Vybz Kartel - Birthday Fuck Lyrics

Remix for ma ladies
Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday

Mi nuh give a fuck it's not your birthday
Gyal mi love di way yuh pussy tiiight
Come fi di birthday fuck toniiiiight
Come ride it like a moto biiiike
Memba mi tell yuh say it longa dan mi niiiiike
She say she love mi cocky must wen it get stiff
She ask mi weh mi call it she say birthday gift
So come blow out di candle den make a wish mi
An u togedda inna di bed room

Gyal how u so tiiiight
How u so tiiiight
No presents and no cake cause a love we go make
How u so tiiiight
How u so tiiiiight
If a today is your birthday fucking fi di whole day

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Vybz Kartel Birthday Fuck Comments


  2. Call S.E.X ME NOW Cleanin

    God I'm so sorry god pls put me to heaven 💛 🌱 🌺

  3. Single mom XxX miunasy

    1 like=1 sorry to god ^_^

  4. Monique Monipha Gordon

    Birthday soon 💃🏾

  5. Claire Walcott

    I listen every birthday! Free World Boss!! #1111

  6. shane the realest

    🔥🔥Me nuh give a fuck if not your birthday 🔥🔥🔥 2k19

  7. Maro Zatabus

    Song still up in a 2019🔥 🎶

  8. Alancia Martin

    It's my birthday 💃😍

  9. Eshaya Bryan

    Gaza #HMP

  10. olivia Hilton

    This remix is my shit 🔥

  11. JoAnna Jho

    2019 up!

  12. Goddess In Tha Flesh

    Still my shit 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥 OW YA SO TIIIIIGHT

  13. Barbie luxury

    Thanks boo😌😌😌

  14. disean roberts

    Who listening 2034

  15. Romario Mitchell

    Who listening 2019 .... tunneeeeee

    Kamika Hinds

    Me ofc🤗

  16. Bill Freeman

    Better than the original to me.. who agree with me??

    Treah Boss

    Ofc Genna Gaza all the way

  17. Ice Squad enterprise

    Who listening in 2018?

    Bertice Frederick


    Donovan Tv

    Ice Squad enterprise 2019 😌

  18. Laala Love

    Lol 2018

  19. Up Move

    2018 n still listening

  20. César 666

    2018 en Panamá 🇵🇦✌

  21. miss peper gaza queen

    Me love this song 😍😍😍😍

  22. Brook Emerson

    How yuh tiiigghht

  23. waplord868 Trini

    I'm listening this 2018 now fucked a bitch under this song and the original

  24. JUICYRED 70


  25. Abbigail Thomas

    Gaza Fi life

  26. Laala Love

    me and always 2017...

  27. George Gonzalez

    It my bday all remix, free world boss

  28. Jermaine Marsh

    Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday.....no presents no cake

  29. Kemarley Smith

    shot mon

  30. Laala Love

    Till I die 💀✔👄

  31. gaza boss

    wah some fuck from my baby

    Latoya Eastman

    gaza boss
    and is that

  32. gaza boss

    birthday fuck

  33. Laala Love

    lol shut up talking about the way he say remix .. ↓

  34. Laala Love

    2017777 😎

  35. Joe Waguthi

    who is listening to this song 2017?

    Brie Msapb

    Joe Waguthi Errrrr I'm guilty ✋

    Kuba czaplinski

    Joe Waguthi 18

  36. ajimbob smith


    Hi my name is....

    do you not hear him say "remix" at the start? smh

    Deborah Bernardo

    +Hi my name is.... Lol I'm dead

  37. saffiry glaves

    its my birthday!!! this remix shot!! na stop listen tilll the day is over and my birthday ends!!

  38. nelson nzeh

    better black, not whiteer than a bone

  39. buttacudawey

    com fe de birtday fuk toniiiiittteee!!! lmao kartel u selll offf.....maddd!!!..jamaican ppl versatile..lol...

  40. selasims

    Sisi Mr Kartel!

  41. Margarita Flores

    ouuuufffff <3

  42. sintika hendrickson

    tru :) am in <3 wid dis song

  43. sintika hendrickson

    boiii dis song bad no fuck lol birthday fuck i got for mah b'day lmfao d cocky is called birthday gift lol dwl <3

  44. Gosth Bresom

    It's a pity that vybz kartel don't sing on all the sound

  45. hquebrown

    dat should me top comment gaza luuv strrr88 no cake no present

  46. Keya Bangbanng


  47. worldbosspf1

    u want birthday fuck

  48. David Weber

    It's my birthday! :D

  49. Mello Keyz

    mi nuh gaf if not ya birthday yeahhhh (;

  50. kyle smith

    you no what im down with this shit right here

  51. kyle smith

    this sounds like somthing iv got down to befor yano

  52. Kareem Mohammed

    @SuperJoshimitsu LOL

  53. Jim Bob

    tooooo sikkkkk!