Vybz Kartel - Facebook Like Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Black people fuck up yo cyaa too trust dem
White people same thing again
Mister Chin gwaan like him come from heaven
Him would a murder him granny fi a million yeng
Badmind a the bwoy dem friend
As yo back turn round a yo life that a end
Finger pon the chigger like a phone press send
True yo work permit a extend

Yow a wa mi do you meck yo don’t like mi?
Yow a wa mi do you meck yo don’t like mi?
Yow a wa mi do you meck yo don’t like mi?
Mi nuh facebook picture you nuh haffi like mi

Mi, mi nuh care if a bwoy like mi
Mi nuh care if a gyal like mi
Mi a smoke high grade and a drink whisky
Mi a wine up mi body baby mi tipsy

[Verse 2:]
When you have friend like that
Get a Gshock, watch yo head back
If you feel seh a joke dawg you a dead stock
And if you play loose ball you a get a shell shock
Mi nuh mean like when a egg crack
Mi nuh play pon the Gaza go check a next block
Tell unuh already seh the bank dem lock
Mi nuh tek check, dem a set trap

[Chorus x2]

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Vybz Kartel Facebook Like Comments
  1. GazaSparta Thug

    Gaza fi life enuh Gaza in death enuh 👈

  2. Nylla Raee

    Black ppl fuckup u cya too trus dem

  3. dujon henry

    Big up gaza boss nuff ratings and respect Facebook yo weh mi do yuh mek yuh don't like me madd 🔥🔥 big up vybz

  4. Baby Sage

    realest thing #gazanation Sept. 2019?

  5. Freddy Snr Williams


  6. Marvel Plus

    777 boss aka most-high g7 nation gang fully bright Cascade Hanover... fully G7.

  7. dujon henry

    gully mi seh but mi rate worlboss to d fullest song shat

  8. Raat Thomas

    See he ain for no race him bleach an now everybody wicked study it

  9. Chandni Thakker

    World boss fi life!!!!

  10. Tyrone Nembhard

    Gaza forever 2019

  11. Papa Fadhili

    2019 still stuck here🔥🔥🔥

  12. Iam Monique

    Who still listening in 2019?

  13. Anthony Haywood

    2019 and still listening to this #FREEWORLDBOSS

  14. Eric Bartimo

    listening straight outta Nairobi Kenya

    Rook E Music


  15. baseman60

    The Variety is amazing only Theacher reach de style deh🔥

  16. Wilberto Samudio


  17. N.W.A No bullshit


    Rook E Music


  18. nhlanhla mahlatsi

    GAZA IS LOYALTY salute Tj records

  19. Mark Bowen

    Rate this song to the fullest aswear👑💯👌

  20. CIAAgent47


  21. Otohit Bon

    Coupon 5$ Seoclerk, CodeClerks, ListingDock….

  22. Gaza till death

    Gaza in death pussy

  23. DJ Hypro

    Gaza in death enuh

  24. Ballagun!!!

    Who the girl in this song me like her voice

  25. Emaily Grant

    Gaza nation💜💜💜💜💜💜 girls and boys

  26. Apex_Sparta

    Still mad big up world boss

  27. Shawn Dister

    Fi mi feeling so good .....so NYC videos am vybz's one real Gaza monk ....(follow me [email protected] mormershdister

  28. Rap Culture


  29. Larisa Viazmina

    Whom does female voice belong to?

  30. Ricardo Cameron

    who still listen in 2017

  31. Aaliyah Brewis

    I love dis song

  32. Giovanni Scarlett

    2015 teacher guh hard than 2016

  33. Anu Adidja

    staying loyal Addi ❤

  34. lewis EDWARDS

    me too isabell

  35. love me alyssa


  36. Miri miri

    real truth

  37. Avriel Emanuel

    Gaza in death enuh

  38. josefina sandberg

    its weird cause i listend to dancehall so much i can understand jamaican patoia (wrong spell maybee) when they sing but not when they speak so much lol



  39. Safraz Hussein

    Big tune (self shock)💥

  40. Siddiq Isah

    sounds like vybz wouldnt care anywayz,lol!

  41. Alison Charles

    gaza fa life

  42. gazamaffia middle-east Blenheim

    still new

  43. Lydia Fukisa Selipa

    naijavybzkartel ,rmx

  44. Mc Lee'


  45. Venice Vincent

    what language is this?

    Raymond Miller

    Jamaican creole

    Jem Donia

    Raymond Miller jamaicans dont speak creole we speak patois

    Ingrid Baker

    Jem Donia she wasn't wrong. Patois is the Jamaican creolization of the English language. Hence, Jamaican Creole.

  46. Jungle Lion

    ...mi ah smoke high grade n ah drink whiskeyyyyyy

  47. lynnaya cutiepie

    I'm sure I can make up a dacne

  48. Pro Hooper

    Murder him granny fi a million yeng...Bbc

  49. Avriel Emanuel

    Mi nuh Facebook picta u nah fi like mi

    Marek Piszczek

    it is my favourite music

    mariia ab224

    +Marek Piszczek can u tell me the type of music this is pls? reggaeton?

  50. rexsauriomortal lol

    soy chileno y no entiendo nada pero me encanta

  51. Josephine Alimasi

    Me nah care if a gyal like me

  52. Leliendal Urbi

    Me no care if a Bwoy like me #bad\m/

  53. David Gabriel

    dem a set TRAP

  54. David Gabriel

    me no care if a boy like me

  55. Linda Eisenacher



    Yow this man find always and means to make a hit song how him do it... Facebook like the man haaaaaad... 💯

  57. Francis O'Neil

    Little girl killed it

  58. Angela Dellarriva

    Música do carai👊

  59. Mathieu Monteil

    Real boss

  60. Roma La'ulu

    I dont really understand what hes saying but im feelin this song doe 😂👍🏾


    In summary: dont care about people and be u you really are...

  61. Navii hotness

    bbc tune hot tpc kartel big up yuh self

  62. Gio Karioredjo

    world boss!!!!

  63. Isabell James

    Who came here from the video of the little girl?

    Alaina Chino

    looolz meeee

    Jay Makevelli


    Unique Doll

    I did. She killed it.

  64. Salama Davis


  65. Kerwin

    Popcaan Diss lol

  66. Roberta Marchetti


  67. lukas gurschler

    me no care if a boy like me ! only batty man care haha.

  68. Michigan Henry

    God of system

  69. SELFMADE DOUGLA (Shortboss)

    mi nuh care if a gal like me!!

  70. Miguel Mathurine

    Gaza girl we love

  71. Top Striker

    Gaza fi life enuh.... gaza in death enuh badmind a di bwoy them friend...........

  72. James Brown

    me nuh trust none a who hate a song yah a matter a fact me nuh trust nobody

  73. Toshina John

    Gaza Is Loyalty!!!

  74. Natoya Coke

    me nuh care either

    Toya Taylor

    haha we have the same name Na'Toya..hi from west palm beach fl lol

  75. Junior Lewis

    Love this song

  76. Alicia Palmer

    Mi do not care if a gal or boy like mi, all mi know seh mi look good

  77. Aaron Garfield


  78. JamesO19991


  79. trintendo

    we no play pon di gaza.. go check a nex block!

  80. GBuckley

    I really want a video for this!

  81. lanzo walters

    yow alyo big up world bass for  me nar  -keystone

  82. ricardo singular

    finger pan di trigger like a phone call press sen lyrics pan a different level above average....

  83. kymoya johnson

    Addi a the real general legendary

  84. Davia Duffus

    Bad. Song. Yuh. Fuck

  85. Davia Duffus

    Hot sing. This. Up. And. Running


    dah song ya madd... the man lyrics out of this world beenie a nuh king of dancehall no more a rass

  87. Cosby Delva

    GAZA FOR Life 🍁

  88. Ta'shy ashh

    Gasgas song bad asf 👏👏

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    world boss