VÉRITÉ - Amnesia Lyrics

I'll settle for you
You're what I want
This taste in my mouth I can't wash out

I'll stay up for you
I'll wait outside your door
I'm not what I was
You're not who you were before

I'll settle for you even when you make it hard
'Cause when I come in close I can't help myself
So I'll level for you
You're what I've needed
Keep me raptured by your quiet
Leave me drowning in amnesia

I'll settle for you
I'll be what you want
This taste in your mouth you can't wash out
Look I'll be better if you'll show me how
'Cause I can't stand this place that I live in but I can't get out

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VÉRITÉ Amnesia Comments
  1. Chloe Brownlie

    This song is beautiful 🙏🏻😭

  2. Richard Carrasco

    one of the best songs from her. :') <3

  3. Bahiabunny

    The last two lines and the slow piano that follows just does it for me, it's heartbreakingly beautiful

  4. Erik

    Love it

  5. Joshua Praetorius

    Definitely didn’t disappoint with this album, enjoyed every song. The vibe is real.

  6. Makku

    love love love this song. it’s so pretty

  7. lesly lira

    what a mf QUEEN