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Volumes NO LOVE Comments
  1. Brandon Carter

    Make a song featuring Michael Barr tooooooo

  2. Paulo Pires Júnior

    Fronzilla's voice sounds like Every Time I Die vocals

  3. skillbuggy

    The starting beat sound like some soundtrack from BMTH, help me someone to recognize it, Thanks!

  4. joseph jr.


  5. Justin Fischer

    Remake “edge of the earth” shit would be straight fire

  6. senyoret Core

    No love!!! It's all gone!!!

  7. David Philbey

    fark it i got 2 say farkin love this band

  8. Kalinka Tattoo e Piercing


  9. Michael Sproles

    Gucci wolf 🤘🏻

  10. Data Gril

    Djent, djent-djent.. kuh-Khh kuh-Khh
    Lmao it’s great

  11. Aeterna

    New Fans be like: "WTF where's the rap shit at?
    Damn Emo kids ruining everything"

  12. Bernie stone


  13. secondrest

    8bit sample is sweet as fuck

  14. Da Marcii


  15. Alex Firestone

    A full song with no clean vocals. I'm impressed 👏

  16. senyoret Core

    Wanna see 'em live again 😭

  17. Kyle Copeland

    Where the fuck did this come from?... I'm not bitching I'm just saying 🤣🤣💯💯💯

  18. Evan Hoyt

    This is what I'm talking about, a banger album out of nowhere. That's how you keep people at the edge of the earth.

  19. 1107 Nebula1107

    This is very good. Definitely will be playing it in my Dodge’s.

  20. John Schafer

    WOW! Dropped it, awesome!

  21. El Fefo

    Can´t focus at work listening to this

  22. HeyWilka

    Fronzilla has more cameos in Songs than Stan Lee in Marvel Movies. (R.I.P Legend)

  23. DoubleG

    Fronz ruins this song imo.



  25. ruben carlos

    Damn ..you had to kill it by adding that fuckin douche bag Fronz 🖕🏽


    Yessssssssssss more music but where are those amazing cleans?

  27. CrackingTheGlobe

    Franzia wine for a Fronz video... I can dig it.

  28. Jackson Waldo

    I was banging my head to this in the car but when I looked up the lyrics when i got home that is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard in my life... like an even lamer wannabe be version of the shit you hear on the radio

  29. Joey Thompson

    This has The Mixture vibes

  30. Clayton Hammock

    I love this especially the person featured in this song with y'all whoop whoop Chris fronzak Attila

  31. j tex

    Their discography has gotten progressively worse. Its evident that Diego’s songwriting has taken a backseat to other business ventures, and rightly so.

  32. MrSweetloustyles

    Please do a video for this song and have Fronz in it!

  33. lbs boosted

    Yeah...I needed this...thanks volumes

  34. Sean Essex

    Honestly this sounds like a half assed pre-production demo. Terrible mixing whoever did it most likely the guitarist.

  35. Isabella Rodriguez

    Loving this surprise drop from Volumes! This track has been on loop. Now how about a surprise tour with a stop in Tampa?!

  36. Gilbert Black

    Fronz ruined this song.

  37. Dani Friesenhahn

    I love this song! Teaming up with fronz 🖤 y’all are amazing! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  38. Ivan Chepurin

    wtf tambourine!?

  39. Caleb Oakes

    This whole album is a sad. Go back to via or no sleep

    Evan Hoyt

    Go back to your band.

  40. The Real Bowzur

    Garb. Straight garb make me wanna barf, on a postcard send it all the way to japan, cause this sounds like a new band, tbt to no sleep when they was the man. Yuh

  41. John Rivera

    Composition-wise I love the song, I wish the mix was a little more hard hitting, like No Sleep or even Via. It's really close though, just needs more kick drum high end around 4-9khz and a boost to guitar presence. Snare sounds good and pops through the mix though, so that's nice.


    I was thinking the same thing

  42. watsgood bruh

    Chills like my first time with VIA

  43. Predwards 89

    I’m really resisting making an “old volumes” comment....


    I havnt wiped in 3 days.

  44. Never Enough Ammo

    Came for the vocals. Stayed for de du dudu ditdutdit!

  45. Jules Pontier

    Sound a lot like the last Veil of maya


    well that was very underwhelming

  47. galacticbeaver

    Not as good as via but on par or even better than no sleep

  48. soundoverdose

    I hit like before listening to the song


    Someone will probably overdose on this albums tour...

  50. Grizzly Poota

    Are they still wearing white matching t-shirts ?

  51. D Is The Worst

    Oooo that's so bouncy.
    I really dig it.

  52. Joey Mcdougall

    Rip the good volumes.😔💔

  53. Ollie

    Fuck yes! Again and again.

  54. wjveryzer7985

    Different animals is what got me into the band. LOVED the singer and the production was soooo damn good! Good surprise ep with coming clean! My guess....the band are still crafting and evolving there sound for the new record. They knew a ton of fans complained about DA not being heavy enough. So they give us this which in my eyes is definitely like there earlier albums with just a tad of the new sound in there. My fav song is by far coming clean because it sounds like something from DA. So the fans of the heavier side of the band wont feel completely abandoned or upset when the new record delves even further into new territory. I really hope they stick to the idea DA had and go from there. Let the singer do more all his parts have been incredible. I do hope the production on this ep isnt a sign of what to expect with the new record tho. Imagine the production of DA on this ep!? Shit is expensive tho!

  55. Flammingo

    Am i wrong when I say Volumes are back?

  56. Bri Boyd

    So like an actual banger, congrats. Hardcore has always been a great genre. Come to Ocala/Gainesville FL!!!! Digging the sound. Really enjoying!! Keep going bruvs!🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Sir Everlong of Foo

    Bri Boyd appreciate your comment but this isn’t hardcore, it’s djent. Hardcore is like Comeback Kid or Stick To Your Guns

  57. bagpipesnbread

    Volumes still makes music wtf

  58. Jordan Genge

    Unpopular opinion I guess but this was garbage

    Mark Chance

    metalcore millionaire my dude.

  59. Julian Barriga

    This has a classic Volumes tone!

  60. Levi Nelson

    This new Veil Of Maya single sounds great!

  61. Crz Xm

    Volumes up and beer bottoms up

  62. FerroNJ4

    Lyrics are like a mumble rapper wrote it lmao.

    Andrew L

    FerroNJ4 I mean what did u expect from a Volumes+Fronz song


    Nah you right you right lmao


    And their last album's lyrics were ripped out of a 13 year old girl's diary.


    @EctoRekt 😂😂😂 jesus fucking Christ your picky.

  63. El Chico Ànime

    Buen ritmo de guitarra aunque aunque los screamo no son muy sólidos

  64. shawn Anthony

    Holy fuck this is good

  65. TeamSesh97

    Love how this EP got the grooves we all want plus the new melodic element they have added last record. Fucking sick, also noticed that Diego brought back a little of his riffing that give me vibes of the first two records

  66. nobodyknowsrhys

    I keep wanting to love new Volumes, and I keep getting let down. This is headed back in the right direction, but it’s repetitive and muddy compared to VIA...and even No Sleep. It’s been 9 years since VIA came out. It’s sad to me that the music hasn’t improved on its fantastic initial foundations.

    Curt Fuego

    Via was by far the highest bar set for volumes. I still listen to it. But I sure would have loved a new album like via .


    @Curt Fuego many of us would have. Via will always have a place in the collection.

  67. iluvmexicanbeer

    Thank you. It’s been a while

  68. cyniickal

    This sounds like a No Sleep throwaway, honestly the only decent song on the album minus the short, unnecessary, fronz verse. Rest of the album is garbo tho.

  69. Rob Alonge

    The guy from Attila ruins it

    Ethan IsGambit

    He trash

    Mark Chance

    kinda agree

  70. Nikki Dequito

    I see Volumes I click. I see Ft. Fronz i shit myself

  71. ThatOneCrazyGuy44

    FUCK ANYONE who’s here hating on Fronz like fuck off pussys because he’s something and your not don’t fucking cry about it are you out doing what he is....no okay then.... he is a fucking smart guy has $$ and knows what he is doing dudes smart just dumb ass jealous people that hate on him have no fucking life and wish they could be where he is

  72. Rozi Sanz

    didn't see this fire thing coming

  73. Ben Davis

    now we talkin

  74. ConfusedLeper

    Oh this is much better

  75. Idropbrownbombz

    Helen Keller has heard better songs Than this


    I get it its cause shes a woman

  76. Joel Lee


  77. Scott Faudree

    No love. No notice. .....no shit.

  78. rphilli26

    Garbage. What a stupid fucking song. Can you guys just send lyrics and core riffs to Lauren Babic so she can make your shit listenable?

  79. Mark Roundtree

    Holy shit. Is that Gus doing the lows?

  80. Cortez Johnson

    Damn wtf

  81. Tony Brandvold

    Way too much compression on the snare verb. Sounds like a fucking drum machine. Cool tune though 👌

  82. A World Without

    go fuckin hard

  83. Justin Estep

    Bring Michael Barr back. This is trash.

    Yung Yogi

    Justin Estep you don’t know what ur saying.

    Yung Yogi

    Mike Barr had nothing to do with the instrumental & musical aspect of the band if he was still in the band the only thing different would of been the vocals the music would of
    Been the exact same so I don’t understand why y’all keep saying bring back Barr.

    Justin Estep

    Yung Yogi Gus is the most generic sounding vocalist I’ve ever heard. They were bearable with two different spectrums of vocals and the way they dueled was sick. But Gus alone just doesn’t cut it for me.

    tom balmer

    @Justin Estep he sounds like hes trying to sound like the vocals from mudvaynes LD50 lol

  84. Nik D

    Did you guys record the guitars with a POD from 1992?

    Gabriel Patrick

    Ryan Hernandez wait what?

    Gabriel Patrick

    Im digging this new dirtier sound. Nothing will ever come close to VIA tho.

    Ryan Hernandez

    @Gabriel Patrick read the comment.

    Angiras Darbha

    @Gabriel Patrick Diego was the Producer for "It's Everyday Bro." I also assume he worked on other similar projects.

    Gabriel Patrick

    @Angiras Darbha small world lol wonder if ever jake bumped some volumes hahaha

  85. Nic Hollier

    These lyrics are so Volumes

  86. XBow Nation

    I am both confused and intrigued...

  87. Rakshith Bekal

    miss Barr tho. He couldve made this record sound 10x better

    Nikita Ember

    @Curt Fuego I know bro, Discoveries came out the same year, in 2011. It was a bummer when Adrian left. They are still great, but it's a different band under the same name now

    Rakshith Bekal

    @Nikita Ember northlane is one of my fav bands man. Adrian was a god how he wrote and sang it with passion. This new stuff is alright but does not bring the same energy and emotion like they used to with Adrian

    Curt Fuego

    Lol we were listening to the same music for quite some time then. That's for sure. I know neither band is the same :/

    Curt Fuego

    @Rakshith Bekal I can agree with that completely. It lacks Adrian's emotion and passion. It was quite powerful. He opened up my mind and the lyrics were so good !

    Ryan Hernandez

    @Curt Fuego we watch him shine

  88. Floral Fire


  89. People who annoy you N _ G G E R S

    Nik nocturnal already be on this lol

  90. EGGoodhue

    Who else thinks the beginning sounds like something from architects

    Yannik Richter

    noone :D

  91. Chancelor Collins

    Childish lyrics

    Yung Yogi



    I’m sorry but you guys gotta get old vocalist back..... Myke Terry is a sweet man but his vocals don’t compliment Gus ...... Fronz helped a lot..... I don’t know man...... really miss me some Barr...... no offense.

  93. AlexInRevolt

    This song is epic as fuck! Totally covering this one soon 🙏

  94. Kenneth Thompson

    heavy, groovy, but boring

  95. BoomBamSmash

    YEeeyuh they’re moving back to their original sound, they listened.

  96. cold nights in the desert

    This is the fucking shit!! 🔥🔥