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Oh well now you've wronged me.
This is our progress.
Last year from now we've come so far.
Heist completed.
You set the boundaries.
Taking the throne.
Claiming the crown.
This is a product of who we are,
And what we've done here,
What you have left so far behind.
So here's to progress,
Here's to the rest of our lives.

Do you see what I see here?
Products justified by his hate.
Motionless and unproductive.
Seven souls will dance upon his grave,
Which will be paid in full.

And to continue, get with the program.
You've just jumped on the bandwagon.
I've got you right where I want you.
Yes I've got you in the palm of my hands.
A thanking of your own.
A contemporary crook of these digital dollars.

Putting a price on what you're worth.
You got it, I want it.
My friend that's all that matters to me.
A worthless legacy, a tyrants trust torn down.
How long will it take you to see?

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