Volumes - Wormholes Lyrics

Where will I end up tonight?
Maybe that house again
Maybe the city by the lake
Because when I'm
I'm just sleeping
I'm fast to escape
Relate to feelings in mind
Relate to feelings in mind
This has been
This has been a collection
I have made
Wormholes connecting me
Through the ages
I thought that you would have met me there
Well I was wrong, I was deceived
To believe it now I know it's not real
Grab a hold of me
As I'm falling
Right back where I started from
Do I know you?
Do you know me?
I thought I heard you say
Meet me down by the lake
This has been
A collection that I have made
Wormholes connecting me
Through the ages
Because when I dream of you
In this house we're in
In here with all these fears
Lie down and wait for me to grow old
Oh, oh sweet child
I recognize your face
From somewhere
I guess I have seen before
(Guess I have seen before)
I knew it then I'm
Back inside my apartment
Watching TV
Self loathing, chained up on my couch
I'm listening
Cause now I'm so far from home
Sir can I ask you something?
How the fuck do I get home?
(How the fuck do I get home?)

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Volumes Wormholes Comments
  1. izreor

    forever this song is my love, my heart, my soul. i love you.

  2. Mark Duran

    Sad I never had the chance to see these guys live

  3. Alex McBeth

    THIS is Volumes.

  4. NatrixCsGo

    2020 here

  5. Cheney Rodriguez

    Fukn Volumes smh💜💚💙

  6. Stay Br00t4l602

    i used to have the same ibanez sa160, sick ass guitar

  7. Colton Wayne

    That intro melted my fucking face

  8. DJz3ro

    bands just dont make music like this anymore....

    Alex PR

    Kinda true. Everything have the same structures, sounds, ideas, but nothing new like it was during these years.. Hardcore/metal/djent was in a peak during this period.

  9. Grizzly Poota

    This band is compete shit now. Thanks Micheal LoL

  10. Thatguy Kye

    Me and my old band played with these dudes at the speakeasy in lake Worth florida in 2011 when they were on their VIA album release tour. Extremely talented dudes

  11. Carter Carter

    Gus farias get kicked out on the band

  12. CPEEZI

    It's pretty wild to think that neither of these vocalists are in the band anymore. I miss Michael Barr and old Gus.

  13. FuCkInGWhItEcHaPeL

    “Wormholes”?! Huh. Funny. I could’ve sworn this one was called “Djent Grooves For Days”.

  14. Christo Robins

    Excelente grupo...desde que los escuché 2010

  15. jayofdajungle

    As someone who had no clue who Volumes was before the last album came out, I can't believe this is the same band. Wow they slay this shit.

  16. Mick McMacIntyre

    I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out what this song is about.

  17. Pullout Stallion

    This still that groove and its almost 2020. I miss this Gus and when Mike was in the band. Either way love this to the day I die.

  18. George Chillz

    the most generic djent track of all time. I don't care how old it is now. It's just too stereotypical for me.

    Alexi Luffy

    shit is still good though. i still replay the the album Via from time to time

  19. Ko-wing wong

    Is this djent or something

  20. Uncle Iroh

    Bounce metal

  21. Conscious Robot

    VIA was their best album. They don't djent this hard anymore

  22. codyninetyfour


  23. AlphaLeader772

    from brutal metalcore to rap!? Oh god, just take me away from this world...

  24. Bitcoin Buddha

    They got rid of the better singer and kept the douche one SMH

  25. Heathen :3

    What happened to the other singer lol?

  26. linn gardner

    When gus was sexy

  27. Kyle Enriquez

    If you guys like Volumes, come check out my new vocal cover of Volumes - Erased!! I hope ya'll like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UuWTBJAHVs

  28. Steve Walker

    Still one of their best songs

  29. Call Me AfterWords

    hear a lot of oldskool mudvayne in this its awesome tho!

  30. DeedsNotWords

    2019 bastardssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  31. Jacob Lynch

    Here after the change. At least I can say I saw the Via tour, WITH Daniel Braunstein still there. It was awesome.


    saw them at warped once with all the og members. best set of the day for sure

  32. Obscure Creation

    Volumes is still good, but this shit will always be the best.

  33. Stephen Fimbel

    Wut did he said?

  34. David Ivins

    this is great-----fuck ya haters

  35. JHallDaBoss

    Dan Braunstein!

    Jacob Lynch

    He's still around, Parallel something Studios with former Elitist's Julian Rodriguez.

  36. Judson Christudas

    Mediocre Records?? :D

  37. Mikus Palmis

    Duck Duck, GUS!

  38. oskar columb

    Holy shit, that ghosting section towards the end comes out of nowhere it’s soooo tasty

  39. Moamen

    rip and tear?

  40. Moosa R

    I covered this on a 6-string guitar.

  41. Dr. Phil

    See. You can be melodic and not sound like bitches. Do that 😒

  42. brent ayres

    Make volumes great again #diedwithmichael

    Jacob Lynch

    Yeah, I stopped listening after the 2nd full length and Barr's departure.

    brent ayres

    Jacob Lynch same. I honestly think they should change their name.

    Jacob Lynch

    @brent ayres yeah, to Play at Low Volumes.

  43. XxMedicatedChildxX

    YouTube keeps making me dislike this video. I don't know why I love this song but every time I scroll down and go back up it has a dislike.

  44. Rev Fathoni

    This song is better at 1.2x speed

  45. That's So Blood Raven

    Damn yall look like babies, cant wait for the new album dudes

  46. Bill Quarter

    How has no one commented that this is the same opening guitar as the final woe album, I think the song is called I've told you once? But either way it's the same guitar tuning and the exact same intro.

    Jacob Lynch

    Yeah I'm not sure if your dissing or what. But Daniel Braunstein wrote this riff for the EP....in 2009...10 years ago..who the fuck is Woe..?

    Alexi Luffy

    i think that song sounds more like icarus lives

  47. Joshua Torres

    What a fucking kick ass ending to a song when that bass slides down at the end riff and everything just goes BOOM i feel like fucking shit up!!?

  48. T W

    There's gonna be like 10 different breakdowns lol

  49. Aditya Iriansyah

    I have that t-shirt but still cant play that guitar

  50. woof meow meow woof festival

    this is the worst song I’ve ever heard. in my entire life

    Alexi Luffy

    new to metalcore/djent?

  51. Rudi Setiawan

    where the guitar sounds?

  52. Z Shan

    This song still rips tits

  53. William Sheehy

    People will never get how much this is ahead of tha chees0 met0lc0re wav0


    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk amei o gato!

  55. Inquisition

    I miss this shit

  56. Aru Tisso

    2:42 Alluring <3

  57. Jason Berezowski

    I don't like most of this bands work but this song goes all the way in balls deep.

  58. Karl Smuth

    2019 and we still here !

  59. IamJake98

    I don't give fuck what the haters think. This sounds absolutely badass! Especially this 1:00 - 1:30

  60. leonardo Casanueva UwU

    does accordion djent? 0:20

  61. Diego Caleb

    Coisa linda! 🔥


    The initial riff is probably one of the most iconic ones of djent .

  63. izzy dizzy

    I was listening to animals as leaders tf is this



  65. Some Thing

    The EP and via will always be amazing. Glad I found them when the original music came out.

  66. Heather Elaine

    I could nevvverrrr get sick of this song💗

  67. Jon Ass

    holy shit there are 7 guys in this band, they just went full slipknot

  68. Scyber_Sounds Of The Future

    Dey named themzelves Volumes bcuz dey iz loud

  69. Daniel Banks


  70. Nuo

    So fucking groovy

  71. drummerAVA

    This still rips... banger of all time lol

  72. tjcervi

    I’m not racist at all, but I’m just curious as to band like changed all of its members to a bunch of light skin dudes lmao

    Like where did all the members go??

    Alexi Luffy

    their current clean vocalist is not light skinned i think

  73. Schitsky

    THE song that got me into Volumes, fuck yeah

  74. K T

    Saw them before they got their new vocalist, Jesus Christ I was throwing down to this. Fucking miss old Volumes


    its 2018 and im still here.... lol i miss Michael

  76. Harkings

    It's funny, 7 years ago i wouldn't be caught dead listening to this. After listening to metal for so long, you really learn to appreciate and enjoy more and more types and styles.

  77. Nine Inch Rails

    Saw them in Tulsa. Singer through his jacket off stage. I grabbed it, after the set he walked up to me and asked for it back.

  78. George Michael

    I was listening to Mordecai first and then this came on... This song is a fuckin banger !!!

  79. A R

    those hellraisers though! still rocking mine in 2018!! \m/ \m/ ...playing VIA

  80. Mark


  81. Douglas Dube

    This song was released in 2011, considering the era it was released in, these guys were doing something with the sound of heavy metal nearly no one else was doing. It’s phenomenal and beyond talented. Ahead of its time in a way. Incredible if you ask me.

  82. Alexander Philip Sieber

    Well done, djentlemen

  83. Evan Hoyt

    That solo though

  84. Jonas Joos

    That China got slapped harder then me during my childhood wtf

  85. Skully

    Why do Facebook ads have such pansy ass music?? It's fucking annoying man..

  86. Natty

    I wish they had a different vocalist.

  87. Curt Fuego

    Sad to say its nostalgic now. Good times

  88. recovery beer


  89. pablo ramirez

    InstrumentalXVocal Mastering is done amazingly. Never really realised before now.

  90. jason fontaine

    I miss Daniel

  91. IanRWC


  92. Greg Watermann


    Pitra Agung

    That 2:41

  93. towelie