Vybz Kartel - Champagne Bubble Lyrics

Put yo pu–y yah suh
Put hi pon the c–key
Mi nuh imagine yo sit down pon the cabasaki
C–k up yo batty, fi mi slap it up
Skin out yo pu–y, fi mi stab it up

Send it down in a yo nitty, gritty
Shi a bruk it, bruk it
Belly good a swell already
Mi a f–k it, f–k it

Humble nuh, humble nuh
Champagne bubble nuh, bubble nuh

Humble nuh, humble nuh
Champagne bubble nuh, bubble nuh

[Verse 1:]
Spread it out
And the pretty spread it out
Pu–y mi a bag when you ready fi lend it out
Put a foot a teller, put another foot a south
Backers you a get, yo pu–y fat, yo body stout
If you seh you is a freak tek a f–k in a yo mouth
Love you baby and never ever you fi doubt
Addi a yo soldier, the rest of dem a scout
And go and tell dem a mi c–key run the road

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Gyal yo skiller than a trade
Come in a the shower meck the two a wi go bathe
Mi in a yo shade when yo higher than a grade
And a push a energy weh flop the lucazade
Fly the pin when yo si hand grenade
When yo wine paw mi erection cyaa evade
Weh yo mean to mi and, wi zip mean to jade
Yo fi draw down yo draws baby don’t be fraid

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Intro]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

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Vybz Kartel Champagne Bubble Comments
  1. Dannrie Brown

    Pussy mi a borrow, yuh ready to lend it out 🍑🍑🍆🍑🍑 2020

  2. Tatenda W Chikombero

    Timeless 🔑

  3. G Bless

    Who still watching 2019

    Leslie London

    This is music

  4. Andy Medas

    Who here 2019

  5. Kemiso Kalabaneng


  6. James Anderson

    Vybz Kartel song still blazing.

  7. Denis Maina

    2019 still a mad tune💪

  8. Renee Norville


  9. Monique Sassy Lewis

    Put mi pu$$y yah so... Put it Pon the co**y wooooooooie🍑🍒🍌🍌🍆🍆

  10. Soo ner


  11. Tevin Whilby

    Yu fi draw down yu draws don,t be fraid....addi a fi best listening in 2019 gazanation forever..

  12. Artof Shine

    It's new years eve 2023 and I think this sound like a new hit...big up..hit like if u agree

  13. kimoya princess

    Loud who listen in 2018

  14. Petrococious Matsangaise

    Love the song 😍

  15. Trish Panyumba

    kartel you're the best! 😙😙😙😙

  16. Kivin G Murray

    "Spread it out yea mi pretty spread it out!"💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎 #Gaza#FreeVybez

  17. Andrew Edwards

    2018 and beyond 🔥🔥🔥

  18. Cindy Roberts

    Does people who do not like this song they are out of style

    Dylan Zhuwao

    Learn english please

  19. Marianne Alicia

    All own I'm listening to this song

  20. Tevin Whilby

    Gal yu skiller than a trade one king dancehall badest ting 👊 gaza fi life

  21. Lauren

    Who still listening in 2018!!!

  22. boss lady brit

    love it

  23. Abiosay Morrison

    2018 n counting

  24. DJ Hypro

    If yuh Seh u is a freak, tek a fck inna yuh mouth

  25. Omar Star

    Song yah bad nuh bloodclaat

  26. Kerlyn Chambers

    Gal yo skilla Dan a trade

  27. Keith Caesar

    dancehall king

  28. Shavey Boo

    2017 🔥

  29. Brighton Munyikwa

    gaza mi seh to di fullest

  30. Cat Palmer


  31. Michael Vallem

    amazing song

  32. peniel316

    champagne bubble, vybz a di teacher. prison walls can't tame the beast inna his voice

  33. Shakia Woodside


  34. Tamia Darling


  35. love u

    Rayyy gaza mi seh woiiiiee me body 😌😉😂

    gaza boss

    this song make me wet

  36. Creativité-0 Greed-Show

    A porn sent me here.

    Asja Glinton


    Oona Allen

    i know that porn lol yes

    Bunchie Pearson


    Pablo Kamurasi

    Wowww kmlll me too..gotta be the same porn hahahahahaha

  37. Loviee Peace

    baby please do something for me.....🎵 Champagne Bubble Bubble 😜send in down in a u nitty gritty🍷 Champagne Bubble...

  38. Loviee Peace

    baby please do something for me.....🎵 Champagne Bubble Bubble 😜send in down in a u nitty gritty🍷 Champagne Bubble...

  39. jadia lalor

    sen it dun inah yuh nitty gritty ...................... baaaaaad

  40. Alaekia Wint

    I love this song

  41. Ruthanne Miller

    Great song addi

  42. Chipo Kaweme

    V I king
     I s

  43. Jirah Smith

    mi song

  44. Chin Sue

    Kartel a d baddest eva made nuh matter wat dm try dm caah gt u dwn yuh always up loudzzzz love yuh baaadly.... :-)

  45. Lamin Darboe

    babilony free kartel de world boos

  46. Sarah C

    why did u have to look up kawasaki its a motorbike im sure

  47. Diamond King kyle

    Love you kartel the only arthist that makes me shiver at his voice

  48. nana nuamah

    Addi mi daddy. Indeed dance hall is in jail

  49. tyrone Foster

    Kartel is the exquisite artist I know gaza till the day I die

  50. Slater Ent

    My artist neva stop, fuck alkaline fat nigga !!!!!!

  51. Nikki Kartel

    skiller than a trade!!!

    Anthony Roberts

    Bosssss songs

    Cat Palmer

    Higher then a grade

  52. Nikki Kartel

    only artist that makes me feel the action in his words!!!!

  53. jason jones

    up up dj 

  54. Nikki Kartel


  55. Gawain Barnaby

    For all those that don't know the meaning of ...kawasaki
    A motorcycle beyond reproach. Often compared to Hondas, Suzukis and Yamahas, when it is obvious all the while that green machines are a class above. ( I had to look that shit up myself only worl'boss)

  56. amenamegaza kinville

    Mi love deh song ya swear up way up 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊👑👑

  57. jama warsame

    Mi seh addi is a hitmaker.....his songs can prove it

    Jhonson Marius

    I love it & the beat is freaking wonderful !

  58. Dee Vee


  59. riverviewyouth21

    Man have nuff chune him voice with TJ.. Big up d boss Addijah Palmer yuh too bad mi dj

  60. pimpskull music


  61. Anthony Henry

    Song yah mad to ras

  62. Tri-ing Jacks

    Addi a mi daddy lol

  63. Oshane Bailey

    di teacher neva drop soap

  64. YO Gaad


  65. FreedomOfSpeech

    "fail" is a word that doesnt exist inna addi vocabulary..every tune is a hit

    Shadow Ninja Ninja

    respect that comment

    Nyasha Gwaze

    tru this guy is dope living legend

    Cindy Sylvester


  66. alkaline youngest

    Big up kartel u bad

    Sajie Spence

    Dwq yo alright??

  67. alkaline youngest

    Gaza mi seh still enu straight up up

    alkaline youngest

    A just say that. Am so confuse don't knw what to say bwoy but mi sure say a gaza mi seh straight up

    alkaline youngest

    am so real this copy cat come a copy me tru mi rate kartel

  68. amenamegaza kinville

    Free gaza. Worl boss👑👑👑👑

  69. alkaline youngest

    lol. bubble no. that shebada tell shorty before him breed her. lmao. no gal no in prison to bathe so a who him a bathe with dwl. man a drop soap often

    Andy Brown

    Cho, yuh a waste matter, battyman and idiot. Poorly yuh a call ppl dunce cahnce if yuh have cxc or a job... Lol naah no time fi yuh.
    A true yuh nuh have no mother thats y yuh feel free deh tell ppl bout them mother, fi yuh mumma muss look lakka some mother cow deh now mek yuh a gallan suh.... Find a life live because mi naah nothing fi gi yuh.  



    alkaline youngest

    @Shaquille Watson i read in the gleaner that 365 fernando south boro portmore is where all the battyman them learn to fuck batty. im not surprise you live there. i bet a you teach them

    james walker

    @alkaline youngest if alkaline na fuck a bwoy ya something wrong a swear 

    Rodney Sinclair

    @james walker a real thing

  70. Opticsmallty

    Thanx...akam..anyways where can i get his album pliz help...