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Volumes Left For Dead Comments
  1. Royal SilverTV

    R.I.P. Diego Farias 🤘🏽

  2. Official BNAMusic88

    RIP DIEGO 😔😔😔😔

  3. Angiras Darbha

    This song will sound so good live now lmao

  4. avlkush

    Pretty much the only halfway decent song on that whole album. Volumes really fell off after Michael Barr left, damn shame, I used to love this band

    Angiras Darbha

    hahaha, this comment aged well lmao

  5. Sweettooth187

    It's a shame this is the last track. Whole album was badass but still, this track came on and I was like, "Whoa where was this the whole album??"

  6. James Del Duca

    Ahh, reminds me of 2008...

  7. Victor Upreti

    Is that at house of blues Chicago

  8. Brian TV

    I was there it was lit I got A blowjob from 2 hookers also

  9. Carlos Vega


  10. The GameChannel

    Kinda sounds like obzen by meshuggah on the break lol

  11. Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

    What happened to this band? This is embarrassing.

  12. alexis rose

    So sexyyy

  13. SF -Sheep the Fledged-

    0:28 〜 Left for deeeeeeeeeeeead!

  14. Belen Fernandez

    Hey you, little Meshuggah!

  15. Cristian Andrade

    Is this song in Drop F# or G?

  16. Mal Rosette

    Heavy Volumes is back!!! 🤘 I love this! 🖤

  17. Stephen Mills

    So nice.....

  18. Ryan King

    Reminds me of the band Wage War somewhat, but they have less language.

    Nice video.

  19. TeamSesh97

    i always look at my favorite bands comments cause im lookimg for people to analyze the music n go into depth, but nowadays people jus post meme new little kid bullshit. so now i literally never check to comments on anything n stay off social media. the pc police n u little meme kids literally ruined the internet.

  20. francisco castillo


  21. Jεε¥☯ñG

    Left for Dead is a great game . . . just saying

  22. Nick Cleeve

    i'd like a sandwich

  23. Adam Near

    Scammed to Dead

  24. brutalgeneric

    Man, i hate christian rock like this.

  25. HIGHTS


  26. Chad M

    So, after seeing many comment sections for the heavy songs... do you guys really.... masturbate to this depending if its heavy enough or insane enough?

  27. Brittany Stokes

    Not the Volumes I knew from Via or Concepts of Dreaming. Dissapointing.

  28. Mother Fuckin' Nature Bear

    this should've been track one

  29. andy Ruane

    I have never heard such a simple djent song before. I'm disgusted volumes, yall should just trash this album and go back to via and no sleep

  30. Vojtěch Krása

    At least they play what they can play, not like for ex. BOO who write masterpieces but can't play for shit. And they have one guitarist. It's an honest record, saying (to me) 'hell we don't want leads on our record, we just wanna do metal and party to it on the shows totally high/drunk and not want to concentrate on the playing' and it's totally ok. Btw this song gave me massive chills.

  31. Jon

    So boring wtf happened to this band

  32. Tyler Endsley

    this new album is a banger man. got a few softer sings to chill too then you got songs like this that make you want to bang your head against a wall and start a moshpit. pretty fantastic.

    Christopher Cunningham

    Tyler Endsley except mosh pits are dumb as fuck need shit like wormholes to hardcore dance to and spin kick the fuck out of people

  33. Cora McCatherine Covers

    These guys seem like they would be fun to see live.

  34. WesleySandoval

    Everybody's being little brats crying and hating on this record. It's good record stop crying that barrs is gone. Jezz!

  35. Dark Shinji

    This is fucking brutal. Its Djents as fuck \M/

  36. Nick Mihas

    1:21-1:24 Same riff from The Mixture towards the end

  37. Cody Thomas Gray

    Man, these guys have lost their touch for sure.

  38. Airospace

    I'm gonna do a drum cover of this. This shit is sick.

  39. Eljina Spoon

    You can tell good music hasn't been hitting the millennials anymore, only 170,000 likes.

  40. Kristopher Morganti

    "I farted"

  41. Three Peaks

    People: I wish Myke would scream in Volumes,
    Me: This

  42. Andrew D. Royappa

    The only new song that isn't actually lame so far rip

  43. ClayMoore

    Not groundbreaking by any means, but this'll be a fuckin' banger live.

  44. Daniel Varela


  45. Jordan Haddix

    seems like they grabbed to much influence from OM&M when on tour with them lolol, just in dis song. I dig it doe

  46. Deathcore2006

    Still sounds like Volumes to me and I really feel these lyrics alot

  47. druminkid4sho

    mother of all djent

  48. Tannah L.

    riff has me W E A K

  49. Christian

    These lyrics are so fucking relatable. 😞

  50. Byte MUSIC

    More please.

  51. Kaden Rudisill

    If y'all like this check out vices to veils. Not my band. Just a fucking amazing band from around my area

  52. Antonio lewis

    Bury your Dead, it's nothing personal!

  53. Magnavol

    Not a bad song, but they could do better


    This reminds me of MSHGA, I love it

  55. Tao Ky

    they play very djently

  56. john doe

    This really could pass as a meshuggah song lololol. Dope af.

  57. Lee Element

    Hopefully this isn't the only song like this on the new album.

  58. cole stark

    came here just to dislike

  59. Duncan More

    First we had to let the ding a ling swing before it got hard.

  60. Josh Chapin

    This song is so much better than the others off this album that have been released so far.

  61. AKingOfDestruction



    please just keep doing this and not the stupid you guys started doing.

  63. Mandy Graham

    can't wait to see these guys at Park Street in June ...fucking bring it on!

  64. Dr. Phil


  65. Carson

    Their logo is so dope

  66. BrandinoPulidoLA

    It sucks Mike had to leave the band. His lyrics were so much more meaningful and extensive. I look at volumes now and it's never gonna be the same without him.

  67. GSplayer93

    I'm probably the only one who thought of the video game "Left 4 Dead" when hearing this.

  68. Sirtomsalot

    I never old album fanboy but wtf this has like 0 feels to it.....

  69. Colonel Kill

    This is fucking brutal 🎸🎸🎸🎸 legends

  70. Nasty Nate

    How the fuck can I get that guitar tone? :O

  71. Plant Powered Strength

    Imagine as soon as the song started the entire band dropped their instruments and did a stage dive.

  72. Chris Roncal

    Bulb (and few others) took groove and polyrhythm influences from Meshuggah and millions of other bands copied Bulb/Periphery's formula, even down to the melodic aspect. This kind of thing doesn't "sound like Meshuggah." It sounds like Periphery, Monuments, blah yada wah wah. Ya'll don't even know what Meshuggah is.

  73. Brett Crawford

    Doom 2016 did it better.

  74. amnesia

    this song is like a big breakdown

  75. xSmokez

    this new volumes is fucking shit

  76. Sundays with TimmyExJW

    I'm In this. Yasss

  77. Andy

    You could tab this song out in binary

  78. Javier Salas

    1:12 The Mixture

  79. Alan Sims

    Damn when Myke just belts out left for dead at the end there it fucking goes, i dig this alot. Loved "Feels Good" kinda on the fence about "on her mind" but this shit right here wrecks

  80. MillennialScum

    This band went from being one of my favorites to being one of my least favorites quick. What the hell happened?

  81. galen portella

    Why can't my speakers play this any louder!?

  82. Leo Foote

    At least Myke doesn't sound terrible on this song

  83. GNMSthink

    Digging Volmuggah in an irresponsible way af

  84. Chris Box

    Djeneric and short

  85. Coty Ellis

    I wanted something heavy I got it. I may not dig the whole album but ill think I will find some I like.

  86. Matt Novak

    idk. volumes is sick. fuck off

  87. Nate Franco

    Going from their older stuff is like going from Gordon Ramsey personally cooking you a meal to McDonalds. How the fuck does anyone think this is better or even comparable????

  88. Darian Diehl

    bad ass fuck. Love it. Cant wait for whole album

  89. Beastmaster

    This is djent.

  90. Karel Pepels

    Gimme more of this and you've won me back.

  91. Austin Pigza

    I liked the Meshuggah bit from 0:50 to 1:05 but the rest is generic in a way that isn't nearly as cool.

  92. Calibur43

    1:49 is unreal

  93. Sebas Torres

    Seriously the most generic song I've heard within this already pretty generic genre

  94. Social Absence

    Not to be racist or anything but I've never heard of a black person in metal

  95. intactGB

    I'm going to hate the 3 songs they've released this year by the time the album comes out. Soooooooo many fucking listens and I still can't stop.

  96. Anonymous2708 __

    I feel like this is just an intro to a real song.

  97. Jonathan Kiser

    i gotta know why myke doesn't sound the same as when with bury your dead, that first album with them is the best hardcore album ever recorded. I still listen to it every day, what happened mang.

  98. Artorias of the Boreal valley

    I'm happy that myke is doing heavier vocals in this song

  99. Kvlt Goat

    Just drop Gus at this point lol, Myke can handle pretty much anything vocally in the studio and live.