Volumes - Serenity Lyrics

Inertia stands over me
Holding me down on her bed
A million lights as they shed off of me
I remember the drug waking me up

An insufficient fluid based
Down your back
Being remembered in waves
It meant the world
A pioneer expecting the worst

From a pressed colored label
You rebuild with your hands
A vision I have known
To feel the extract underneath the palms
In an enhanced nighttime
With the weight of viruality
Like the sound when planes collide
To the ground in my eyes

I lost myself deep within its depths
I'll surface with time in the waters where we met
You lost your sight
So remember how it used to be
So get used to me
I'll see you on the other side

An insufficient fluid based
Down your back
Being remembered in waves
It meant the world
A pioneer expecting the worst

Louise, Louise
Where I met you
Underneath extended stars
I wait until the day breaks
Will I ever see you again?

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Volumes Serenity Comments
  1. James White

    2019 \m/

  2. Dylvn Klebold

    Immortal Volumes.

  3. Victor Upreti

    This was my first time listening to this version of the song and when the solo artist on I was like WHAT

  4. Olayinka Anifowose

    This song gets me so hype what the hell!

  5. __Dudewitagun __

    Love this song... struggling to understand the meaning though. I find aspects of drug addiction and love sickness / broken heart. Maybe she's the drug idk.

  6. cicuta

    When this song pops on my Spotify I automatically come to YouTube and listen to it. That guitar solo gives the song light. I miss the original on Spotify 😭

  7. Alexi Luffy

    wait i didn't know this had a solo.. been listening to the spotify version for sometime

  8. Lit Nation

    It’s 2019 and this song still has me wanting to fuck the whole world up 🙃 they’ll never be the same

  9. Wells

    I wish I could be 18 again

  10. Sam Bates

    old volumes >>>>>> new volumes

  11. Vance Orr

    In my opinion this is one of the most quintessential djent albums. Also it's probably my favorite. I would reccomend this to anyone.

  12. MyOwnDisaster

    I still love how heavy and beautiful this song is. It’s a shame they never play it live.

  13. XBM 79

    Ewwwww... whoever mixed this sht is the real MVP. 👌😲 Flawless.

  14. The Talent Connect

    Just came into this band and this is my fav album by far.

  15. meth0d

    Anyone else get hella Misery Signals vibes from this?

  16. Aric Mcpherson

    This song damn near brings me to tears. Powerful is an understatement

  17. Vance Orr

    This album brings back a lot of painful memories for me but I still love it. I love their use of those ambient parts and the writing is really interesting and well done. This song in particular is really beautiful. Also those drums...

  18. Dan Griffith

    Absolute masterpiece. 2:36-3:10 🔥🤯😍 I’ve listened to this song at least 150 times

  19. Joe Twynham

    Is it just me who thinks that intro riff/drum combo is fucking spicy, love it man

  20. Aaron Sandoval

    I listen to this song everyday to calm my anxiety. Thank you Volumes

  21. Frozen Plastic Knife

    This song is better than life

  22. Thatguy Kye

    My old band for the future played a show with these dudes back in 2011 when they were doing their VIA album release tour. Cool dudes all around, and extremely talented

  23. Timothy Quinn

    I really miss the old Volumes

  24. sebastian ring

    "Serenity" lyrics
    Volumes Lyrics
    Play "Serenity"
    on Amazon Music

    Inertia stands over me
    Holding me down on her bed
    A million lights as they shed off of me
    I remember the drug waking me up

    An insufficient fluid based
    Down your back
    Being remembered in waves
    It meant the world
    A pioneer expecting the worst

    From a pressed colored label
    You rebuild with your hands
    A vision I have known
    To feel the extract underneath the palms
    In an enhanced nighttime
    With the weight of viruality
    Like the sound when planes collide
    To the ground in my eyes

    I lost myself deep within its depths
    I'll surface with time in the waters where we met
    You lost your sight
    So remember how it used to be
    So get used to me
    I'll see you on the other side

    An insufficient fluid based
    Down your back
    Being remembered in waves
    It meant the world
    A pioneer expecting the worst

    Louise, Louise
    Where I met you
    Underneath extended stars
    I wait until the day breaks
    Will I ever see you again?

  25. Iron W

    Via is to volumes what andromeda is to Erra!! Both the albums are the bands most original and unique albums to date

  26. Erik Devoch

    Fuck any volumes after this album. Myke Terry is a band ruiner. He ruined Bury your dead, and moved right into Volumes.

  27. Christian Robledo

    My favorite song from them. Their new stuff is cool, but this one is awesome.

  28. Athos Oliver

    I started to listen to Volumes last year. I loved Feels Good, but now I'm asking myself what happened to this band. This album is a masterpiece compared to this last one.


    Athos oliver vocalist change, members getting older, there's more money in making pop-esque songs because it caters to a bigger audience. Volumes' guitarist Diego Farias actually produces/mixes rap music on the side plus his brother Gus Farias (vocalist) is also a rapper which is why they had Pouya on a song.

    Athos Oliver

    ZigZag :(

  29. Aleanimazione1

    PUT IT ON TIDAL! Quality sucks here...

  30. Brenden Ortiz The Elite Group

    Via and no sleep > different animals

    Athos Oliver

    Brenden and Concept of dreaming​>>> different animals

    Drake Schilling

    Bro this goes without saying i miss the good ole days

    Anthony Gates

    Not their fault that dumbass left the band

    Willeys Life

    Best album hands down... Via ❤️🤟 Try your fking hardest to prove me wrong...

  31. bones

    Serenity and Edge of the Earth are my favorites by these guys right now.


    edge of the earth is fucking sick. my fav song from them

  32. Michael Psyche

    2:11 That chord sliding was so slick I would pay to shrink myself down to grind on those frets just to hear that shit live.

  33. Fatima.zahra 26

    These types of songs take me to space 🚀

  34. John Goodman

    so most people know Chris from STS solod the outro... but why isn't that credited on the video anywhere?

    Get Low

    What does STS stand for?

    Ethan Gray

    Get Low Scale The Summit

  35. John Rotolo

    Remastered version of this beautiful masterpiece is just... wrong? No solo at the end...

  36. WhoreToA Chainsaw

    I loose my shit at 3:20 every time!!

    Dakurai 地獄の王

    WhoreToA Chainsaw same here buddy 👀✨✨✨✨✨✔

  37. FatalPurpose

    3:44 tho... I get chills every time

  38. woe-is-mia

    who else is listening to Via after listening to On Her Mind

  39. Silverhaze_OG

    Intro still makes me incredibly depressed to this day, this album and band used to mean so much to in my darker days. Piano always hits super hard along with strings in songs, nothing can top Via man, nothing.

    Vance Orr

    I really feel you on that! This album opens a lot of old wounds for me too but It is just so fantastic

  40. Logan DeMott

    i think it's metalcore. since it has a certain riff and drums


    It's djent mate

    Mecha Morph

    It's both ffs


    I would call it progressive metalcore but no one will agree on anything when it comes to labeling bands with a genre lol

  41. Logan DeMott

    not sure if it's metalcore or melodic hardcore

  42. jake mahoney

    such a fire song. I love this band. anyone know if their working on new shit?


    jake mahoney they are, they have a new song out but it's not nearly as good as anything on this album

  43. Jman8345

    This is fucking amazing

  44. Stuka87

    Just had to come here and listen to the original version. I hate that they removed the solo from the re-done version :(

  45. Annah King

    OMG this was uploaded on my birthday November 23rs

  46. Keith Fendley

    No words but these...

  47. edwin nabiallahi

    I miss the solo so bad... Can't believe they removed it in the remastered version...


    I like both versions. The solo really puts this one ahead of the remastered though

    Stephen Bae

    They took the solo cause the guy who wrote it left the band. Diego cant fucking do leads so they just pulled it cause they're already a huge ass disappointment live, leaving fans to expect that kind of solo live from diego would probably kill them considering how their latest work is being received.

    Prasenna Raghavendran

    @Stephen Bae The solo was actually a guest feature by Chris Letchford of Scale the Summit, which if I'm not mistaken, went uncredited. The guitarist who left Volumes only had solos on Wormholes, Intake and Via.

    Rob Alonge

    Prasenna Raghavendran I did not know this



  48. Lit Nation

    the best track they've made no questions. shit hit every nerve when I had first heard it.

    Tommy Knight

    Still my favorite of all time to this day.

    Tommy Knight

    My goal in life is to get cancer so that I can request Volumes play this song live through the make a wish foundation..

    __Dudewitagun __

    My fave as well

  49. Noah Gentile

    I can't believe they took down all their old stuff before "Feels Good". Oh well i guess like they all say, "Out with the old and in with the new".


    Their record company fucked them hard, it wasn't them.

    Noah Gentile

    @Remnant Really? Damn, that sucks. I bet there are a lot of disappointing fans out there, since their old stuff isn't on there. Me being one of them


    Its all back up on Spotify now, but its the new redone versions. Some songs were changed, like this one. Which is now missing the solo towards the end :(

  50. Johnny Halbert

    this is possibly the best song I've ever heard.

    Ethan Gray

    Johnny Halbert everything about is GOOD

  51. mat medrano

    Did they ever play this song live???

  52. Heaven patricia

    I like all of there music no sleep is a great album but this has more of an impact on the spul in another kind of way. yuppp

  53. Max Miller

    I remember when i first found this band. I was a freshman in highschool and was mindblown. A week after I found the concept of dreaming, they dropped VIA and i was totally astonished. In 2011, djent was kind of an infant with the exception of some bands. But their melody is what sets them apart.

    Max Miller

    @joe sabato if you're referring to Meshuggah then yes, but Djent developed a true, popular identity around 2011.

    joe sabato

    in 07 I was already listening to ismfof and no one called it djent although they had chugging breakdowns, and meshuggah did the first breakdown with a chugging patern in like the 90s.  you are correct about the identity thing because I didn't hear the word djent until 2013

    Max Miller

    @joe sabato yea thats all i was trying to say was the identity came to light around that time.

    joe sabato

    ok my bad it seamed like you were saying before 2011 there were like no bands doing this


    uuh i was thirteen when my friend show me via album in 2011 , that melody was incredible for me and im still listening to them.

  54. drippz123

    Well shit, where the fuck have i been at. Ima fan now lol


    Greatest shit ever man welcome u just have to stream to listen no albums are on iTunes or for sale I have the via album bought but no sleep I didn't buy but they aren't available either...

  55. Atterreams


  56. Cucineremo Ciambelle

    This is by far my favorite Volumes song. Incredibly melodic throughout the song, ridicously groovy and that crushing breakdown, damn. Also, in this song the two vocals interact better than they've ever done. <3

  57. LevelRS

    This was a very good album. Listened to it everyday while going to College. Now every time I hear it, it brings back those terrible depressing feelings. It literally hurts hearing these songs.. But everyone should check out the full album, was sick!


    School made you depressed? or the music.


    School, it was so bad that since I listened to this all the time it links with school lol.


    I know what you mean with the album making you feel a certain way although for me it's more positive. I listened to this album alot as I was coming out of a very bad depression into one of the best years of my life about 4 years ago. So for me it actually makes me feel sort of nostalgic and longing to get that year back again.

  58. Ernie De La Torre

    What i call music , you call shit. What you call music , i call shit. move on fagots .. keep on Volumes \m/

  59. Sarthasra

    Groooooooooooooooooovy baby

  60. Ryan Privitera

    The concept of dreaming is their best album than via is a close second

  61. Devon Walker

    Who is Louise?

    Danny Moberly

    +Devon Walker Ya fuckin druggo

  62. Blueskythinking

    There's a lot of new volumes fans who have never heard this album but yet say no sleep is better than via.. Lol


    Blueskythinking started with no sleep when it released thinking it was the shit. Gave their first album a try. Cant stop listening to this day

    Kyle Abbott

    Yeah they are not really comparable there are a couple good songs on no sleep. EVERY song on this album is FLAWLESS.

    Kyle Fuller

    Gronks, VIA is undisputed and I will cofindently back up that anyone who isn't a real Volumes fan thinks otherwise

    Willeys Life

    Honestly nobody can show or tell me that VIA is not their best album but The Concept of Dreaming was great as well. And for this is my OPINION. Edge of the Earth is their best song. Intake is my favorite ❤️ both versions... Serenity is great... Via is amazing 😉 Fuck it both first 2 albums were the best... lol we can all say Volumes is a great band.. so relatable the lyrics.. love you guys!!!

    Zanny Reflections

    The concept of dreaming and via are their best, no sleep had a couple of good songs but their new stuff kind of sucks. They stopped doing this style because “everyone copied their sound” so they made different animals which sounds like a bad nu metal album or something

  63. Angel Provincia

    oh man i just love that solo. its like it has it own personality and you can hear a struggle with it like pain is being voiced thru it.

  64. Kyle Torre

    Their best breakdown!

  65. Karnage Fails


    Matt M

    Star Trek >:c

    Karnage Fails

    Searing liquid fart

  66. magicD_drummaguy

    That piano intro <3

    Martin Simonsen

    +magicD_drummaguy oh mate i love your taste of music ; )<3


    +Martin Simonsen I honestly get that from a lot of people lol

    Martin Simonsen

    +magicD_drummaguy hehe , they are right . , also, it was i little joke , we have been talking before in another video


    +Martin Simonsen which one? Lol

  67. FrolicEpidemic

    since there are a few genre elitists here....can someone tell what the fuck genre Gojira is? Ive heard tech death....goddamn progressive ....and straight death metal. who the fuck is right?

    Debojyoti Roychowdhury

    +FrolicEpidemic IMO when a band is as epic as Gojira you just dont care what their genre is.

  68. Minik Fisker

    # There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. There is only another fist.

  69. alice margereta

    Volumes doesn't usually go ambient and they should more
    Structures should too


    Yes they do.. In pretty much every song they have an 'ambiance'

    Steve Aboagye

    They used to go Ambient all the time...


    Structures wasn't even a band when you wrote this comment bwahahaha

    Josh Simmons

    @Sacredgeometry Structures was a band in 2010 lol

  70. orfeas8

    3:09 until the end made my mind blow xxxDDD

  71. peacexisxfree

    these guys are great musicians, sure. the album was produced and recorded well, sure.

    but whether or not you like them, you have to admit every goddamn song on this album sounds the same. literally the same structure over and over again. jesus.

    Nick Sylvester

    not even

  72. Woj-T.K.

    3:09,since these moment i want go to sleep <3

  73. flameofdead

    I like listen these song before bedtime

  74. Warrior Tha Witt

    Sounds a bit ERRA-ish especially in the start

  75. Madara

    2:35, most beautiful thing i've ever heard.

    Lit Nation

    Madara to this day one of the best breakdowns I’ve ever heard. The songwriters went next level. Lol

  76. Lewis P

    one of my favourite's in VIA

  77. Drumgasmic

    If you look up the lyrics to this song online, they always add an extra verse to the end? "Louise, Louise
    Where I met you
    Underneath extended stars
    I wait until the day breaks
    Will I ever see you again?" And it's not on the song, so where do people get that part from?

    Nigel Dean

    There's an older like pre production I guess you'd call it and it's a little longer than this one maybe it's from that


    thanks man, I'll check it out


    @Nigel Dean where do you find this my friend??

    __Dudewitagun __

    It's there. In the spotify version I was just listening to

  78. Michael Sims

    Pink Floyd
    if u disagree go F yourself

    Talolo Bestie

    but what if you are already effing yourself before reading this comment?

    Michael Sims

    @Talolo Bestie
    well damn, i guess your ok then

    Seenan B

    @mareo broter 'Pink Floyd

    Edgar Aviles

    Nirvana didn't have talent. And no, I don't care if they're richer or famous. I just don't think they do. I think Death and Slayer have more talent. Bob Marley is okay but people only listen to One Love so he's overrated.


    +Edgar Aviles well clearly they had talent.. What because that wrote simple pop songs that doesn't mean they don't have talent? Okay bro I guess you're just too fucking brutal mann P.s Slayer is overrated as fuck in the metal community

  79. Gene Starwind

    Wow this sounds like Misery Signals.

    Holy shit.


    @grumpy165 No, I mean, they have way different riffs, tunings, and are much more rhythm focused. Hell, Napoleon doesn't even have cleans. And Tony Danza is also incredibly different. That's a band that sounds more like... I actually can't think of anyone Tony Danza sounds like. Maybe Ghost Atlas.

    Tony Marinilli

    @Salvatration Halex New Afterimage is amazing though. Onyx and The Unseen? OMG.

    w m

    +Gene Starwind Misery signals is garbage. I scrape that shit off my shoe


    +Tony Marinilli meh they're a pretty typical "djent" band

    Tribal Blood

    I'm just here to add that Misery signals best album is mirrors.

  80. youngmike8645

    I'm in recovery and this makes me look to the positive side in life. I have listened to metal all my life and I have been playing for 15 years. Meshuggah was the best thing to ever happen to my life all those years ago and what contributions they have offered so humbly to the metal and recording communities have influenced and will forever inspire for generations to come. We would not have such great young talent such as volumes for example without them. It's all metal. It's all good. Peace and love

  81. Mark Fifield

    it took me forever to get into these guys

  82. Shapeless_Abomination

    Now here's an example of a GOOD Volumes song............


    New volumes sucks


    @Wells kinda

  83. Fry

    Your song always gets me in a very great mood.......when I'm high.

  84. Sphelpsx

    when you think their breakdown can't get any heavier, it gets 10x heavier lol, i love these guys, easily my favorite band!

    Warrior Tha Witt

    Volumes, Northlane/ERRA!!!


    +Warrior Tha Witt plus In Hearts Wake ;) xDDD

  85. Santiago Arango

    Man, Volumes is THE SHIT. Love these guys. 

  86. Matty W.

    This band is pure perfection.

  87. Piranha Ming

    Cant wait to see them live on July 13th!!!! Im diggin em

  88. Derp



    yassssssssssssss <3

  89. Léo VanWillem

    deafness in 41... 40... 39... 38...

  90. Cory Grover

    So I have a slowed down version of this song, and I feel like it sounds sooooo much better.

    Remaneo Black

    I can agree to this, Ive slowed down other song from other bands like this and that down tempo style is pretty cool

    Brandon Murata

    I have to disagree. I have the slowed down version of Serenity on my phone and will not listen to it. This song is supposed to give off good vibes, but the slowed down version gives off more of a depressing feel imho. I hate it.

    Mark Roundtree

    @Brandon Murata its a lot more groovy

  91. jonKowalski3210

    This band and the ghost inside aren't even in the same genre?


    @Mitsos Ntax
    Djent is not a genre, but a style.


    Djent is a way of being... Djent is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega... Djent is love, Djent is life!


    djent is a really good style,but it's better not labeling the songs


     no. just no cx life is love and love is life


     and volume is love volume is life

  92. nobody

    So Br00tal

  93. Mario Alarcón

    An underrated album .....so much underrated I think. THIS band is pure Music : Feelings and energy. Amazing new band.

    norwinus norton

    @Discfantino russell You're*


    @jakewillvideo hey it's the no care ever homie

    Dashawn King

    this album made number 1 on the billboards

    Joseph Baker

    New to YOU.

    Beef Salsa

    @Joseph Baker that was 5 years ago lol

  94. Nick Slaughter

    Amazing. Fresh air blowing threw the massive cloud of shit that people call music these days.

  95. thatguyonstage

    Just hit a fat dab to this track, highly recommended.

    WhoreToA Chainsaw

    thatguyonstage just railed a line of coke to this!

    Epyon system

    I smoked a fat L to this also highly recommend


    So stupid

    Matt H

    I remember tripping on acid and listening to this song once. I don’t do that stuff anymore but highly recommended lemme tell ya

  96. Abrar Reshie

    0:40 Heaven!

  97. Nick Palumbo

    Weed and volumes is a fucking MUST