Vybz Kartel - British Love Lyrics

Baby girl, me love you so
Come inna me house mek me touch you nuh
Whole heap ah man waan get to you
But like baby to momma me check to you

B-B-B-Bubble like Pepsi-co
Me got the oil like Esso like Texaco
And if you’re cooler than an Eskimo
Me will warm up your body to the best you know

Keep it coming love, here we go again
I got your body warmer than the Caribbean
And if you ever feel like I don't love you then
I got news for you like CNN
You’re not a virgin, you've been with many men
I’m not a saint, I’ve been with many women
Some say I’m a dog some say I’m a gentleman
Some say mi bleached out and white like Eminem
But what I'm saying yeah is that I love you, love
And I’ll never put no one above your love
Come, let’s have a drink at the pub, yeah
And later on we can party at the club, yeah
I wanna wake up with you in the morning
And Watch the sun rise, crack of dawning
Breakfast in bed, that’s not me
Come in the kitchen, let’s have a cup of tea!

[Hook x2:]
I’ll do anything for you
Would you do anything for me!
G-G-Girl me love you so
C-Come inna me house mek me touch you nuh
G-G-G-Girl me love you so
C-Come inna me house mek me touch you nuh

Let’s have a chat, come discuss the future
And how I’m gonna make the cupid shoot ya
I’m in the tropics, you’re in the freezer
But how it's ah go work?
Me nah have nuh visa
Turn on the radio, uhm yes good!
Listen Robbo Ranx, listen Tim Westwood
And every single love song that they’re playing
Are like my words to you I'm saying
I’m not a catholic, I’m not a Christian
I’m just a youth from the ghetto like Brixton
I'm in love with a pretty little rich girl
Take my hand, let me take you ina my world
Fairy tale wedding, one in a million
Like princess Kate and prince William
Till death do us part, say when, forever and ever, amen!

[Hook x2]

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Vybz Kartel British Love Comments
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    Vybz Kartel alone

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    We the best 1🇯🇲🇺🇬🇬🇧

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    Loooool his accent is actually calm he too funny

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    2020 and I’m still here ‼️‼️

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    The man is the greatest that ever did it

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    Mi deh yah inna 2020 February

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    Here in 2020, like if u are too

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    2020 crew ?

  9. hayden winters

    Listening too this song brings back soo many memories from the summer times in my teens

  10. Ryan Washington

    Two days left for 2019 up...am here listening to this banger..big up u self vybz kartel...I was in grade 5 wen dis drop

  11. Davie Bellingy


  12. Nelson Wilson

    Some say am a Dog/Dawg......some say am a GentleMan

  13. Nelson Wilson

    If you ever feel like I dont love u Then......well I got news for you like CNN

  14. Ibrahim Sadi

    Whose feeling the vibe?

  15. Devin Jn Pierre


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    This song will always stand the test of time.

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    Who here in December 2019??

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    Still listening song bad😴😋

  19. Skrilla Don

    2019 still listeningNovember 29th ppl stop sleeping

  20. lennon joseph

    Gaza forever

  21. JRDAN AJ

    Sum seh me bleach out and white like eminem

  22. Christal Williams

    Breakfast in bed dats not me👉come in the kitchen let's have a cup a tea🍵 #1DON #WOLRDGREAT

  23. Jostin Ramos

    Like si vinieron por Jeremyz😂😂🇨🇷

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    Gaza 2019 still playing zimbim Jungle one Genaral Rasta man fi life chip Chop big u self me bad Breda real killa

  25. joel cranston

    2019 about to enter 2020 🤦🏽‍♂️

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    Vbyz kartel to bbc baddddddddddd


    October, 2019 ??????? :)

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    A the greatest artest jamaica ever see

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    Which fucking dancehall artist creative like teacha????

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    2019 and still digging this track. Gets even better wit age. Damn Vybz you did it again

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    Who still listening 2019 ? 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🐐

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    1:30 AM 19/08/2019

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    2019 il do for anything for youuuu would you like my comment for meeeee

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  76. GrandMaster Roccoonclatt di Gad

    OK I'm guilty, I still listen this song numerous amount of times and can't stop.... This song just have me thinking how the fuck vybzkartel put together the British accent, lyrics, flow and delivery at the same time and him no born a England? Like WTF! this man is the greatest lyricist I ever herd both local and international who no like that go suck out a bag juice... #Gaza4everNever #2019

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