenjeng
Wi search in a yo pum, pum, stem said
Shi seh shi full a glue henkel
The harder mi come like Perry Henzel




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Vybz Kartel Gal A Get More Comments
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    Hot inna 2019...mi have a knife fi yu !!✌✌

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    Can someone tell me the name of the engineer who made this riddim?


    St Lea James birchill

    St Lea James

    Thank you. Birchill needs an award for this riddim. The instrumentals are exquisite.

    Üñäñïmōüs Lüpë

    @St Lea James a this riddim and flow of the song di batty wash freak teef and mek his waste song city. Fake asf

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    world bass

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    Still Reppin' Dis Song & Gaza In 2017! #FreeWorlBoss #FreeUpDancehall #1DON