VV Brown - Crying Blood Lyrics

Can't believe what you've done to me,
you got me feeling like a cloud in a stormy weather,
obviously it is hard to see that the sun will never shine when we are together,
how can you be so ignorant to the fact that I'mma be in this pain forever,
when you touch me i go insane for a part like a wave of a baby feather,
you believe that your holding me,
can't you see?

I'm crying blood,
I'm crying blood,
I'm crying tears from my eyes that i can't deny
and i am falling like a comet from the broken sky.

I'm crying blood,
I'm crying blood,
I'm crying tears from my eyes that i can't deny
and I am falling like a comet from the broken sky.

Don't you come with your medicine and be a doctor in the time of a needy child,
I got my clothes and a mess for you, that's my hair to the side and I'm going wild,
tell me that you have turned around, write a letter to my mother cos she getting better,
You can even do the crazy stuff because the shame is in the fact you have never met her!
Can't believe what you do to me,
Can't you see?

I'm crying blood,
I'm crying blood,
I'm crying tears from my eyes that i can't deny
and I am falling like a comet from the broken sky.

I'm crying blood,
I'm crying blood,
I'm crying tears from my eyes that i can't deny
and I am falling like a comet from the broken sky.

(Oh How You) Oh how you need me,
(Desperately) Desperately need me,
(Wish You Could) Wish you could love me,
(Uncut Just To) Uncut just to need me.

I'm crying blood,
(cry cry cry) I'm crying blood,
I'm crying tears from my eyes that i can't deny
and I am falling like a comet from the broken sky.

I'm crying blood,
I'm crying blood,
I'm crying tears from my eyes that i can't deny
and I am falling like a comet from the broken sky.

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VV Brown Crying Blood Comments
  1. Santiago Rossi

    Ubisoft won't cry blood.

  2. Erik Bakker

    So underrated

  3. Rosie Roberts

    I love the song. Try dancing this song to "Just Dance Crying Blood"


    On the remake of it (Unlimited/Now) there are 8 gold moves instead of 4

  4. Alex Caesar

    *When you are feeling like Just Dancing but you have "Crying Blood" on repeat and can't get away from your PC...*

  5. Luke Lucky

    sounds like a 60s hit. Marvelous !!!!

  6. Salatiel Leal Morais

    Still playing in 2017❤️

  7. bible studies

    HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE? But I gotta admit, it is a good song.


    Cheese Macaroni this was the only song on my iPod for years until I got her album

    bible studies

    Moo Tries YouTube cool! I really like this song :D

  8. Andrew Roberts

    So much sass!

  9. Euro-African

    Crying blood is such a stupid song title for this cracking song and brilliant singer- pity...

    Didi Basri

    Euro-African But is catchy...

  10. baby lammy

    vvvvvc you cccccc

  11. Rodrigo MdS

    Like si estas aqui por just dance

  12. Tiago Prado

    we love it ! 2009

  13. Mason Taylor

    This video is so cool! ☺️

    baby lammy

    +Huy vxcLâm by bjjj Ubuntu team put through. f f htefgg popular gvf

    Aninha Ferreira'

    +baby lammy ..

  14. Christopher King

    Love the 60's feel! 😊

  15. Ikraan Jeylaani

    Inte bra

  16. jose luis senra jacome


  17. Christer Lindblad

    The really best!

  18. oscarclarke1


  19. RedDress

    This girl is so lost. She used to make this kind of pop and now she makes songs like 'apple' so strange

  20. panjikos parkour

    +1 by itachi&sasuke :P

  21. kittycatcaitlin14

    i love you
    kittycat 140

  22. jimmy clark

    I knew exactly what you meant, I was just being a twat. I can understand why people like her singing, horses for courses and what not. I hate the way she dances, the stepping forward with her ass stuck out looks silly. Also, she rolls her eyes too much which comes across as being pretentious to me. In an interview I saw with her she came across like she couldn't be bothered (or was incapable) to speak properly. That's why I thought she was 'special needs'.

  23. jimmy clark

    You're tired of all this commercial bullshit and cant understand why the world doesn't know she exists? She's in M+S commercials. Marks and Spencer should be commended for giving mentally disadvantaged people like her a chance.


    jimmy clark she’s completely changed as an artist now, her old stuff is embarrassing 😣 thank god her new music is much more sophisticated

  24. jimmy clark

    I'm sorry, I honestly thought she had learning difficulties after seeing an interview with her. When I found out she wasn't really a spastic I just put it down to her being precocious. If her label marketed her as a 'poster child' for retards, her record sales would have been much better - It would have sent out a clear message that even half baked 'slow people' can be successful. I still think she's got brain damage of some kind though.

  25. Aditi Singh

    That dress; what's that brand? Ive seen that print so many times, but I don't know the brand's name :O

  26. jimmy clark

    I saw an interview with her and she seems very, very slow. Not being funny but has VV Brown got learning difficulties? If so, she's an inspiration to them all.

  27. galactic animal

    yay v v

  28. jimmy clark

    What a stupid precocious bitch.

    Luke Lucky

    are you saint or something ?


    Precocious? Did you mean to say pretentious?

  29. nw8000

    I would love to see her with nowt on

  30. maddier

    i just ordered the album after listing to this.. amazing and underrated as is everyone decent nowadays...

  31. Danny Bale

    She's really talented and super underrated, ever since that ''Shark In The Water'' song no ones aid any atenttion to her!

  32. YOY Records


  33. Jonas Bland

    Thumbs up if you played this on Just Dance 2/Summer Party.


    Why not Just Dance Unlimited/Now? If you don't put it , I won't like

  34. TFun26

    Super originale comme musique!!!

  35. hazmonsterpaws

    I love her seriously, she's unique!!

  36. concon780

    i know this is the theme tun to lesbian vampire kilers but there is a harmony before it, does anyone know what it it? x


    I love 1:53 to 2:07, absolutely love that bit :D

  38. Amanda Zorrilla

    Im NOT good explaining meanings .But to me crying blood I think its about when a guy has tottaly changed u and u want to leave him but u have strong feelings for him. You have like a mess in ur head.You dont know if should leave him because he needs and ur head over heals over him but hes also makes u feel bad hence "u make me feel like im in a stormy weather"

  39. computergenius100

    she looks like nicki minaj in this vid :P

  40. knerke

    Just dance ftw! :D

  41. Adélaïde Lvcr

    it's a shame that this song is only used to make the pub, that's fine Sino beautiful way;)

  42. Marle Snijders

    thumbs up als je tegen reclame bent

  43. Jibbles

    I love her smile! :) :D <3

  44. nw8000

    @blackjacksim yES HOW MAY i BE OF SERVICE TO YOU TODAY?

  45. nw8000

    Oh I am in love, I will buy her album just from this one song x

  46. monzorella1

    this song is the crappest song i have ever heard

  47. CLIPPERTWO2010

    this song is the crappest thing i have ever heard

  48. J Mig

    Unbelieveble! This girl really Rocks :)

  49. Anagabie luckyboy

    Like it.

  50. Domi

    x0x0 Mais le son est grave decaler !

  51. osnolarotceh

    Best Song In Just Dance 2! ^^

  52. Arianne laroche

    agreed with Grou28 i love her Hair

  53. deeveyboy

    Typical shit pop song!

  54. coolhandcanada

    I dig the metaphore of the video game part depicting ur career.

  55. anfea2004

    Me: Mom, I'm going out
    Mom: Where?
    Me: I'm going to force 15 people to like VV Brown
    Mom: Okay, have fun :)

  56. Daniel Milt

    supi music a ta slecna se taky povedla :-)

  57. Viktor Ans

    la amo! beautiful...incredible!!! amazing...adorable!!!

  58. scottorio

    I keep hearing "she did the mash, she did the monster mash", except with different lyrics

  59. Cheyenne Morris

    @lena050698 Its only you

  60. zougataga 12


  61. Monique Smith

    Thumbs up if you saw the dancer with the sweaty pits...if not pause at 2:31....BTW song is awesooome!!

  62. Marilyn Artwork

    j'aime j'aime ahah

  63. grou28

    Such a beautiful girl and singer... Her hair is of the 40's, her dress of the 60's and her song styl is of the 50's. I'm totaly in love with her^^.....

  64. Thonny Espinosa

    such a good video, and a great song, i got the rhythm in my head... will go at my mp3 player

  65. Sabrina Hafid

    i mean 2:28

  66. Sabrina Hafid

    i luv the dance at 2:30

  67. PinkEnterprises

    Fabulous at the P!nk concert last night - looking forward to hearing the album

  68. markjacko1234

    i saw her supporting P!nk at Alton Towers.. she is amazing! I am now a fan!! gona buy her album!!

  69. petgil

    Brilliant !

  70. lissalizzard

    @msmegankl I know that song crazy good! I have it as my ringtone and I love it!

  71. Megan Klecyngier

    good for her she has threee more life packs lol!!!

  72. Megan Klecyngier

    i love her songs and i heard shark in the water now its stuck in my head in the good way =D

  73. Ezra Lee

    wait what era was hand jiving, swing dance or american bandstand?

  74. Ezra Lee

    is this 70s inspired???

  75. Anon

    @evilyn81 lol I couldnt agree more. This song was made for it. Everyone who watches True Blood would know what we r talkin about. I cant wait for season 3!

  76. evilyn81

    love this song...i keep thinking true blood should get on board with this song!

  77. Olivier Lewis McCall

    J'adore =P

  78. Alexa Levin

    she must be happy

  79. Crunch Man

    this isnt something i would want to hear as a lullaby

  80. blessed100

    love this song!....is it me or does the black girl with the glasses @ 2:20 look like Alexandra Burke???

  81. leonleonleon1313

    i love it
    no homo:D

  82. mrgreynomore

    Heard this lady on XPN from Philly PA -- very impressed!

  83. MsCillaVanilla

    OMG i am so glad i just discovered this artist!! She is so inspiring to me

  84. decafcoffee2353

    i luv how each verse the video changes the style of the background

  85. Leece Johnson

    i freaking love her. shes just like me omg.....its crazy,......

  86. Rynn Jackson

    i think the genre pop-soul has been created =) im just discovering VV Brown and i like her so far shes deffnly original

  87. Thiago Cruz

    Uma vibe meio Andre 3000. Eu gostei muito!

  88. sarah kate

    lmao it sounds like monster mash xDD

  89. kilrmax

    so far ive listened to this, shark int the water, and leave and love all of it!

  90. Kyodrey

    J'adore ca fais vraiment ancien

  91. K3LLYRI0T

    she is so talented, its crazy, ahhh <3

  92. davidsgirl0

    this is azz

  93. gabifeliz

    She's great!

  94. TDjess

    I wish i was VV Brown!! <3

  95. MegaCasper88

    the drawings part reminds me of mgmt's videos where they randomly have cartoon drawings

  96. madolian

    it's an effect made on purpose I suppose, as you see it at the beginning and at the end ! ;)

  97. Mercury Milton

    LOL. It's all bright and cheery, but if you listen to the lyrics it's kinda dark. "

  98. theselecterdjkirk

    US Debut- VV Brown plays live at Popscene San Francisco
    Thursday February 4th, 2010 with Ebony Bones.
    Plus Concrete Jungle djs Omar & The Selecter Dj Kirk join Aaron Axelsen of Popscene. 9pm, 330 Ritch St.