Volumes - The Columbian Faction Lyrics

I am the most unhappy man, I have unwittingly ruined my country.
A great industrial nation, is now destroyed by its system of credit.
We're slowly shattering, silhouettes of a glass society.
From the depths of you shed, the diamond.
From Wilshire to Grand Central, buildings will crumble, structures to piles.
You tell me this jury, is this dollar loaned to me.
Labeled the catalyst, the X amount and it is recycled back to me.
Recycled back to me.
Live for this vivid vision.
A vision I see, a vision for you.
A vision for you.

From my window, I could see exploding lights underneath the veil, over the speedway.

I burst right through the sky
And stumble in the clouds
I see you in a million dimensions
Now you are finally found

I wrote all night long.
(We always did exactly what we were told)
They never wanted us to know.
(I wrote all night long)
A vision of a place that we call home.
(About a lifetime that we once knew)
They never wanted us to know.
(The age of innocence)
A vision of a place that we call home.

The story of the oversaw.
Your loyalty means nothing to me.
Expect to be stopped, not to be fucked.

We try to break the boundaries.
My mind is numb entire cities washed away.
This microchip upon a new contradiction is a new contrary.

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Volumes The Columbian Faction Comments
  1. WretchedDrummeR

    One of my favorite songs from this album. RIP Diego 🙏

  2. Clay Ry

    Rest In Peace, Diego! ❤️

  3. LandPhil IV

    I am the most unhappy man
    I have unwittingly ruined my country
    A great industrial nation is now destroyed by its system of credit
    We're slowly shattering, silhouettes of a glass society
    From the depths of you shed, the diamond
    From Wilshire to Grand Central, buildings will crumble, crumble, structures to piles
    You tell me this jury, is this dollar loaned to me
    Labeled the catalyst, the X amount, and it is recycled back to me, recycled back to me
    Live for this vivid vision. A vision I see
    A vision for you. x2
    From my window I could see exploding lights underneath the veil over the speedway
    Guilt for it. I punch right through the skies; distilled, pulling the clouds
    I see you in a million dimensions, now you are finally found

    I wrote all night long
    We always did exactly what we were told
    They never wanted us to know
    I wrote all night long
    A vision of a place that we call home
    About a lifetime that we once knew
    They never wanted us to know
    The age of innocence
    A vision of a place that we call home
    The story of the oversaw, oversaw

    Your loyalty means nothing to me
    Expect to be stopped, not to be fucked
    We try to break the boundaries
    My mind is numb, entire cities washed away
    This microchip, a new prediction to a contrary, oh!

  4. Eric Wilson

    .75x speed for extreme get down holy fuck

  5. T Deuce

    That ending is just so damn groovyyyy!

  6. Conscious Robot

    Man this album is so simple but so beautifully brutal

  7. Paul Vielkind

    Way better than the new shit man

  8. Mark Kirkpatrick

    Great song to smoke a blunt to tho man 😍😂💯

  9. Faithleap

    Whoever says those cleans don't fit is delusional. So otherworldy

  10. Vincent

    2:20 makes me feel so connected to the world

  11. dj squash kid

    this is way better than the new shit

  12. Baratinha DJ

    Periphery is back! Wait, wrong song

  13. NvR Familist

    This sounds like it can be in mortal kombat! Lol

    Qwynton Smith

    This is a wholesome comment and I applaud you.

  14. Dameon Wise

    Man this is Volumes to me

    MetaL DudE

    Dameon Wise yeh that new album was complete trash next to this.

    Jordan Demko

    Bro the last two albums were trash tbh they need Micheal Barr back

  15. Allen Parsens

    Fuck what noise.

  16. Lucas Slizewski

    I love this song, but it always bothered me that they would never sing the clean part live. I think it’s the best part of the song.

    Taylor Warren


    nick xourafas

    It’s because they are done by their old guitarist and good friend DJ Shwartz. He can also drum like a mother fucker

  17. Tio Hollow Ichigo

    Gostei dessa música ❤❤❤❤😫

  18. Edward Scissorhands

    the last 45 seconds or so. Sickest outro. Ok, so the last lyric has been sung...and just when you think the song has passed it's prime..BOOM BABY!! THAT melody along with the djent. i lose my shit when the certain note gets held extra. so fucking good 👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  19. T Sav

    Love this!

  20. Jslim Threenine

    This song has THE BEST breakdown in the history of metal. FACT

    Taylor Warren

    listen to recreant by chelsea grin,and youll admit your wrong.


    @Taylor Warren ive heard recreant live, still not better.

  21. xTRST

    First time I heard this I was like what the fuck did I just listen to, but now I love this so much and now know what I was missing out on

  22. Galactus The Destroyer

    That intro is badass.

  23. micky the hippie

    never knew volumes was enlightened about our corrupt federal reserve


    mickey the hippie they got ripped off by their label back in the day

    Joey Thompson

    Behind the curtain is about the president

  24. Jason Fontaine


    So fucking good

  25. layon99

    Why isn't this on spotify?


    wow thats some great news! looking foward to listen to this album again everyday at my phone, thanks

    Nathan Wushu

    layon99 yeah! No problem mate. it's on there now btw!

    Kyle Abbott

    cuz spotify is gay as fuck there are plenty of other music services that have it.


    It’s on now


    It’s on amazon prime music as well

  26. Vanity Alive

    No one's gonna comment on that insane 3:09 part? ...okay.

    Sulivan Silva

    Sure, its insane dude!

    Edward Scissorhands

    It's the beginning of the best part..that EPIC of a fucking outro. so beefy

  27. Chris Robinson


  28. Max Miller

    Badass intro.

  29. santasfavritrainderr

    I am a most unhappy man. I have
    unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial
    nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our
    system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the
    nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the
    hands of a few men. We have come to be one of
    the worst ruled, one of the most completely
    controlled and dominated Governments in the
    civilized world no longer a Government by free
    opinion, no longer a Government by conviction
    and the vote of majority, but a Government by the
    opinion and the duress of a small group of
    dominant men.” Woodrow Wilson

  30. UglyStru

    So hard to choose between this and Edge of the Earth for best songs on the album.


    +UglyStru It's all too good.


    +Hippyshit21 intake all the way up.

    Mark Kirkpatrick

    So very tru

  31. Enlightened1

    we're slowly shattering silhouettes of a glass society...

  32. Ray Walsh

    Omfg these cleans

  33. Iron W

    The cleans in this are fucking awesome all my favorite songs by them seem to have cleans besides intake

  34. Mauricio Berzagui

    Pow Muito Da Hora Essa Banda Curti mesmo ! Show de bola Obrigado por apresentar o som Amigo Thronn !

  35. Luka

    Not a huge fan of Volumes, but man do I adore this song.


    @Frozen Plastic Knife Nice!

    Frozen Plastic Knife

    Luka Volumes is life and you’re gay


    @Luka lmao

  36. Cool Pisces

    I can't believe I just got into these guys............easily one of my favorites now. These guys put so much heart in their songs! The outro is so fucking perfect.

  37. azzler89

    1:38 - 3:05 is pure perfection

    Ryan Taylor

    Yeah i like it like that!

    Kevin Mobley.

    azzler89 3:05 starts the best part tho

    Warrior Tha Witt

    the lead guitar parts on this album made me a Volumes fan

    Taylor Warren

    @Derp shredding,are you fucking stupid,they only have one song on this album that has a shreddy solo,their a djent deathcore band not a technical shred djent band,so its beyond me how you got shredding mixed up with djent which is somthing they mostly do

    Willeys Life

    @Taylor Warren did you really just call Volumes deathcore? Smh... plz research and know the bands... they are an American "metalcore" prog band... where the hell did you get deathcore... they slapping that snare drum 50 times in a minute??? No... thx and srry lol

  38. Jarod Vermilyea

    So does anyone know who does the clean vocals on this track or not?...... I still have yet to find out.

    Josh Simmons

    +JimboSlice it was just for tour

    Wayne - O

    +JimboSlice hance only did it live when they toured together

    Josh Simmons

    Easy way I can explain this, go watch the Wormholes music video, look for the dude playing guitar with red hair and glasses thats thing singer on this and columbian faction, back when they had full line up, I saw someone post him on their IG and someone said "that fool wrote all night long" (columbian faction)


    The Woe is me vocalist has never recorded anything with this band, ever.. He sang the song live one night with the band, that's it. As others have said their old guitarist did the cleans on the first album


    +Slade Wilson that's definitely incorrect

  39. Kierkegaard Kim

    I already thought the name of the song was brutal enough like wtf

    The Columbian Faction....outro even justifies it

    Corey B

    Do you know what the title means?


    +Corey Boebel inform us dude? :)

    Katze Marietta

    +jimbob jones this song is about the plan for america and how it was destroyed by the bankers and a system of credit. the columbian faction is illuminati shit. look it up


    @Katze Marietta Nice one I'll check it out. Being a British citizen I haven't really heard much about the Columbian Faction but have always been curious! Has been one of my fave songs for ages and always good to learn new shit ! :)

  40. Electroventure

    Volumes/ERRA should totally tour together!!!

    M. Bison

    My two favorite bands! :D

    John Keenan

    Electroventure Volumes/Erra/In Hearts Wake/Sylar

    Kyle Abbott

    Voulmes/Old Northlane/Novelists would be amazinggggggggggg.

  41. Joshh Rowsell

    Dat ending...one of my favorite moments of this album.

    Willeys Life

    Joshh Rowsell Intake Outro

  42. Roman Spirin

    This song reminds me ERRA - Seven

    Matt Ahn

    Fuck, now that you mention it I hear the similarities and now I can't unhear them.


    Both songs kick ass though as well as both bands kicking ass.

  43. cfnovak1

    I love this song... I seen it live and Volumes is in my blood forever..

  44. Justin Wolf

    Is this played in drop A?

    Jesseb O'Donnell

    it's all good

    Ryan Henderson

    Drop A flat or G sharp, whichever you prefer to call it.


    Jesseb O'Donnell calm down.................

    Jesseb O'Donnell

    WutangBizkit if I were any calmer I'd be dead

    Ryan Taylor

    Yes Drop A !

  45. Daniel Stallworthy

    Best outro. ever.

    Dominic Shultz

    Daniel Stallworthy amen brother

  46. Blo0dredRidingHo0d

    I don't get why people hate on the Chelsea grin ep, I thought it was better than the albums...

    Noelle Silva

    Wrong video? The EP was good.

    Still Ryzing

    Their newest song they came out with Angels Shall Sin, Demons Shall Pray is amazing. I never really cared for them before that though.

    Josh Varga

    Probably because people keep bringing it up on videos of other bands and they're tired of hearing about them.

    Jesseb O'Donnell

    @Josh Varga +1 to that 

  47. M Cervantes

    I was so hoping they would play this the other day in Pomona

  48. Lina

    Clean vocalist???

    Drew J.

    it's their old guitar player that left, that's why they don't sing em live.

    tre trammell

    micheal when theyre live

    Jesseb O'Donnell

    More like the crowd when they play live :p

  49. OvercomeTheFear93

    That outro...

  50. Nathaniel Curtright

    I suck all kinds of black cock to this.

  51. G-sco804

    I would really like to know what inspired them to write this song.

    Bobbie Charters

    tell me about it. same with wormholes and aff...affere...god i dont even know the fucking name.... FUCK!

    Bobbie Charters

    @Bobbie Charters i got the name ...affirmation of ascesion

    Cory Cruz

    Illuminati. The American branch or 'The Columbian Faction'. Look up the NWO agenda, etc. This song is exactly written about that.

    Lance S

    @Cory Cruz hahaha you like beyonce bro?

    Lance S

    The first half is a speech Woodrow Wilson gave after he realized how fucking retarded he was for signing over the federal reserve to be privately owned by the Rothschild family banks. Now America is a fat ass'd oligarchy, and Volumes knows tha fuq is up 

  52. Daniel Cohen

    Does VIA stand for Volumes In Action?  =)

  53. RagingIsBad


    those cleans get me every time!!!!!

  54. ouTside_LooKin-iN

    Such an amazing song, and with meaningful lyrics.

  55. doctorskuff

    Paid in full ;)

  56. User 1901

    Fans of this look up... "Emerald Eyes - The Ep"

  57. Dead Inside

    I don't know why, but I love the melody and the rhythmic guitar at 1:51 to 2:20, sounds sooooo good. This song is great live.

  58. Leslie Johnson

    Limitless :3

  59. Drew J.

    well there is their new one, Vahle

  60. Carmen

    Do you have any idea on which songs you hear the singing? I already know about two of their songs with it, this one obviously and 'Edge of The Earth'. ;-;

  61. Flownaway


  62. Christian Oldham

    You actually make sense. I understand completely, though I would enjoy it in more.

  63. DanceNickDance1

    nice band, wasn't a fan of djent but it seems like Volumes are really good! :D

  64. Jesus Crust

    Volumes has amazing, deep, sentimental lyrics along with heavy, groovy, djent guitar work, perfect

  65. Christian Oldham

    Because that was totally necessary?

  66. outlaws9295

    nice band :d wasn't a fan of djent but it seems like volumes are really good :D Can you not fucking think for yourself to realize that? His spelling may suck ass but it's not rocket science.

  67. blackend31

    "nice band :d wasn't a fan of djent but it seems that Volumes is really good :D"

  68. Christian Oldham

    Incredible singing.. I don't see why they don't have it in most of their songs.

  69. ericxbones24


  70. AlexNikolasYT

    Why was he unhappy then?

  71. Justin Carlson

    Why doesnt this song say Feat JORDAN BERRY?????

  72. Brad Telfer Audio

    Dat chorus. Mmmm.

  73. Josh Leutschaft

    Intraces, pretty awesome check it out

  74. TheAniGamer

    Skies of Iris: Pretty much a spot on sound like these guys.

  75. wendy Angus

    This sounds nothing like Vildhjarta...or periphery

  76. charlie p

    woodrow faggotson.

  77. AnneshaPal

    i'm in love with this song <3

  78. brandino96

    Only 6 dislike and this is like 2 years old. That's great :)

  79. Evan Russow

    I would give that comment a 2/10, would not bang.
    they are both prog. metalcore.
    but, thank you for trying, dude.

  80. Where's Waldo

    I, The Breather is nothing like this band, dude.

  81. Evan Russow

    similar bands to Volumes would include:
    Adaliah, Altars, Aristeia, Auras, Barrier, Bermuda, Ceruleus, Elegist, Elitist, Entities, Fractals, Frontlines, Heart of a Coward, I the Breather, Leagues, Legend, Lifeforms, Northlane, Paragon, Reflections, Rooks, Structures, Subtract, Summits, Tempest, Veil of Maya, Verbera, Villains, Walking with Strangers and Wolves.

  82. Sergio Bianchini

    TesseracT are good too.

  83. MaliceTTEOTD

    "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men." -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

  84. AllThingsUnplugged

    Also throw in there Erra, they're really similar to Volumes except less heavy and more fast paced.

  85. ash miears


  86. thevanillashake1

    Easy, meow

  87. thevanillashake1

    I guess no one can see sarcasm these days..

  88. thevanillashake1

    I know.

  89. Bazz27

    Dude, those are nothing compared to this...

  90. thevanillashake1

    Woe is me, Issues, Capture the Crown, Fit for a King, I See Stars. You know the good shit. Like so good, that I shit.

  91. Joshh Rowsell

    This is true. The government, banks and corporations are what is fucking up the world.

  92. Timothy Felis

    3:05 feel the Djent...

  93. MaliceTTEOTD

    true, but what about the Builderberg Group they exist

  94. Josip Andy Ešegović

    Their former guitarist Daniel.

  95. Paul Landman

    who did cleans